Chapter 313: Can You Be More Violent?

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, Mu Tianyan also threw the Sacred Dragon Sword in his hand to Mu Yunhao.
What he meant was clear without saying.

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For this, Mu Yunhao thought that his Second Master doted on Madame very much.

In the past, Second Master treasured the Sacred Dragon Sword a lot, but now, it became a “toy” in the hands of Madame.
The tables… had truly turned!

Even though Mu Yunhao exclaimed in his mind, his movement didn’t slow down.
He raised his hand and caught the Sacred Dragon Sword thrown at him.

The Sacred Dragon Sword was very extraordinary.
Mu Yunhao wasn’t worried that the Sacred Dragon Sword would break after being attacked by him once, but he only used one percent of his power as he cherished this extraordinary treasure.

No one knew if it was because Mu Yunhao’s attack was too gentle or Lu Zijia’s semi-finished defense was too weak, but everyone present didn’t notice anything different in the Sacred Dragon Sword from before.

So, dozens of gazes turned to Lu Zijia at the same time, waiting for her to explain.

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Lu Zijia: “…”

What was wrong with Xiao Hao? When he attacked her in Zhao Village, he exerted all his strength and was as fierce as a wolf.
And now, he attacked a long sword with such gentleness.

Was this sword his wife or something?

Lu Zijia complained in her mind.
She also looked at Mu Yunhao with a deep gaze, which made Mu Yunhao’s hair stand on end.

“Xiao Hao, when did you become so gentle? You’re a man.
Can you be a bit more violent?”

Lu Zijia rolled her eyes speechlessly and said with a touch of disdain.

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Mu Yunhao: “…” Madame, you’re a girl.
Is it really good to be so violent?

The ten people standing behind Mu Yunhao looked at him with sympathy and lit a candle for him in their minds at the same time.

Luckily, they were secret guards and had always been in the dark, so they didn’t have to deal with Lu Zijia, the Second Madame, often.

Otherwise, they would be devastated by this naturally evil Madame with a sharp tongue.

“Exert your full strength.”

While Mu Yunhao was considering how much power he should use this time, Mu Tianyan spoke first.

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Mu Yunhao frowned slightly, but he still nodded in the end and replied respectfully, “Okay.”

Although he couldn’t guarantee that the Sacred Dragon Sword wouldn’t be damaged by his direct, full-power attack, he certainly wouldn’t disobey his Second Master since he had already spoken.

Mu Yunhao held the Sacred Dragon Sword in one hand and circulated all the internal energy in his body to the other hand, then smacked the Sacred Dragon Sword.


A second before Mu Yunhao’s attack landed on the Sacred Dragon Sword, the inscriptions Lu Zijia drew on the sword instantly appeared and a piercing buzz sounded at the same time.

“How… How is this possible?”

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Mu Yunhao, who clearly felt that one-third of the power of his attack was reduced, immediately showed a stunned expression.

Martial Artists’ weapons could help them resist attacks, but that was only when they injected their internal energy into the weapons.

He didn’t infuse internal energy into the Sacred Dragon Sword just then, but the Sacred Dragon Sword didn’t only block his attack, but also reduced part of its power.
This was simply unbelievable to him.

Not only Mu Yunhao found it unbelievable, everyone present, including Mu Tianyan, showed a surprised look.

Seeing that her semi-finished Defensive Array wasn’t too weak, Lu Zijia was secretly relieved in her mind.

She saved her reputation.

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