Chapter 338: The Weird Deputy Director

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“Girl, I’m not trying to lecture as an elder.

“But as a Taoist Master, how can you not recognize Yang Wood? If other Administration Offices find out about this, they would laugh at us.

“So, girl, it’s not your fault that you’re not doing well academically, but you must maintain the attitude to continue studying hard and improving yourself every day.
Otherwise, your master will be disappointed in you.”

Luo Baode sighed as he spoke and he even looked at Lu Zijia with pity in his eyes…

Lu Zijia: “…” In fact, she wanted to ask about the use of the Yang Wood that had already been burnt into charcoal.

She felt like this was used to trick people…

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Lu Zijia opened her mouth and was about to say something, but she suddenly seemed to have sensed something and she looked towards the door.

Luo Baode, who was originally complacent in his mind, also seemed to notice something after Lu Zijia did.
He frowned subconsciously and turned around to look at the door of the secret chamber.

When Luo Baode Turned around to look, a skinny figure slowly appeared at the door of the secret chamber.

“It’s you, Director.
I thought this audacious junior sneaked into the secret chamber to steal your treasure.”

The person who came was an old lady with gray hair.
She looked like she was in her fifties.

However, the strange thing was that the skin on her face was surprisingly good, just like that of a lady in her twenties.
It really made people find this person very weird.

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And this strange person was the Deputy Director of the Special Administration Office of the capital, Taoist Xuening.

Taoist Xuening said expressionlessly as she shifted her gaze to Lu Zijia.
When she saw Lu Zijia’s pure and gorgeous face, a touch of jealousy and greed quickly flashed through her eyes.

Lu Zijia caught the strange look in her eyes in time and she couldn’t help narrowing her eyes slightly.

According to the original host’s memories, this Deputy Director, Taoist Xuening, rarely showed up in the office.
Many people had never seen her in person, including the original host.

And now, it seemed like it wasn’t that the Deputy Director didn’t want to be in the office often, but rather… it wasn’t convenient for her to be in the office.

If she sensed it correctly, there was already death energy on this Deputy Director, but she covered it up temporarily with some method.

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When there was death energy in a person’s body, it meant that the person’s life was coming to an end.
Unless there was a special reason, people who were close to the end of their lives wouldn’t deliberately hide the death energy in their bodies.

And this Deputy Director obviously had a reason for doing so.
She could guess from the way the Deputy Director looked at her just then that it was the kind of reason that couldn’t be exposed.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia made up her mind even more.
She must get the thing with strong spiritual energy that she sensed just then.

After dealing with the matter of the Song family, she would shut herself in for a short while to see if she could break through to the second level of Qi practicing.

“No, Taoist Xuening.”

Luo Baode, who seemed like an old imp before, instantly changed to a mature and reliable image after Taoist Xuening showed up.

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Noticing Luo Baode’s cold attitude like he didn’t want to talk to her, Taoist Xuening didn’t mind at all.
After staring at Lu Zijia’s face deeply for a while, she turned around and left.

After seeing Taoist Xuening leave for a while, Luo Baode frowned and reminded Lu Zijia, “That’s the Deputy Director of our office.
If she comes to find you in the future, remember to tell me in advance.
Don’t stay alone with her.”

After pondering for a while, Luo Baode took out an ancient bronze mirror the size of a palm and threw it to Lu Zijia.
“Take this to protect yourself.”

Luo Baode threw it out so casually, but his heartbroken look was too obvious.

Lu Zijia raised her hand and caught the bronze mirror that was thrown at her.
She took a closer look and found that this small bronze mirror had been refined.
It could resist and rebound part of an attack.

This could be considered very good in this world.
She had never thought that the Director, this renowned miser, would be willing to give such a good thing to her.
It was truly surprising..

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