But the original host did not have those skills.
She was just an ordinary, timid, and cowardly girl.

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The original host would definitely get disliked and demeaned when forced to work at this special department.

The staff inside would definitely treat her terribly because of her real identity and abilities.

Therefore, during the two months the original host was working there, she was not only forced to work as a servant but also forced to carry out missions because the original host would become frightened.

Lu Zijia learned from the original host’s memories that not only payment but also bonuses could be granted when the missions were completed at the department.

Lu Zijia massaged her own chin, thinking that she could take a look at the office.

After all, she might not get any clients if she ran a small stand on the street.

Once she made her decision, she decided to get down to it.
Before Lu Zijia made it to the doorstep of the villa, she was forced to retreat.

Uncle He, who saw her going out and returning, got confused.

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“What can I do for you, Madame?”

Lu Zijia let out an embarrassed smile.

“Uncle Housekeeper, could you lend me 200 yuan first?”

She had almost forgotten that she gave her only 100 yuan back to the guard yesterday!

And now she had nothing left!

Uncle He got startled at first but soon smiled friendly.
Instead of asking her what she was borrowing the money for and what she was using it for, he gave the money to her directly.

“Thanks, Uncle He!”

Lu Zijia took the 200 yuan, thanked him gratefully, and left.

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Lu Zijia had no idea that Uncle He was looking at her back-figure with sympathy.

She was the daughter of the Lu Family, and she did not even have 200 yuan with her!

She must be having a hard life at the Lu Family.

200 was not much but not little either for Lu Zijia at this moment.

After paying for the taxi, she was only able to afford two amulets with the money.

She had to borrow the cinnabar from the owner too.

Luckily, the original host was the store’s old client; otherwise, the owner would not have been willing to lend that to her.

She painted one Safety Amulet and one Demon-Away Amulet, and Lu Zijia found herself losing a lot of energy.

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However, she was in a good mood.
She put away the amulets and headed towards the office.

The owner had thought that Lu Zijia must have picked up some skills from the office and came to do a practical test here.

But she walked out after just a few minutes….
the owner thought that she gave up out of impatience.

The owner sighed and shook his head.
He did not think that Lu Zijia would achieve anything great.

On the other side…

Lu Zijia stood in front of the luxuriously-looking office building that had five floors and stood in the outskirts area.
She sighed emotionally and thought that the company was indeed rich!

“Lu Zijia, what took you so long, where are the amulet papers and cinnabar?”

“You have wasted so much of my time! If my mission fails, it will all be your fault!”

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Lu Zijia was just about to walk into the office building when a sharp and unfriendly voice greeted her ears.

Then she saw a woman and two men coming towards her.

That woman was the one from the phone.
Her name was Tong Kexin, a disciple of the Maoshan School.

Tong Kexin noticed that Lu Zijia had no amulets with her, so her face sank.

“Where are my amulets? How can I drive away demons without amulets? You must have forgotten them purposefully!”

In Tong Kexin’s opinion, Lu Zijia must be jealous of her identity as a disciple of the Maoshan School, which specializes in strange magical skills that seemed very excellent in ordinary people’s eyes.

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