uldn’t be able to hang on.

“Meijun gave me the motivation to keep going and we did it in the end.
After that, I also married Meijun and we had Weiwei, our precious daughter.”

Speaking of the past, Fei Dingshan’s heart couldn’t help but feel sore.
At the same time, he cherished and appreciated his wife even more.

Thinking of what happened back then, Yuan Meijun felt blessed because she met the right man at that time.

“Mom, Dad, I don’t know what kind of a misunderstanding there is and I have no idea what happened.

“But I can be certain that Dingshan is a good person.

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“He was still a university student back then, but he used the money he earned from his part-time job to support orphans like us.

“I don’t think such a man can have a bad heart.
Besides, I believe him.

“In fact, all these years have already proven that I’m not wrong about this man.

“Mom, Dad, do you still not believe what your son is like?”

Grandma Ghost and Grandpa Ghost looked extremely pale at this moment, but it wasn’t because of their younger son and daughter-in-law in front of them but because of their eldest son.

“You… You’re Meijun? Oh God! Oh God!”

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At this moment, how would Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost still not understand that the whole thing was made up by their eldest son?

It turned out their eldest son told them at that time that their younger son became rich by deceiving people and making a lot of them suffer.

After he got rich, he even abandoned his wife, who shared hardship with him, and married another woman that he found randomly outside.

Their second son then turned from a filial, kind man to an evil person, who just hadn’t killed someone.
So, how could the two elders feel good in their minds?

That was why the two elders called Fei Dingshan to reproach him and said they didn’t recognize him as their son back then.

In fact, after the two of them calmed down afterwards, they wanted to go to see their second son to ask him about it in person.

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