However, their eldest son stopped them back then, claiming that he had already gone to see his brother but that he was beaten out by him and that his legs were almost broken.

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The two elders immediately got sick after hearing that.


Since then, the two of them never recovered and were tortured by illnesses for a total of five years, perhaps due to their troubled minds.


In the end, they even starved to death in their old house because their eldest son didn’t send them food for two days.


After knowing the truth of how his parents died, Fei Dingshan cried and was furious at the same time.
He hated his big brother very much in his heart.


In fact, there was something else that the two elders didn’t talk about.
After they got sick, their eldest son kept saying a lot of bad things about their younger son and smeared him in front of them.


Since their younger son had never come back, they also believed their eldest son after he talked about it more.


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That was why the two of them didn’t go to find their eldest son, who starved them to death, but came to their second son instead.


In fact, rather than saying that these two elders resented their son, Fei Dingshan, they were more exasperated with him for not living up to their expectations.


And now, the two elders didn’t feel better either after knowing that everything was made up by their eldest son.


Seeing their younger son cry his eyes out, Grandma Ghost and Grandpa Ghost were heartbroken and guilty.


“Son, it’s our fault.
We didn’t believe you.


“You were so well-behaved and obedient when you were young and so filial after you grew up.
How can your Dad and I be so stupid?”


Grandma Ghost wanted to caress her son’s head, but her dry, wrinkled hand pierced through it directly.

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Looking at her slightly transparent hand, Grandma Ghost’s body trembled severely and the Yin energy in her also moved violently with anxiousness.


“Mom, Dad, I’m unfilial, I’m unfilial!” Fei Dingshan cried even harder.
At the same time, his hatred of his big brother reached an extreme in his mind.


Perhaps because the strong conviction of the two elders was gone, the Yin energy in them also decreased gradually.


When the Yin energy completely dissipated, it would be time for them to reincarnate.


The two elders also seemed to know their situation, so they quickly said a lot of things to Fei Dingshan and his family.


They said they didn’t beat Yuan Meijun on purpose.
It was just that they hadn’t seen her for six years, so they didn’t recognize that she was Yuan Meijun.
They thought she was the mistress, whom their son married after abandoning Yuan Meijun.


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After knowing the truth, Yuan Meijun didn’t know if she should cry or laugh.


Then, the two elders asked their younger son to be a good man and not to do anything stupid.


They had never mentioned anything about their eldest son from the beginning to the end.
Apparently, they were completely disappointed by him and weren’t even willing to be angry with him.


After the two of them reincarnated, they would leave their younger son to decide if he would take revenge on their eldest.


Seeing that the Yin energy in the two elders had disappeared, Lu Zijia looked at Jin Junyi.


“Fellow Jin, please release their souls from purgatory.”


Jin Junyi, who had been neglected for a long time, “…”

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“Master Lu, is there any way you can help my parents reincarnate to a good family?


“I don’t need them to live a luxurious life.
I only wish they can be peaceful their entire life and die in their beds.”


Even though Fei Dingshan was reluctant to part with his parents, he also knew that reincarnation was the best choice for people after they died.


So, he could only hope that his parents could reincarnate well and live peacefully in their next life.


Lu Zijia looked at all the Yin energy that had already dissipated.
Grandpa Ghost and Grandma Ghost, who were extremely skinny but still made people think they were amiable, smiled and said, “Don’t worry.
Your parents were kind-hearted throughout their lives and have never done evil even after they passed away.


“They will definitely be fortunate in their next life, having dutiful children and grandchildren and dying peacefully in the end.”

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