“Not answering? Then, I’ll choose for you.”

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Lu Zijia sounded very calm, so calm that there was no emotion or temperature at all.
People couldn’t help feeling a chill in their hearts.

Lu Zijia only exerted a little force with her hand that was holding the long sword and blood immediately gushed out of Mu Shiyou’s neck, dying her clothes red.

“Madame!” Seeing that Lu Zijia really injured Mu Shiyou, Mu Yunhao couldn’t help feeling shocked.

Mu Shiyou was now a disciple of the main family, who was the focus of training.
If anything happened to her, the main family would definitely not let them go.

However, Lu Zijia didn’t seem to hear him at all.
She didn’t even look at him.

This is pretty.
What do you think?”

Lu Zijia’s bright eyes were extremely cold.
She exerted more force on her hand and the blood that was already flowing out quickly immediately surged out and soon dyed half of Mu Shiyou’s clothes red.

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“I’m asking you a question.
Why aren’t you answering? How boring.” Lu Zijia shook her head slightly, looking very frustrated.

“How dare you! I am the disciple that the main family of the Mu family focuses on, and the student of the leader of the family.
If you dare to kill me, don’t even think about living as well!”

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The piercing pain on her neck and the blood that she was losing quickly made Mu Shiyou’s body tremble slightly.
However, she still gritted her teeth and stood firm, certain that Lu Zijia wouldn’t really dare to kill her.

“Haha, really?”

Lu Zijia sneered and said in a cold and ruthless voice, “If your father didn’t tell you, I’ll tell you.
I’m a lunatic.
Tell me, would a lunatic care about life and death?

“No, a lunatic wouldn’t care about life and death.

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“Oh right, lunatics love to torture people for fun.
Do you know how they torture people? You shouldn’t be able to guess it.
Let me tell you.

“Do you know what a human stick is? It means that after I cut off your limbs, you’ll be soaked in the medicinal bath as a specimen.

“Oh right, in order not to waste food, don’t worry, I’ll make your limbs into some dishes and feed you piece by piece.
I believe you’ll like it.”

Lu Zijia said as she chuckled.
She looked totally as terrifying as a lunatic!

Even the golden pagoda, who knew that its master was acting, couldn’t help shaking its cat body fiercely.

Its master’s acting skills were really getting more and more profound and exquisite.
People who didn’t know anything would really think that its master was a real lunatic.

The expressions of Mu Yunhao and the others couldn’t help changing.

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“Yunhao, Madame… She isn’t really…”

“Bah, what are you talking about? Madame is so impressive.
How would she be a lunatic?”

“But many lunatics and perverts are very impressive in certain aspects…”

Mu Yunhao: “…”

Lu Zijia, who heard their conversation, couldn’t help twitching the corners of her mouth fiercely.

If it weren’t that this wasn’t the time, she would definitely give those guys a knock on their heads.

Damn, what kind of gaze was that?

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“Oh right, do you like spicy food? How about stir-frying your hand?

“Ah, I don’t think so.
I still need to feed you to the worms.
If you eat something with a strong taste and the worms won’t eat your flesh, what should I do?

“Hm, I’ll let you eat something light.
Steaming is good.” Lu Zijia said as she nodded, as if she was satisfied with her own considerations.

Mu Yunhao and the others: “!!!” Aren’t you the one with a strong taste, Madame?

“Shut up.
Stop talking.
Stop talking!”

When Lu Zijia was about to speak again, Mu Shiyou finally couldn’t stand it anymore and screamed in devastation.
Her body, which was originally trembling slightly, started to tremble even more violently.

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