Chapter 1

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The scent spread throughout Walm’s nasal passages. It was the smell of human manure and internal organs that he was familiar with.

Although the full clash between the two armies was yet to come, the battlefield had already started.

Crushing each other was the matter of course, the arrows and magic from a long distance that kept attacking the poor soldiers spread their viscera into the air.

Walm’s heart had already beating with tense, and his feet continued to kick the ground. The poor breastplate shook as if to assert itself and made a loud metallic sound.

Walm had already tried his best to put up with the smell for him to breathe efficiently but now, he needed to put up with the sight in front of him. He couldn’t stand both of it anymore and screamed.


Words that had no real meaning. If there was, it must be a primitive meaning that inspires oneself and threatens the other party. Walm’s hands held a 2.5-meter-long spear, and his torso and head were protected by dented armor.

The same was true for the people around him. In that place, it was the formal attire. The red-black stains that couldn’t be removed seemed to be one-point fashion, but the substance was a proof of the tragedy of its predecessor.
As if the stains that had soaked up told Walm eloquently what happened.

Raizou ​​Takakura, or Walm, the name he got in the new life.
And he was at war.

Walm was at war, but it was not as modern as World War I and World War II that he knew from history, where iron, gunpowder, and science and technology were used abundantly.

It was a medieval war, where iron hit another iron, iron hit people body, and the body itself used to hit another body. In a unique way there were 《Magic》, 《Skills》, mysterious creatures, and magic tools/items too.
And Walm had tasted all of it.

The man who was once named, Raizou ​​Takakura, received his second life as the third son of a farmer in a world different from the earth.

Walm, who was reborn with a new body and name and enjoyed youth in the fields and soils.
It was the draft for war which was waiting for him.

Walm and his family have been given money just enough for preparations and had been on the front lines after a month of training.

If the nation had strength to spare, many years of trained regular soldiers will be driven into war too.

But, it was unrelated to the empire, which was in war all year, and Walm, one of its people.
It was determined that a month of training would be sufficient for a large number of infantries.

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The rest of the education was on-site education that Walm had experienced in his previous life.

According to Walm, the immediate introduction of OJT (On-the-Job-Training) was the best. After all, if you failed, you lost your life.

Half a year after he was in military service, Walm survived the first battle, and he has already been in the 11th battle.

The one which once was on the same military service group with Walm had mostly disappeared completely. The organs were exposed, the head was crushed, and the whole body was burned by ‘Magic’. There were many variations in how to die, really… there were a wide variety of ways to die.

Thankfully, the enemy would be the one to perform the cremation and burial. It was like coming to a death amusement park. If you didn’t get bored by it, you would start to spit everywhere.

Walm, who enjoyed a peaceful world, did not seem to be able to stay alive even in the first match, but ironically, only Walm remained alive. He was not sure what that happened, but when he realized it, after a few tens of seconds ―― He had no choice but to laugh.

The number killed by Walm was not just a few, it was over dozens. The enemy soldiers would not disappear even if he were crouched, his hands were shaking, and his legs were to lose the strength to move. Even if he vomited to the life that he took for the first time, there was no one waiting for him.

If there was a chance, his comrades would kill the enemy soldiers from the side, but Walm, who had experienced the battlefield many times, already stopped expecting it.

It wasn’t the Highserk Empire, the homeland of Walm, or the God’s guidance that saved him, but the 2.5m spear temporarily lent by the empire and the 90cm longsword he picked up at the battlefield.

In the battlefield everyone was equal. Walm believed so from the bottom of his heart. Death came fairly to all men and women of all ages.

In that kind mess of thought, Walm had reached a distance where he can clearly see the other person’s face.

It was a light infantry of the Liberitoa Trade Federation that Walm was tired of seeing. Although it was an enemy country, they would be a militia like Walm. He speculated that everyone was pale because of anxiety due to lack of experience.

The two armies were approaching the deadly distance cross the spear tip without any signal. The enemy’s spear approached Walm’s body, but it hit the breastplate. While scratching it, he parried with his half body, and the spear deviated.

Walm was exempt from collapsing together. A spear held at the waist was aimed at the enemy soldier’s throat and he thrusted it. The targeted enemy soldier tried to deflect with the pulled back spearhead, but the real aim was the lower body without armor.

The enemy soldier distorted his face when he felt the spear stuck in his thigh. The wound that might had reached the bone caused severe pain to the body and instantly robbed a large amount of blood.

An enemy soldier, who barely held a spear and could not resist the spear that was thrusted by Walm again and again, sank to the ground. There was a slight breath left, but since he fell to the ground in the front line, what was waiting for him was crushing death by the footsteps of the army.

‘Too bad’, Walm turned away from the soldiers who were trampled by both armies.

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Another soldier switches to the vacant spot. But even though the soldier was also pale like the last one, Walm felt the soldier that came now was better than before.

The battle with the tip of a spear happened, but it cannot be settled by just that. Walm thought the soldier was a disposable one since it was the front like, but unfortunately the soldier didn’t seem to be a virgin in combat.

The tip of the spear hit violently. The Liberitoa soldier, who flicked the tip of the spear from below and stepped in, smiled convinced of the victory, but Walm bowed and accepted the attack using his head.

Walm wore protective helmets, Cervelliere, on his head. From the frontal bone to the parietal bone, it was protected by a circular bowl made of iron, the neck was protected by the chain, and the temporal region was also protected by a flat plate extending from the bowl to the cheeks.

The spear hit the temple on the left side of Walm but, slipped and deflected upwards.

Walm bit dull pain with his back teeth. He thrusted his spear into the face of a Liberitoa soldier, who was not smiling anymore, twice.

The first thrust was on the cheek, and the second one was a spear tip went through the eyeball, causing fatal damage to

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