me soldiers.

“Throw more, there’s plenty of it.”

The stones with the minerals carried out from the mine turned into excellent throwing weapons. 

The Liberitoa army commander who was well-dressed in good armor was a good target for throwing.
Only the head was protected with a shield, but due to countless throws, the surface became uneven and his movement became dull.

When the stone thrown by Squad Commander Duwei hit there, the commander of the Liberitoa army fell to the ground.

The other enemies weren’t silent either. The Highserk soldiers were hurt by the arrows that jumped in intermittently.

“It’s a fireball!!”

Immediately after someone shouted, a flame danced in the wall passage and a soldier collapsed without screaming.

“Too late.
His face got burned.”

The soldiers gave up their compatriots and began shooting arrows at the enemies below.

“Walm, the enemy is gaining momentum on the left.
Go and give a greeting.”

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It wasn’t the Squad Commander Duwei but the fat Platoon Commander Kozuru who gave the order.

Walm ran through the wall passages where the Duwei’s squad was, and arrived at where the next squad was. Certainly, the enemy was moving violently, and countless soldiers were rushing under the wall passage.

“I’ll use it.”

When Walm gave a warning, the surrounding soldiers rolled away to keep a distance.

“Evacuate!! Or you’ll get involved!!”

Never did Walm ever think that he would be treated like an uncontrollable weapon, but he didn’t care and activated 《Demon Fire》.

The mask quivered to rejoice. Meanwhile, a Liberitoa soldier screamed when he noticed Walm leaning forward.

“I-it’s the user of 《Demon Fire》eeeeecckk!!!!”

“Don’t let him use it, kill him!!”

There was a soldier holding a bow targeting Walm, but it was a step late. As the hot air ran around, it also scattered a fierce flame.


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“It’s, hot, Shiiiit! It won’t disappear!!”

“Retreat, retreaaaat!!”

After seeing more than 30 people wrapped in fire, the Liberitoa soldiers retreated. Those who were drunk by the fire and those who were distant and had some resistance managed to extinguish the fire and escape.

In the end, about 20 people were killed by 《Demon Fire》.

A blue fire illuminated the battlefield with corpses. A strange odor that burned a human pierced the nasal cavity. It was the smell that Walm had become accustomed to sniffing.

About twice as many people would have injured trachea or skin by now.
Although releasing at maximum firepower would have doubled the damage, Walm was told by Platoon Commander Kozuru to maintain his mana and increase the number of injured enemies.

“No matter how many times I see it, it’s terrible.”

“I’m glad he is on our side.

The evacuated friendly soldiers hit Walm’s shoulder one after another.

“Prioritize stone replenishment and treatment of the injured now.
The enemy is afraid of the《Fire of Hell Gate》, since it even burned their commander.”

Walm returned to the place where Duwei’s squad was in charge. In addition to the devastation of the left-wing, the heavily damaged soldiers of Liberitoa Trade Federation seemed to retreat, preparing a new formation.

TN: In the raw, it’s 《冥府の誘い火》, which literally mean, Fire that invites you to the netherworld/hell.
But, well, I think 《Fire of Hell Gate》is good, I couldn’t come up with a better name.

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