“Hang in there, just a little more.
Don’t sleep.
Or you’ll die for sure.
Keep your eyes open.”

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On the improvised stretcher, a soldier with a torn arm was groaning and gasping.

A fellow Ferrius soldier covered his wounds with a tourniquet as first aid, and placed his other hand under the armpit of the bleeding arm in an attempt to reduce bleeding.

On the brachium, there was a circle injury caused by a water magic, Ice Lance. They fought a fierce battle with the Jaff Cavalry Battalion just minutes ago, and won by a neck. The problem was the price.

Many people died and about the same number or more were injured. The Ferrius soldier’s comrade who was on the stretcher, was the latter. There was still a possibility that he would be saved, unlike the fellows who had their viscera exposed or attacked on the other vital points.

“Isn’t there a healing magician!? His bleeding is terrible.
If it’s not stopped now, he’ll die!!”

The Ferrius soldiers screamed out, but the reply was ruthless.

“They’re out of mana.
The healing magician can’t heal anymore.”

“Sorry, it’s impossible.”

The soldiers who rushed to the base searched for a healing magician, but all of them had already exhausted their mana in treating the seriously injured.

“Isn’t there a healing magician?”

The man didn’t seem to have enough physical strength and blood if bleeding were to be cauterized by fire-attribute magic.
There was a strong risk of dying of shock. But there was no other way. Blood continued to overflow from the scars that were being pressed.

“Damn, there’s not much time”

All or nothing, the soldiers began to look for alternative fire magicians, but then the knights of the neighboring Kingdom, Craist Kingdom, stopped the Ferrius soldiers.

“I can give treatment.
Follow me.”


When the soldier followed the knight in a hurry, there was a space with a tent centered around wagons. The security was extraordinary. Twelve fully armed knights were on the lookout.

The knight who belonged to the Order of Reharzen opened his mouth to the soldier who was looking from the tip of his head to his feet.

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“Put the sword here”

Handed over the sword to the knight who reached out and stepped into the terrifying tent.

It was a treatment site you would expect in a field battle.
There were a lot of bloodstains left, leaving a fishy smell.
The Ferrius soldier who breathed in the air, felt uncomfortable.

“Lie him there”

A figure appeared in front of the Ferrius soldier who followed the instructions without grasping the true nature of the discomfort.

What the Ferrius soldiers saw was a girl with rare black eyes and black hair. Her meek round eyes were steeply narrowed. Her long hair was tied up so that it didn’t get in the way of the treatment.

The Ferrius soldiers, who felt that the girl was out of place on the battlefield, decided that she must be an assistant or an apprentice.
So, he called the knight.

“S-sorry, where is the healing magician?”

“Isn’t she there?”

Warm light leaked into the tent before the knight finished saying it. The Ferrius soldier who lost his word, his voice returned when he saw the wounds of his companion closed and even the missing part formed back.

It even heals the defects!?”

“With this, the injured will be okay.
You see, no one has died yet among the soldiers brought in.”

The knight proudly said to the Ferrius soldiers. When the Ferrius soldiers turned their eyes to the surroundings, they all sighed with a calm face, despite the amount of bleeding that had adhered.

“Thank you.
Thank you! You’re like a saint.”

The girl healing magician laughed at the Ferrius soldiers for a moment and began to concentrate on treatment again.

It wasn’t once or twice that the soldiers who were supposed to die were saved that day, and it was inevitable that rumors would spread that there was a battlefield healer in the Craist Kingdom.

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Sugimoto Ayane was an ordinary high school student who attended high school, enjoying her youth.
until just a few months ago. She only saw blood during exercise and unlucky moments, and had never seen a person die.

Many of her relatives were doctors and nurses, and Ayane was studying to become a nurse in the future.

It wasn’t until she was sent to another world with his childhood friends that her fate changed decisively.

Being confused by different cultures, customs and environments was something normal.
After a struggle, Ayane finally started to get adapted to the new world and gained her role.

Unlike his childhood friends Yuuto and Makoto, Ayane didn’t have an offensive ability.

Ayane, who could only see the two protect people from monsters and get hurt, fall into a feeling of helplessness and frustration, but it was the two childhood friends who saved her.

It was a coincidence that the talent for recovery magic blossomed. When Yuuto, who was injured in the subjugation of the bandits, Ayane pressed his shoulder strongly, and the recovery magic was activated without chanting.

It was out of her character, but Ayane shed tears when she could save her friends and those who suffered from pain. Not to mention her childhood friend, all the Knights who belonged in the Order of Reharzen were pleased.

Ayane found joy in her role, devoting herself to the support, with her recovery magic, they could even shave off the demon territory and subdue the lake dragon.

The situation changed when the neighboring nations opened the battlefield all at once in the battle between Ferrius and the Highserk Empire.

According to the story that Ayane heard from the knight, the Highserk Empire had great military power and could be said as a nation of supremacy that repeated an invasive war in the name of “defensive war”.

If left unattended, neighboring countries would be swallowed in turn. The Four-Country Alliance centered on an island in the huge lake, would destroy the Highserk Empire.

To tell the truth, Ayane hated war. She didn’t want people to get hurt or hurt others. Above all, she didn’t want the two childhood friends and the Knights to fall into danger and wear out both physically and mentally.

Ayane knew they still had to fight.
She also understood that this world had a terribly immature and violent side.

Day after day, Ayane continued doing treatment in the tent. There were times when her heart was in pain, witnessing injuries beyond saving and people’s lives gone that made her want to cover her eyes.
Her heart was almost broken.

Nevertheless, the patient’s peaceful face, the soldier’s words of gratitude, and her friends allowed Ayane to continue doing treatment on the battlefield.

“First of all, the treatment is over.”

It was Maia, a healing magician who helped with the treatment, who spoke to Ayane.

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“Thank you for today too.
I’ve only strong mana, and lack of experience.
The reason I could treat them was because of Maia-san.”

Even if Ayane had some knowledge of medical treatment, it wasn’t much better than amateurs. Ayane knew well that she was only following Maia’s instructions, such as the proper preparation and treatment of the injured.

“Ayane-sama, don’t self-evaluate yourself too low.
Please be more confident.”

Maia said in trouble.

“Oh, that’s right.
Yuuto-san and Makoto-san went to the front.”

“They’re not injured right?”

“Yeah, they didn’t get any injury.
The soldiers and knights were praising them for causing great damage to the Jaff cavalry, which had been causing trouble since they entered the war.”

Seeing Maia’s smile, Ayane laughed.

“Maybe I should go see them after cleaning up.”

“It’s a good idea.
Please let me go with you.”

Although Ayane’s recovery magic was beyond logic, it wasn’t omnipotent. There were various items such as tools for closing wounds, tubs used for cleaning, and cloth. Ayane thought that it would be rude to leave the cleaning to Maia, who helped her in giving treatment, so she helped her with other intentions such as understanding the equipment and checking the condition.

Maia began to wash the equipment with water magic, and Ayane also wiped off the dirt on the equipment and put it in a magic bag.

Immersed in half-hour work they were finally done.
When Ayane went out, there were her two childhood friends.

“What good timing.
I was thinking of going to see you now.”

“Because the military meeting is over.
Johanna-san and the others are talking about future strategies.
We were asked to rest first.”

“Today was so tiring.
Everyone from Jaff cavalry was too strong.
It wasn’t to a knight level, but it felt something close.”

Makoto said so, looking tired.

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They slipped through our magic and slashed many people.
Johanna-san and his friends made them turn back, but let me tell you a secret… I got a cold sweat.”

“That was… amazing.”

Yuuto said modestly, but in reality, when he saw the cavalry approaching himself while sprinkling the viscera, he felt fear.

Without training and fellow Knights being there, Yuuto would have been more distraught. Unlike fighting demons, he realized that he was severely worn both physically and mentally.

When the story was about to flow in the direction of the battle, Maia, who was behind Ayane, opened her mouth.

“Have you both eaten yet?”

“No, not yet.”

“Yeah, we haven’t eaten yet.”

“There was a lot of food provided by the Ferrius Kingdom army.
Apparently, among the people who were helped by you three, there was also someone with noble blood, and that person gave us food as a thank you.
There’s white bread, cheese, and sausages.”

” ” “Eh!?” ” “

The three who heard it approached with a forward lean. Their eating habits had been getting worse since they came to this world, especially since they joined the battlefield.

In addition to the fact that they were still growing up, the three used magic many times, so they needed an amazing amount of food in their stomach, perhaps their calories requirement was comparable with a big and muscular warrior.

Truth, they should be grateful that they could even eat, but food with a lot of calories and also delicious had grabbed the hearts of the three.
They would never let it go.

“I want to eat, I want to eat!!”

“M-meat and white bread!? We’ve been eating beans and potatoes these days.”

“I… also want to eat.”

The Three Heroes, whose name started to roar in neighboring countries, also showed an age-appropriate reaction. Seeing that, Maia smiled, and at the same time was worried that they would be easily taken away.

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