Even though the twin moons expelled the sun, the temporary walls had not yet fallen, as the soldiers still trying their best in expelling the monsters.

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The Highserk soldiers, who had barely recovered from the turmoil, continued their bloody struggle with Walm. Even corpses were treated as good materials here.

A large number of reserve troops were lost, and so were some capabilities for defending the walls.
A number of civilians with no military experience were put into the ramparts to secure the number of heads.

They were fighting hard against monsters with a long spear from a distance, and three normal people could kill one low-class monster. Naturally, the militia was also exhausted one after another.

“It’s an “Owlbear”!!”

“Push it! Don’t let it get close!”

When Owlbear pushed the spear away with its thick skin and feathers, it jumped into the gap, tore the calf with its claws, and bit through the trachea. The militia screamed in agony, but still managed to thrust the spear into the torso, even though it wasn’t fatal since the owlbear was floating.


The owlbear tilted its head 90 degrees, and stretched out its blood-stained strong arm when it found the bad pest, but a Highserk soldier sneaked up from the blind spot and cut its hind legs with a halberd.

“Die! You damn half-breeeEEEDD!!!”

The owlbear which had lost its posture, bent its neck straight back and tried to deal with the Highserk soldiers, but the militias one after another thrust the sword and spear in their hands into its torso.

“Kill, kill it, kill iiIIIITTT!!!”

“Ahh, aaa, aaaaAAAAHHHH!!!”

“Good, raise your voice!! Vent your anger! It’s a rare chance!”

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The troops repeatedly hit the cramping owlbear in a rhythm with the halberd. Citizens who had been baptized with bloodstains followed the style of Highserk soldiers.

OJT (On-The-Job) training, Highserk soldiers were good at giving field education. They could turn innocent citizens into mad soldiers. It was the reality of the temporary walls where people tried their best in confronting the monsters.

The only surviving Battalion Commander had inherited the chain of command in the castle and had reorganized the army, but since one-third of the personnel was lost, a chronic shortage of personnel was inevitable everywhere.

Walm slashed the halberd from the top and split the orc together with the armor it was wearing. Although he didn’t manage to split the orc into two due to exhaustion, the orc that the inner of its stomach was exposed, rolled silently and died.

The air of the surroundings suddenly changed. It was a “Wraith” which was kneading its mana into an Ice Lance. Seeing the Ice Lance approaching him, Walm momentarily spat out flames and melt them.

When the blue flame reached the wraith without diminishing, it wrapped the whole body of the ghost. The wraith screamed in screeching, but it didn’t last long.

Other monsters wouldn’t be killed without more firepower, but 《Demon Fire》 had a tremendous effect on the undead, and in terms of power alone, it was comparable to the holy attribute 《Purification》.

Right now, Walm didn’t want to consume mana if possible. He had consumed his mana quite a lot due to the battle that still continued from the morning, even using his other skill, 《Strike》, would be dangerous for him.

The time for swallowing a portable meal and pouring drinking water between battles felt like a luxurious time. Naturally, the recovery of mana had never been fast, and many times, he ended up continuing to engage in battle without mana as like when he was still a recruit.

The tip of the halberd was inserted into the Kobold’s eye hole, and the sword that the lizardman next to it was holding got hooked.

Walm moved his halberd to send the sword into the air and caught it with his other hand.
The lizardman stretched its neck trying to devour his flesh. He returned the sword to the lizard’s mouth. The sword rubbed its fangs, and pierced its throat, scraping its spine.

“Who wants to die next!?”

The first reply was intimidation by a giant monster, “Cyclops”. A tree together with its roots was approaching Walm.

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Walm barely avoided the vertically thrown tree. The poor Kobold caught in it blew out spreading body fluids from the whole body all over the place.

The cyclops lifted a giant club and confirmed the results, but when it confirmed that only the small green bug (Kobold) was crushed, it went to hold the tree back and it seemed to want to swing it sideways.

It’ll swing the tree sideways.

Convinced of its next move, an option came up in Walm’s mind.

《Demon Fire》 was, out of the question since it would be dangerous, only mana-efficient wind-type magic. Walm was ready, but a meteor-like arrow fell from the sky and pierced the only eye of the cyclops.

There were only a limited number of people who could use 《Strong Shoot》, and there was only Amy, one of the adventurers with whom he had a connection. However, it still was a great help, and Walm raised his hand to thank her.

The cyclops, which had become an eyeless giant, screamed loud shaking the atmosphere, and shook its limbs as it collapsed on the ground. Cyclops had fallen into a state where the monsters in the surrounding would kill it when left alone, but suspicious steam could be seen through its crushed eyes.

Cyclops had an exceptional ability to regenerate as long as it still breathing.
It pulled out the arrow and tried to regenerate the eyeball. Walm used wind magic to run.

Walm, who approached as if gliding, kicked the swinging arm of the cyclops and slashed down the halberd.

The blade that entered from the head cut through the strong skull and spilled spinal fluid. It reached the lower jaw and throat before the cyclops finally stopped moving. The first giant was down.

“He killed that giant with only a halberd!!”

“We haven’t lost.
We aren’t losing.”

The giant and tree became part of the new walls. Seeing the crushed monster would definitely increase the morale of the troops.
The giant was a really good monster.
Walm’s effort was fruitful.

A friend called to Walm, who was shaking off the sticky liquid that clung to the halberd. Looking back, there were four leaders of the Highserk Empire’s platoon.

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“Walm, I mean “Wartime” Battalion Commander”

“Hah? What are you talking about?”

Being called in a rank that was unfamiliar to him, Walm made a stupid voice despite the battlefield as the rank sounded stupid.

“The Wartime Brigade Commander, Justus-dono, gave Escort Captain, Walm, the rank of Wartime Battalion Commander.”

Walm was tired, his brain couldn’t process things like usual. 

Wartime… once this is over, my rank will return? That’s fine. But why is it a Battalion Commander?

“Battalion Commander is it――”

Speaking of his squad after he was promoted to be the Escort Captain, the members were limited in number, and even if it was expanded, a platoon size would be the limit. And now, he was told to be a Battalion Commander, jumping over platoon and company.
Of course, he was shocked.

“Are you serious!? Do you think I can command 2000 soldiers?”

Walm didn’t care about his rank now, and vomited what was in his heart. But the Platoon Commander only tilted his head.

“What are you talking about? Aren’t you good at giving a command?”

Walm gathered Highserk soldiers lost in direction with a roar and full of spirit.
He gathered the shortage from Myard soldiers and citizens. He gave the armor stripped from the corpse to the citizens.
In short, he managed to stabilize the place where it was about to collapse, even more, he was proactive in blocking the monsters while also using the adventurers to their full extents.

To be honest, Walm was waiting for someone high in rank to take command. Yet the Platoon Commander just told him that the group of people he barely gathered as a battalion and declare him as the Commander.

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Crazy. They must be crazy.

“Ku, kukuku, this is the battalion of the Highserk Army you say!? Even half of the key members aren’t regular soldiers.”

“A company-sized regular soldier has been gathered under the command of the Wartime Brigade Commander, Justus-dono.
Although, it was mixed from various units.”

The troops he wanted to gather the most were now within his reach, that was also veteran Highserk soldiers. But if he chose to reach for it, the group mixed with militia and citizens would be treated as a battalion, and Walm would be the commander.

Walm was arguing with himself. He had confidence in controlling soldiers up to platoon size. His essence was demonstrated by leading a small group and standing at the forefront.

But to be in command of 2000 people while standing at the forefront? It wasn’t something easy for sure even for an experienced Battalion Commander, moreover Walm.

At this rate, I may die from overwork rather than being killed.

“I don’t have any knowledge and the know-how to operate a battalion.”

“If you operate a regular battalion, it will be extremely difficult, but this is a defensive battle where you only need to defend.
The hurdles are much lower than that conventional battalion.
We will also do our best to assist you.”

“I don’t have other choices but to accept it, aren’t I?”

“Yes, you have no choice but to accept.”

The pathetic Brigade Commander wanted the same kind, and his choice fell on Walm.

“I see.
Alright, I’ll take the position of Wartime Battalion Commander.
But be prepared.
You guys, whether you vomit blood or your viscera are exposed, I’ll abuse you until you’re dead.
If you’re okay with it, follow me.”

Walm welcomed four Platoon Commanders and the troops with such words.

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