Chapter 61 (Part 2)

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Three ogres stood in the way. The armors that they wore were roughly processed, and you could even feel some intellect in their standing behavior.

Walm glared at them thinking that they must be the elite of the monsters, and were undoubtedly the ones leading the other monsters.

He wanted to choose the choice of pushing them by number, but the soldiers were busy dealing with the other ogres, and the adventurers, Al and Fleck, were fighting a deadly battle with six ogres that skillfully swinging the big sword in its hand.

Walm shot a fireball at the feet of the ogre with a round shield. The ogre was unavoidably swallowed by the explosion, the limbs were torn, and finally burned by the blue flame.

The problem was the two ogres scattered to the left and right. One was holding a big sword, and the other was holding a war hammer.
Approaching him, Walm moved the upper body back and forth slightly, avoiding the big sword and the war hammer.

The ogre with a big sword tried to give a pursuit attack, and the ogre with a war hammer moved in coordination with it. Walm faced the ogre with a big sword in front of him, while looking sideways at the other ogre that was approaching the side.


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Walm, who accelerated momentarily, consumed mana and slashed the elbow with 《Strike》. Then he thrust the halberd into the empty space, and the axe-shaped blade extending from the side cut through the ogre’s throat. The remaining ogre roared, guarding itself against the halberd by wiggling the sword. Still, it had small scratches piled up through the gaps in the armor in front of his skillful attack that came with excellent time.

The ogre managed to avoid the stab, but when he pulled back, Walm tore the back of its knee with the halberd. The ogre lost its posture as its muscle got cut.
Walm then flipped his wrist and smashed the ogre’s temporal region. Not missing the ogre which stopped moving for a moment, Walm slammed his halberd from above the head. The head split spreading spinal fluids and just like that the ogre lay on the ground. The mask trembled with joy, not because Walm buried three ogres, but because there was a swelling of murderous air in the surroundings, and countless noises that could be heard.


Armed ogres were surrounding the area. The troops brought by Walm were still fighting, but even so, a dozen or so ogres were looking at Walm.

“What is it? Are you afraid of me? What a bunch of useless demons with only a big body, I’ll kill every single one of you!!”

Riding on Walm’s provocation, the ogre responded with a roar all at once. He couldn’t pull back anymore. Walm also raised his voice from the bottom of his belly and attacked them.

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A two-handed sword scratched the neck and blood oozed. Walm’s back, which received a war hammer, couldn’t escape the impact and the grip strength of his left hand was weakened. His armor was full of wounds and blood was oozing from the bleeding abdomen. He was neither pessimistic nor mourning about it. He just put his brain to work to deal with the ogres in front of him, and moved his body according to his intuition backed by his experience. Even the blind spot, he left the guard by the sound he perceived, the air that touched the skin, and his mana, and he always barely avoided the attacks.

Walm was outnumbered and was blocked from a widespread attack like 《Demon Fire》 in order to avoid amicable fire, but he kept burying the armed ogre one after another. An ogre burned from his feet to the tip of his head on a pillar of fire exposing his bones and it began to flutter. Another ogre cut from the shoulder to the waist didn’t die and moved its left hand slightly.

The ankle of the ogre that rushed to him was cut with the halberd and turned to the side. The neck of the ogre that tried to cope with one foot soared into the void. 

Directed a stab to the abdomen of the ogre behind, but the ogre grabbed Walm without fear. While pulling out the longsword on the waist, he amputated the left hand of the ogre.
As he slashed the sword over the head, he flipped the wrist, and cut off the right hand.

The ogre with no hands, tried to bite his throat with its fangs, but he was faster.
The tip of his sword slashed the carotid artery and spine. With his left hand, Walm quickly pulled the halberd out of the corpse and pointed it at the creeping ogre.

” 《Release》”

Walm fired the halberd with the wind magic once used by the assassin. The halberd pierced the ogre’s right shoulder, and it got frightened by pain and shock.

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” 《Burst》”

The ogre’s reaction was delayed by the movement of Walm, which was momentarily accelerated by the wind magic. Cuts off the ogre’s neck with the longsword as he passed by, and thrust it from the side of the ogre who had just pulled out his halberd from its shoulder. A blue flame was emitted from the blade and burned the ogre from inside. The ogre roared, but didn’t last long.

A battle mace approached from the side with a faint light. Walm sunk the center of gravity and deflected it with 《Strike》.
His ears caught a slight wind noise and a footstep. Twisted his neck and saw the shadow at the edge of his field of vision. A cross-shaped spear unleashed from the stiff arm was approaching his throat.

Walm bowed to avoid it. While scraping the chain of the Cervelliere, made a deep scratch on the conical helmet. The armor prevented lacerations, but couldn’t prevent impacts. The two ogres tried to stop his breath as he shook his brain and swayed.

The pulled-back spear pointed its blade at Walm again, but he entwined it with a halberd. The ogre tried to pull it off with its strength. The other ogre swung down the war hammer. Walm still couldn’t stop the shaking of his brain, but his muddy eye even though it wasn’t clear, didn’t miss the movements.

After letting go of the halberd, Walm pulled out the longsword, aligned the blade with the war hammer, and slid the surface. The ogre jumped back in a hurry, but Walm, who was prepared for it, was one step faster.

The ogre’s finger, which was clenching the handle, was cut off, and the weapon came off from the hand. The ogre sent a fist, albeit incomplete, to Walm, but he was faster at decapitating the ogre. Walm, who followed his instinct immediately turned his body, and prepared himself for the last kill. He moved the entwined halberd and the cross spear was approaching him once again.

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The tip of the sword and the tip of the spear met with each other, and it kept repeating a few times. Walm jumped in at the moment when the ogre’s stretched spear was pulled back a little far. The ogre distorted its face, but flipped the hand with the handle and tried to parry the stab in a hurry. The ogre caught the attack with the back of the hand. The arm with the halberd was numb as if it had an electric shock, but the remaining hand thrust a longsword.

The tip of the sword caught the knee and the half of the body leaned toward the stone pavement. Even so, the fighting spirit of the ogre didn’t loosen, and the spear once again came to him. Walm wrapped around to the side to escape. The ogre also turned around with its remaining legs as the pivot.

Walm quickly tilted his leaning body in the opposite direction and kicked the ground up. The ogre tried to catch Walm’s attack with the handle of his spear, but it was faster for his sword tip to pierce the throat. Seeing the blood-squirting ogre, Walm twisted and pulled out his sword. The giant doll fell to the ground like a puppet that just lost its thread.

Five minutes in time, he noticed that only his breathing sound remained. 

Swung his sword down in the void and took a deep breath while shedding the blood. A slight sense of relief broke the thread of tension in him. 

It was at such a time.

A feeling of intimidation pierced the skin, cold sweat flowed from the back. He spat out blood once and faced each other with “that”, which stood in the center of the corpse of the ogres.

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