it was because of Awning.
She leaned back and put her back on the back of the chair.
And asked Awning in a low voice.

“If you hated me being with Count Burns so much, wouldn’t it be nice to see a performance with me instead of a friend?”

“How come? My friend asked me to see it first.”

“Then the three of us can look at it.”


Awning began to mumble.

What was that? She was staring at him with my eyes squinting.
She heard that Awning, like Count Burns, bought a box seat.
It wouldn’t be too narrow for her to fit in the box seats.
She started to wonder what the hell the two of them were talking about.
Was it her curse? Or was his friend another woman?

She said, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“I understand you don’t want me to be friendly with Count Burns.
I don’t like it when you’re too close with other girls.”

Well, it’s because he was alone with his best friend to swear about her, she had no intention of stopping that.
Awning also told her about his fights with Lord Hudson from time to time.
If he told her about his fight with his best friend, he would tell Lord Hudson about his fight with her.
Maybe that’s the reason for the awkwardness between her and Lord Hudson.

“Neither do I like that you spend too much time with Sir Hudson.
Same thing today You asked to see a performance together to refuse Count Burns’ invitation.”

Still, Awning refused to let her see the performance with his friend.
But she was not even going to see a performance alone with Count Burns.
He invited the whole family, and her mother and Oliver readily agreed.
After all, what Awning asked was that she be home alone while he’s having fun with his friends and her family was out having fun.

“Do you really have to go to a show with me or Countess Burns? You can go with another friend.”

Awning said what he was silent about.
Between that and silence, maybe silence was better.

She asked back.

“You must see Lord Hudson, too? Can I see you with another friend?”

“Marcel and Count Burns are different!”

It was different just because Marcel was Awning’s best friend, and Count Burns had only recently become close to her family.
But if you looked at it that way, there was nothing like it in the world.
Just as she and Awning’s position was different.

She checked her watch and stood up.

“You are the one who is selfish, Awning Rencid.
I don’t want to forcibly find another friend to see the performance in order to accommodate your selfishness.”

“Can’t you just do for once what I ask?”

“It’s not just once.”

Don’t hang out with Earl Burns, don’t interfere with Lord Hudson playing alone.
See a show with other friends.
There were already three.

Wasn’t it selfish to call them one? She had no intention of talking to anyone who accused her of being selfish on a selfish subject.
Sometimes she had to go to the theater.


As she tried to back away, Awning quickly grabbed her wrist.
He said as he pulled her.

“What will people say if you are engaged and go to a show with another man?”

What? Was he threatening her now? She was dumbfounded and opened her mouth.
She had never done anything worthy of pointing the finger at Count Burns and her.
No, she didn’t do anything to raise suspicion from others.
Today’s performance was not just with Count Burns, but with the whole family.
She said, trying to pull her wrist out of his hand.

“Then what do you think people will say if you and your friend go to a show alone, and my family goes to a show with Count Burns, but I’m the only one left?”

Finally, Awning flinched.
Then, a black shadow intervened between them.

“Lady Biscon.”

She was startled by the familiar voice and raised her head.
But she had to raise it a little more to see Count Burns, that was there.
He looked at her and nodded his head in greeting.

“You are here early.”


At the same time, Awning’s scream rang out.
What? As she looked up in surprise, Awning held his hand with his fresh red face.
His wrist, to be exact.
Come to think of it, he let go of her wrist.
She was about to ask why, but only then did Count Burns say hello to him, as if he had found the awning.

“Lord Rencid was there.”

What? It seems that Awning’s scream was because of CountBurns, but she didn’t know why.
She looked at the two of them alternately with a frown on her brow, then quickly made a face.

“You, you, now…”

“Are you going to the show with Lady Biscon?”

Awning was about to say something, but Count Burns asked.
Huh? She didn’t know why he asked such a thing, so she shut her mouth.
To Count Burns’ question, Awning opened his mouth with his bright red face and said.

“I, I hear you invited her?”

“Then it seems you two met here by chance?”

This time it was a question directed at her.
She shook her head and said.

Awning also decided to watch the performance with his friend, so I was drinking tea for a while before going in.”

“Is that so?”

A look of surprise crossed Count Burns’ face.
He looked straight at Awning and asked.

“Watching the show alone with a friend and not with your fiancé?”

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