a look for you? Your position is not good.
Just give me two packs of cigarettes later.”

Yang Xiaolong smiled and said, “Thank you, Uncle Jing, I’m good.”

“You young people are so stubborn, not listening to the advice of your elders.
You’ll regret it later,” Jing Lao Er said jokingly.

Other people saw that he was determined, so they didn’t say anything else.
After all, it was their own net, and it was their freedom to choose the location to drop it, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to interfere too much.

In the blink of an eye, all five nets were dropped.
They didn’t say much when they dropped the first one, but as they continued to drop the nets, they felt that it was getting more and more absurd.
Most of them had been fishing for a decade or two, and they had never seen anyone surround five nets in a circle like this, especially in the open sea.
It was foolish to wait for fish to come to them like this.

Although the fishing nets were set up properly, there were still comments being made.
Even Jing Tian looked at him strangely.
She didn’t understand why they needed to fence off the fishing area.
After all, if they ended up with a loss, it would be two months of wasted effort.

At 3 am, all the crab cages were thrown into the water, with their positions marked.
Two crew members stayed on watch duty in the cabin, while the rest of the crew went to rest.

Back in the rest area, Jing Tian seemed a bit down.

“Are you having trouble understanding something?” Yang Xiaolong was the first to speak up.
Jing Tian didn’t say anything, but just nodded her head.

“Don’t worry, I won’t treat my own money carelessly.
You’ll see tomorrow,” he said before lying down on the cardboard to rest.

It is said that working in the water is not easy, and even Yang Xiaolong, who is not used to it, spent the whole night setting up the fishing nets.
He stopped and felt like his body was falling apart, with soreness and pain all over, especially his arms, which felt like they were filled with lead.

“Splash~ Crack~”

The sound of the waves crashing against the boat at night was so loud that it gave Yang Xiaolong a headache.
He tossed and turned all night, unable to sleep.
In contrast, Jing Tian slept soundly on her bunk bed.
Perhaps growing up by the sea had made her accustomed to the sound of the waves.

He remembered his first night in the dormitory when Liu Yufei’s snoring and teeth grinding kept him awake all night.
He even bought earplugs to help him sleep.
However, as time went on, he got used to the sound and sometimes couldn’t sleep without it.

After half an hour of tossing and turning, Yang Xiaolong’s stomach started to feel queasy again.
Since he couldn’t sleep anyway, he decided to put on his coat and go up to the deck to get some fresh air and clear his head.

The temperature difference on the sea at night is quite large.
During the day, it’s so hot that you wish you could take off your clothes, but at night, you need to wrap yourself up in a thick military coat and still feel a bit shivery.

He took out the fishing rod he brought with him.
It had been a long time since he last went night fishing.

Back in his hometown, whenever he had free time, he would go to some wild rivers with a few playmates from the village, armed with flashlights.
Sometimes they would squat there until midnight, especially on summer nights when the mosquitoes were so numerous that they could literally bite people to death.

When he came out today, he specifically bought some live bait from the old man Jing.
After a whole day, some of the fish in the bucket that were lively and jumping around had already flipped over with their bellies up.

He first hung the bait on two fishing rods and threw them down.
The tide had already started to recede, so he might be able to catch some big fish.

Blue Ring was busy all night and may be tired, so it was resting in a crevice among some rocks.
Yang Xiaolong didn’t disturb it again, just in case it gets too exhausted and something bad happens, he won’t even have time to cry.
As the saying goes, ‘Jiang Taigong goes fishing, willing ones take the bait.’
Yang Xiaolong decided to give it a try, even though he hadn’t caught a lot of fish before.

“Big Brother Long, why did you come here?” Jing Tian walked over with a drowsy expression and even yawned.

Suddenly there was a sound behind him, which startled him.
He thought she was sleepwalking.

Taking a deep breath, he realized that she was behaving normally and said, “Oh, I probably slept too much during the day and can’t fall asleep at night, so I came here to pass the time.”

Note: “Jiang Taigong fishing, willing to take the bait.” This is a famous Chinese proverb that means to attract people who are willing to be lured or fooled into doing something.
It comes from a story about Jiang Taigong, a legendary strategist in ancient China, who used his fishing skills to select the best candidates to become his military leaders.

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