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“I’m Yang Xiaolong,” Yang Xiaolong introduced himself.
They had set up a stall together before, but they hadn’t communicated much, so they didn’t know each other’s names.

“I’m Jing Tian,” the little girl introduced herself confidently.

“Hehe, you’re even a big star,” Yang Xiaolong joked.

Jing Tian smiled lightly, but didn’t say anything in response.

After chatting for a while, Yang Xiaolong explained his purpose for coming and mentioned that Liehuo village was a great choice for easy access to the sea, with a pier just a ten-minute walk away.

“We have a room for rent in our house.
Do you want to take a look?” Jing Tian offered.


Jing Tian was a local and only lived with her grandfather.
Her parents had gone out to sea a few years ago and unfortunately perished in a typhoon.
Their home happened to have an empty room available.

Yang Xiaolong followed her to her house, where he saw two tiled houses in front with a small courtyard in between.
Behind them was a two-story building with a sign reading “room for rent” posted on the glass window.

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