Fu Ping’An was a little confused at the moment.

She spent too much energy watching the chat screen before and was actually a little sleepy at the moment but when the Queen Mother came, she woke up again; when she woke up from sleepiness, her head was aching faintly but she was just trying hard to focus.
Still looking at the Queen Mother, she did not dare to be distracted.

Seeing that she didn't speak, the Queen Mother asked again, “Are you not used to sleeping?”

Fu Ping’An whispered,” It's too big here, I'm afraid.”

The Queen Mother seemed to be touched, and immediately reached out and hugged Fu Ping’An in her arms.
Fu Ping’An couldn't help frowning when the strong incense scent wafted through her nostrils, and buried her face in the empress dowager's arms in order to hide this expression.

The Queen Mother showed a satisfied smile and said in a soft and loving tone, “Auntie is here to accompany you, okay?”

Of course it’s not.

Although she thought so in her heart, as soon as she looked up, the barrage was filled with “good… good,” “quickly agree,” and “happy.” She smiled politely and said, “Okay.”

That's what she said.

The Queen Mother didn't take off her shoes and just held her in her arms and asked, “A Rong…
Do you miss your A-Niang?”

Fu Ping’An was shocked; thinking, she really asked.

Since the day before yesterday, Danmu and Azhi both said that the Queen Mother would ask this question, so Fu Ping’An was already prepared but the Queen Mother never asked it during the day.
She almost thought it was just a superfluous guess, but she didn't expect this question to appear so suddenly.

The lights were dim, the shadows of the two overlapped and dragged to the slate floor of the palace for a long time.
Fu Pingan thought of her mother, who was very strict and seldom hugged her so tenderly.
She was held in her mother's arms until the night after waking up in a daze.

I can't remember exactly, but all the children in the village have A-Niang…”

She still said that after all.

The barrage was jubilant——

 [Whether Wei and Jin: Well said]

 [Taro mashed bobo milk tea: completely correct]

 [Chang'an flower: great, little peace.]

But she couldn't help crying at last.
The tears were half for herself and half for her mother.
Her voice choked and she said: “Auntie, I want to have A-Niang too…”

The Queen Mother's eyes lit up and she immediately asked, “A Rong, can Auntie be your A-Niang?”

Fu Ping’An didn't know what extraordinary performance was, but she knew that if she wanted to be the emperor, she had to please the Queen Mother.
Although the Queen Mother was a terrible person, she was at least amiable to herself – but deep down she knew that all that was just because she might be the emperor.

She wants to be an emperor.

This idea was still a very vague concept when Bo Changshi first caught her in the back mountain, but what he has seen and heard along the way has continuously deepened this desire.

She wants to be an emperor.

Even if she still doesn't know what the Child of Heaven is.

The Queen Mother held her shoulders and wiped away her tears with her fingers.
Fu Ping’An was crying so fast that she almost passed away.
There was an unknown pain in her heart.
After many years, she would know that it was shame and shame.
Now she doesn't know, she only knows the pain, but her desire also wraps her up.

She cried and said, “Really, are you willing to be my A-Niang, I… I… but I know nothing; I'm stupid and thin; will my aunt like me?”

The lie was mixed with half the truth; it sounds believable and Fu Ping’An learned this truth without a teacher.

The Queen Mother was really moved; she showed her true feelings for a while and she said in a trembling voice,” God has blessed me to have another child.
When Li'er left, she looked as old as you…”


The two of them hugged each other and cried, looking sincere.

 [Taro mashed bobo milk tea: I feel that I may underestimate the anchor.]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: woo woo baby is really uncomfortable, baby, I can be your mother too.]

 [Insomnia day by day: Oh, I really can't watch this scene…
I'm offline…]

 [No matter Wei Jin: The anchor doesn't really believe the Queen Mother, right? Why am I a little worried? Recognize a thief as a mother? ]

Fu Ping’An  didn't see the barrage; she was about to get dizzy crying, hiccups while crying and her nose couldn't help flowing out; the Queen Mother saw it all at once, her sad expression suddenly became stiff and she raised her hand and beckoned to the door.
The palace servant, the palace servant hurriedly came over with a basin of water and a towel, and waited on the two to scrub.

The hot towel wiped her face and neck.
Fu Ping’An felt comfortable, but she was really sleepy.
She clutched the corner of the Queen Mother's clothes and slid it on the quilt, and quickly fell asleep.

And the Queen Mother looked at Fu Ping’An who was sleeping, showing a somewhat complicated expression.

The child was really a child, and after a few words, she coaxed her over.    

Earlier, she privately called Bo Mengshang, who had just been sentenced, and asked her, “What is the temperament of Duanrong's child?”

Ruzhu's temperament, she felt was too arrogant, so she let her take the position of Changshi first.

But this arrogant temperament is also good, that is, it is not easy to say a lie.

Bo Mengshang tried his best to concentrate, and said weakly for a while: “Your Highness has a good heart, pure nature, and is innocent.”

The Queen Mother was relieved.

Accepting a good-hearted stepchild is naturally better than having your own child.

Fu Ping’An was woken up the next day, and the palace maid called softly in her ear: “Your Highness, the Ritual Officer is here; you should get up.”

Fu Ping’An opened her eyes blankly, and saw that the sky was blue and gray outside the window.
It's not clear yet, but the Queen Mother is no longer there.

She slowly woke up and saw that the maid in front of her was the one from the Queen Mother's Palace, so she asked, “Where is Azhi?”

The maid smiled and said, “Azhi is watering the flowers outside, and this servant serves the same way.”

It's almost the same.
Fu Ping’An was served, put on clothes, cleaned her teeth and wiped her face.
The weather was hot, and there was a thin layer of sweat on her neck just after she put on her clothes, so she braided her hair again.
The servant put in some red and green agate beads, which looked much prettier.
Fu Ping’An was happy and asked her, “What's your name?”

“This slave's name is Qin He.”

At the door, I saw a row of people wearing crowns and official uniforms standing in the yard.
The leader who looked at her is in his fifties, his beard had turned white, and he looked at her seriously.

Fu Ping’An thought it was her fault for getting up late, and whispered, “I'm sorry.”

The ritual official was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “What did Your Highness say; this minister came to announce the decree in the name of the Queen Mother.”

So suddenly?

Fu Ping’An  hesitated for a moment, recalled what she had seen and heard in the past few days, and was about to kneel when someone pulled her up from behind, held her shoulders and told her to stand still.
The Empress Dowager's decree: It has been twenty-five years since the founding of Wei's country, and all the countries have pursued the achievements of the ghost and the army…
Emperor Wen's body is weak, and the relationship between his descendants is weak.
I am worried and anxious…

Fu Duanrong, the son of King Yong'an, is my son's cousin, my husband's nephew, and the grandson of the great ancestor.

Fu Ping’An didn't understand, she just wanted to scratch her ears and cheeks, but it seemed that it was too early, there was no one in the barrage, she was thinking about what posture to take to receive the decree, except for her and the ceremonial officer.
The people knelt on the ground again.

The official of ceremonies also bowed and held up the edict.
Fu Ping’An understood, and she hurriedly stepped forward to take the edict.
Now the official of rites knelt down on the ground, and everyone shouted together: “I see the crown prince, Your Highness.”

Fu Ping’An: “…oh…oh.”

She, she, she has become the crown prince?

 [Whether Wei Jin: No ceremony! You say everyone is exempt.]

 [No matter Wei Jin: My God, is it just me? Are the others not getting up?]

Finally someone appeared, Fu Ping’An seemed to have the backbone again, and said, “Everyone is excused, and get up.

The Ritual Officer got up and said to Fu Ping’An warmly, “It's time for the Prince to go to the Empress Dowager.” “

Fu Ping’An glanced at the barrage: “…It's hard work, sir, I…I'll go right over.”

The official said: “Her Royal Highness should call herself lonely.”

Fu Ping’An stared at him blankly.

Ritual Officer: “…Chen, please accompany Her Highness.”

The clothes I just put on have been changed again.
I have to change into the dresses and accessories brought by the ritual officials.
The inner clothes are dark red, and I put on a black robe embroidered with gold auspicious clouds and dragon patterns on the outside.
The wide belt was hung with jade ornaments, scooped shoes, and finally a crown.

The crown was made of gold and was extremely heavy.
As soon as Fu Pingan put it on, she felt that she could not straighten her neck.
Immediately on the side, two palace servants stood on the left and right to support her, put her on the carriage, and everyone went to Qianqiu Palace in a mighty manner.

The Qianqiu Palace was different from the last time when Fu Ping’An came.
This time, the doors of the main hall were all opened.
From the inside of the hall to the courtyard, there were a lot of palace attendants standing symmetrically in the center.
There were so many people, but there was no sound at all.
Even the birds on the tree stopped calling, probably scared away by so many people.

Fu Ping’An got off the chariot, and was quickly supported by the left and right.
For a while, she didn't know whether she was walking or was carrying her left and right.
In short, she quickly arrived at the door of the main hall, and when she reached the two palace servants, she let go of her hand.
One of them whispered: “Your Highness should go in by yourself.
Please kneel when you see the Queen Mother.”

Fu Ping’An saw it now, and none of the palace servants who were supporting her were familiar palace servants.
One was Qin He, and the other she did not know.
Yes, Xu was either sent by the Empress Dowager or it may have been brought by the Rites.

She looked back and saw Mammy, Azhi and the others watching her from a distance in the crowd.

She was inexplicably unhappy, but there were more important things in front of her, so she didn't think about it anymore and went in.

This time I was about to kneel.
Fu Ping’An knelt down and bowed.
Just as she was about to bow, the Queen Mother got up from her seat to support her and said lovingly, “My son, don't bow too much, take a rest first.”

The Queen Mother took her to the main seat she sat down on the seat next to her and gave her snacks and honey to drink.
After a while, a person dressed in the service of an internal official came hurriedly from outside the palace, and whispered in the ear of the Queen Mother: “The regent and the ministers have already arrived in Chaoyang Palace, the Ying Gou prince has already started to make trouble.”

The Queen Mother sneered: “Let them make trouble, the more trouble they make, the less I will take people out and see how they can do.”

After saying this, she glanced at Fu Ping’An.

Fu Ping’An licked the pastry powder at the corner of her mouth and stared at the cup wholeheartedly, as if she didn't hear it.


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