nything Lingxian wants to say to me?”

 [Insomnia: Lingxian is name?]

 [Changan Flower: Spirit? Envy? Ling Xian? ]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: Are there any words twists here? Spelling or something.]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: We didn't have it in ancient times, but later the name became very complicated, and all four characters are possible.]

The Prince Regent looked down at the Queen Mother.

This look looked impolite and even a little contemptuous, and for some reason, Fu Ping’An felt that the Prince Regent was also looking at her like this.

The empress dowager's face changed, her eyes that originally implied smugness became angry, and she raised her voice: “Isn't the prince Regent relying on his high power and unbelievable words?”

The Prince Regent raised her eyebrows and said, “Huh?”

What she said with a smile but not a smile: “Oh, yes, yesterday the minister broke the porcelain vase in the Empress Dowager's palace, isn't it the minister's fault?”

The Empress Dowager was even angrier, pointed at the Prince Regent and said, “You…!”

The Prince Regent slightly frowning, she said coldly: “What does the Queen Mother mean by pointing at the minister like this, it really makes the minister panic.
But she just asked the Queen Mother to bring Her Highness out.
My apology is actually unnecessary.
After I went back and thought about what happened yesterday, I already felt so regretful that I couldn't sleep at night.
I planned to come to the door in the morning to apologize, but the Queen Mother did not open the palace gate.
How is it?”

These words conveyed a yin and yang aura that even Fu Ping’An could hear.

The Queen Mother gritted her teeth: “Fu Lingxian, don't forget that you, the Regent, are still me…”

When she said this, she closed her voice as if thinking of something looked around and said, “I'm thinking…
The prince is young and has not changed her mind, and she may not be able to inherit the throne.
I will take over the administration until she is old enough, I think Lingxian must be the same, isn't it?”

 [Hebie Qingshan: Fu Lingxian?]

 [Insomnia day by day: Is this the name of the Regent?]

 [Hebei Qingshan: I always feel as if I have seen this name somewhere.]

 [Insomnia day by day: The universe is so big, and bumping names is also very common.]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: This scene is so delicate…]

The Prince Regent's lips moved slightly, and after a while he said, “That's natural, what an we say about this, do we have nothing to discuss?”

Someone took it and said: “The country has been without a monarch for a long time, and it is not good after all.”

At this time, a voice raised a loud voice and said: “Then stop arguing, first set the name, so that the date of enthronement can be quickly determined.”

This voice was familiar, seems to be the Ying Gou prince who has been mentioned by the Queen Mother before.

Fu Ping’An knew him.
When Emperor Gaozu founded his country, he sealed four princes.
They were loyal and steadfast.
They were all heroes who followed Gaozu to conquer the world.
Her father had the best relationship with the Ying Gou prince.
Drinking with the Ying Gou prince, don't know when not to drink.

Fu Ping’An secretly raised her eyes to look at him, but she didn't expect that the other party was also staring at her.
Seeing her, he suddenly glared at her with raised eyebrows, which startled Fu Ping’An.
She immediately hid behind the Queen Mother and grabbed hold of her the corners of her skirt.

The Queen Mother smiled and said, “Look at this child, she is too timid.”

An old man with a long beard and a long beard in court clothes said, “Your Highness is young and has never seen strangers, so it is normal that you are not used to it for a while.
The Queen Mother is a relative of Her Highness, and Her Highness is naturally closer to the Queen Mother.”

The Queen Mother was really satisfied when she heard the words, and said: “Don't talk about these; I have brought the seal and stamp.
Duan Rong will be the prince from today.
As for the date of her enthronement, let's set it quickly.”

 [Insomnia day by day: dignified, may be accommodating.]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: the name is so nice!]

“According to the ceremony, the Crown Prince should be sealed by the Great Sima in front of the late emperor's spirit…”

“Cough… cough.” The Queen Mother coughed twice.

Someone then added: “The Crown Prince was adopted by Emperor Xiaowen.
If you say that you should go to Emperor Xiaowen's spiritual life, but the first emperor, Emperor Xiaohui, just passed away, this is not appropriate, and it is okay to keep everything simple.”

The Queen Mother is the wife of Emperor Xiaowen and the mother of Emperor Xiaohui.
It is time for the empress to decide the Crown Prince.
It is good that the ministers and colleagues can bear witness.
The most important thing next is to hurry up and prepare for the enthronement ceremony.

“The time is urgent, so it should be okay.
Although the ceremony needs to be prepared earlier, it is inevitable that there will be omissions.
It is really unnecessary to spend time on the canonization of the Crown Prince.”

“What is the Regent? What do you mean?”

After a few words, everyone seemed to have something very important to say.
Fu Ping’An sat next to the Queen Mother, listening to people and watching the barrage, almost schizophrenic, and only remembered the Familiar people present.

She had a question in her heart, that is, why Bo Changshi is not here, is it because the injury has not healed yet?

Her eyes fell on the face of the Prince Ying Gou again.
This time the other party made a face at her.
He was obviously an old man with a beard, but he winked at her.
Fu Ping’An couldn't help laughing, but just as she covered her mouth and snickered, he glanced at her.
The Prince Regent was looking at her; she smiled again, and buried her face in the arms of the Queen Mother.

The Regent frowned at this.

Fu Ping’An didn't see it, but the “audience” saw it, and immediately began to discuss—

 [Wang Ami, Queen of Out-of-tune: The Regent is jealous.]

 [Insomnia day by day: what nonsense.]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: I'm probably just worried that the emperor will become Queen Mother’s in the future.]

 [Ping An baby is really cute: the baby is so cute~like a little hamster~]

 [No matter what time of Wei and Jin: what time is the enthronement, you have to come early.]

After the ministers dispersed this afternoon, the Tai Shi ordered astrology to turn over the calendar, and soon set an auspicious day.
I thought that this auspicious day was also based on people's wishes, and the enthronement will be two days later.

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