ntioning this matter, but now the Queen Mother seems to be so entangled in trifles that she forgot about it.

Another time, Fu Ping’An was pouring tea for the Queen Mother, but the Queen Mother suddenly said: “Is there anyone in the court that gave advice to you?”

Fu Ping’An tried hard to restrain the urge to shake her hands, and made a surprised expression: “Instructions? What does the word mean?”

Later, the barrage said——

 [Potato Milk Tea: A perfect acting skill that deserves an award.]

 [Regardless of Wei and Jin: It really is the environment that makes people.]

Time is moving fast in this tense rhythm, and in a blink of an eye it is a few days before the birthday.

That night, Fu Ping’An couldn't sleep, and was tossing and turning on the bed, when she suddenly said in the barrage—

 [Want to see the moon: Your birthday is fifteen, so the moon must be very round these days, right? I want to see the moon, okay? ]

 [Mo Yuzi: Show him, he doesn't have a moon there, it's so pitiful.]

 [Insomnia day by day: How can I show you something for free? Give me a gift.]

 [Cun: Are you really a person who suffers from insomnia every day?]

 [Want to see the moon give you a lucky rocket]

Fu Ping’An now knows the function of the gift, the gift will be converted into points, and the points can be exchanged for things in the mall.
Thank you for the gift under the education of the barrage.

She said softly: “Thank you for the lucky rocket who wants to see the moon…but I want to see if the accompanying palace attendants are asleep.”

In the past, all the attendants were Ah Zhi, but today Ah Zhi said that she was not feeling well, so she went back to rest , the one accompanying him was Ah Qing.

Ah Qing is a careless ghost, who sleeps until dawn, and will not wake up easily.
Fu Ping’An is a little lucky that Ah Qing is accompanying him tonight, and walks out lightly.
As expected, Ah Qing did not wake up and she went to the yard.

The moonlight poured down on the ground like running water, making the ground appear a kind of translucent white like white jade, and the shadows dragged and dragged on the ground, like ink marks randomly drawn on white paper.

The outside was as bright as a lamp.
In order not to make a sound, Fu Ping’An walked barefoot on the ground, feeling a little coolness on the soles of his feet.

She still remembered her mission, and was about to look up at the sky when she saw Princess Yunping sitting on a stone pier under the osmanthus tree in the courtyard with her knees wrapped around her bare feet, staring at the sky in a daze.

She was wearing white underwear, her hair was loose, and her whole body was whitened by the moonlight, showing an illusory sense of transparency, like a ghost, staring at the sky in a daze.

Her eyes were healed, but her eyes were shedding tears against the wind, and now she was used to squinting her eyes, and when she heard footsteps, she looked over, squinting her eyes slightly, like a vigilant civet cat.

Fu Ping’An approached and muttered: “It looks more like looking down on people now.”

Princess Yunping rolled her eyes: “Where do I look down on people?”

Fu Ping’An sat next to her: “It's the first time I saw you, I think you look down on me.”

Princess Yunping said: “Why should I look down on you, you are the emperor, how dare I look down on you?”

Fu Ping’An sat on another stone pier, and also looked up at the sky.

 [Want to see the moon: The moonlight is so beautiful.]

 [Insomnia day by day: Although we have a moon here, it is seriously polluted and not so beautiful.]

“You must look down on me, tell me, why.”

In the quiet night, the moonlight was gentle, only insects chirping and katydids leaping like a story.

Older children love to tell scary ghost stories, although now that I think about it, those stories are full of holes.

Folktales, left and right are just stories of karma.
At that time, she was terrified by the ghosts in the ghost stories, but now she has to pretend to be calm and face the fact that people are dying everywhere.

A few days ago, she listened to the private discussions of the palace people, saying that more than 20 palace servants of the Empress Dowager had died.
Fu Ping’An counted on her fingers, and calculated that from the day of the solar eclipse, almost one died every day.

I was a little scared when I heard the screams at first, but now I'm used to it.

But tonight she wanted to forget about that for a while.

Princess Yunping was a little stunned.
This was because she felt a little different when she heard that Fu Ping’An did not call herself “Zhen”.
Perhaps it was because of the feeling that Fu Ping’An put her on an equal footing.

She reciprocated, and was willing to say something from her heart.
After thinking about it, she said: “At that time, I was not very happy.
I felt like an object and was placed in the palace because of its function…
The first time I saw you, I felt you are nothing special, you were really thin back then, didn’t you have enough to eat before you entered the palace?”

Fu Ping’An nodded honestly: “It’s because I didn’t have enough to eat.”

Princess Yunping said: “Then I’m fine, my mother was still alive before.
She was also very kind to me when I was there.”

There was a sudden silence.

In fact, Fu Ping’An had always had doubts in her heart, but she didn't have the nerve to ask.
She was silent for too long, and finally she couldn't help but say, “So why did you say the Regent…”

 [Insomnia every day: How can you ask this at a time like this? Do you have emotional intelligence? ]

Although Fu Ping’An was scolded, Princess Yunping replied: “My father was Fu Lingxian's personal soldier.
At that time…someone in the court said that Fu Lingxian was going to rebel.
Xian didn't know about it, and then she was killed.
My mother was not in good health, and soon she became depressed and passed away.
My younger brother also fell ill.
At that time, everyone was sick, and I didn't know what the disease was.
I can't survive.”

Her voice was unexpectedly calm.

 [I really want to see the moon: malaria or cholera are both possible.]

Fu Ping’An hesitated to speak.

At that time, she heard Princess Yunping's sad words, and thought it was the Regent who had done something to her family, but now it sounds like it has nothing to do with the Regent.

But even if it was her, she knew that she couldn't say it, so she thought about it and asked again—

“Is the rebellion true?”

Princess Yunping glanced at her, as if she was looking at a fool, “How do I know? I wasn't there, and what I said just now was inquired after entering the mansion.”

After thinking about it, Fu Pingan still felt that it was unreasonable for Princess Yunping to hate the Regent so much.
Suddenly there was someone knocking on the door outside, bang bang bang bang, it sounded loudly in the middle of the night, as if hitting people's hearts one after another.

Soon someone from the palace came out of the room and saw Fu Ping’An and Princess Yunping.
They were surprised and said, “Why aren't your majesty and the princess asleep?”

After saying this, she remembered to salute and was about to kneel down when Fu Ping’An said, “Excuse me, open the door first.”

The man opened the palace door, but saw Qin He rushing in, seeing Fu Ping’An, his eyes lit up, and he rushed to him immediately, panting: “Your Majesty, go to Qianqiu Palace quickly, or else A Zhi is going to die!”

Fu Ping’An suddenly stood up from the stone pier, and hurriedly said: “What's going on?”

Qin He swallowed: “You go there first, wait a minute, this servant will help you get a coat.”

Fu Ping’An ignored the fact that she only wore her underwear, and immediately rushed out of the palace gate.
After a few steps, she saw bright lights on the palace road, and a group of people holding torches escorted two thin figures.
Fu Ping’An walked up to him and saw that it was Ah Zhi, with disheveled hair and disheveled clothes, but she didn't recognize the other one, he could only be seen as a young palace guard.

 [I really want to see the moon: Adultery?]

 [Insomnia every day: Ah Zhi? This is impossible, how can she have time to have an affair with the victim? Wait, did she try to spread the news and was discovered? It's over, the old witch is going to kill her.]

Fu Ping’An's brain was confused, and she stretched out her hand to stop her, but someone in the palace supported her, and said in a low voice: “Your Majesty? Why haven't you fallen asleep yet?”

Fu Ping’An said, “This…
this is a maid in my palace.
Are you tied up?”

The palace man frowned slightly: “A few days ago, there was news leaked in the womb, and the Queen Mother ordered a strict investigation of the palace ban, and the two were found to have a private meeting in the garden at midnight…”

Fu Ping’An said: “It means that they have private affairs love?”

The palace man was stunned: “Where did your Majesty hear this word?”

A Zhi seemed to have heard it too, raised her head slightly, glanced at Fu Ping’An, and immediately lowered her head again.

Qianqiu Palace was also waiting in full force.
As soon as Fu Ping’An entered the courtyard, she saw the Empress Dowager in the crowd, sitting in the center with a blank expression, like a majestic statue.

Fu Ping’An hurried forward, hugged the Queen Mother's arm, and said: “Mother, let her go, she must not have done it on purpose.”

Said: “Your Majesty said it's…
an affair…”

The Queen Mother raised her eyebrows, glanced at Fu Ping’An, but said: “They are all mediocre, what kind of affair can there be?”

No matter how you look at it, it's all meticulous work.

What the Empress Dowager insists on now is that she would rather kill by mistake than let it go.

As soon as the words were finished, there was a sudden commotion in the crowd.
The expressions of the two leading guards in front changed drastically, and they suddenly started to retreat.
They retreated to the corner and pointed at Azhi and said, “She…she is Dikun.”

Azhi knelt on the ground, her face was pale, and her hair was soaked in sweat, plastered to her cheeks, making her look as if she had just been fished out of the water.

The young guard beside her also looked wrong, his face was flushed, and he suddenly struggled.

The palace man said anxiously: “They are the heavenly stem and the earthly kun, and it seems that the trust period is approaching.”

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