e, and said, “Go away, don't overhear us.”

But the attendant said, “If you are far away, I'm afraid you won't be able to protect the nobleman in time.”

He said so while looking around the room, there was only one maid in the room, who was kneeling on the ground and saluting, but the room was dark and she couldn't see her appearance.

Princess Yunping scolded him: “What are you looking at?”

The attendant said: “Don't worry, the princess, the little one will protect you at the door.”

Princess Yunping snorted angrily, walked into the room without saying anything, and closed the door against him heavily.

Because of the cold weather, thick felt curtains were added to the doors and windows, so after closing the door, the room was darker, and the light from the gaps in the curtains was not enough for lighting.
There were also a few copper lamps in the room, and hot tea was burned on the stove., the maid served tea to Fu Ping’An, Fu Ping’An took it, and was about to drink it when she saw the bullet screen and said——

 [Mu Chenjun: This maid looks a little strange.]

 [Molin kaza: It's strange, take another look.]

Fu Ping’An put down the teacup and looked at the maid.
The maid lowered her head and could only see the top of her black hair and some white skin—speaking of it, the skin was abnormally white, as if it had been powdered.

Fu Ping’An said: “You raise your head.”

As soon as the words fell, the maid hadn't said anything yet, and Princess Yunping burst out laughing.

Fu Ping’An's puzzled expression turned into panic when the maid raised her head.
It was not the face of a young maid at all, but an old man; who could tell his age.

Still an old man.

 [Dong Yu: Oh, my mother scared me.]

Fu Ping’An stayed where she was.

 [Fish fans: Tian Yan?]

This barrage brought Fu Ping’An back to her senses.
When she saw the old man in front of her, although he was wearing ridiculous makeup, he looked at her with a smile, and his eyes were kind.
Somehow, there was a touch of intimacy in her heart.
She immediately restrained her expression, and said in a low voice: “Lord Tian?”

The other party nodded.

 [Insomnia day by day: …
a monster, it's a monster.]

 [Whether Wei Jin: You can't say that; he is hardworking.]

 [Taro Bobo Milk Tea: I thought it was that kind of old pedant, but it turned out to be so open-minded.]

Tian Yan was stared at by Fu Ping’An for a long time, and he felt a little uncomfortable.
He wanted to reach out and touch his beard, but in vain, he remembered that he had already shaved his beard.

Alas, for the sake of big things, we can only be informal.
Fu Ping’An also found out, and immediately bowed and saluted, saying: “Mr.
Tian has paid a lot.”

Tian Yan smiled and said: “It's okay.”

Because they were worried that people outside would hear it, the two voices were very quiet.
At this time, Princess Yunping stepped aside and started playing the piano.
The sound of the piano gradually increased, overwhelming their voices.

Tian Yan looked Fu Ping’An up and down, with a look of relief on his face: “Your Majesty looks very good, like Mother Xiao.”

With just this sentence, Fu Ping’An's throat rolled, her nasal cavity was sore, and she was about to cry.

She has not thought of her mother for a long time.

When she first entered the palace, she often thought of her parents, but then everything in life became more and more overwhelming for her.
She was driven forward like a cow being whipped, and she didn't even stop to think about the past time.
All the things gone.

The faces of her father and mother began to blur in her mind, and now she needed to think very hard to remember what they looked like.

But Tian Bin's words made the image in her mind suddenly clear.
She looks a bit like her mother, especially in her eyebrows and eyes.

“Tian Gong…” She wanted to call her uncle, but for some reason, she didn't.

Tian Bin said: “How dare Your Majesty call me that, the old man is terrified; Your Majesty just calls him old man.”

Fu Ping’An said: “Although I saw Mr.
Tian for the first time today, Mr.
Tian has helped me a lot.
If it weren't for Chen Yan and Ah Zhi, I don’t know what the situation today would be.”

Tian Bin sat on his knees and said solemnly: “Your Majesty has done well enough, or rather, it was unexpectedly good.
It can be said that she is very talented and intelligent.

Fu Ping’An was a little embarrassed by the praise, and said weakly: “No…”

Tian Yan put away his smile when he heard the words, and said with a serious face: “If you are a king, why should you be too humble, Your Majesty is smart, you are a person of the world blessing.”

 [Peace is a blessing: Praise the group leader.]

 [Baby Ping'an is so cute: You're right, boast more.]

 [I really want to see the moon: the initiative is in his hands.]

Ping’An was taken aback by these words.
She was a little awkward at first as if she didn't need to take the initiative in everything, and the other party was just praising her.

But she suddenly remembered that when she first entered the palace, it was because of this idea that she made Qin He master the Jingui Palace step by step.

Qin He is a slave, so she can take back this power at any time, but what about a courtier? What about relatives?

Fu Ping’An came to her senses, separated from the admiration she felt when she first saw her relatives and looked at Tian Yin again.

“Tian Gong is right, so stop gossiping.
I have to see Tian Gong today.
I wonder if Tian Gong has anything to tell me?”

Her gaze returned to calmness, which surprised Tian Bin.

He was going to ask Fu Ping’An directly if she wanted to know the way to break the situation, but now he changed his mind slightly, and the words he said became: “Your Majesty understands the current situation in the court.”

This is an itchy question, simple for me, this knowledge point is just learned.

Fu Ping’An said: “It's been almost three years since I entered the palace, and everyone who should know it already knows…
Even half a year ago, the Queen Mother was strong and the Regent King was weak; but now the Regent holds military power, and the Queen Mother is finding it difficult to shake it off.
Civil servants are controlled by the Queen Mother, but the military officer must listen to the Regent, but now the situation has changed a little…”

Fu Ping’An talked eloquently, but she couldn't stop talking.
Tian Bin became more and more frightened the more he listened, and he immediately he thought of Bo Mengshang, but in his opinion, even if Bo Mengshang herself came, she might not be able to say what Her Majesty said.

Has anyone else contacted Her Majesty?

After thinking about it, Tian Yu felt that it was wrong.
The Queen Mother and the Regent should not be so careless.

That is…

He looked at the eleven-year-old child in front of him, and quickly concluded——

Her Majesty is a genius.

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