During the Shangsi Festival, Bo Mengshang met Azhi.

Mo Chun, the spring clothes are ready, and it is a good time to go out to enjoy the flowers and banquets.
On the banks of the Yongshui River, Bo Mengshang met Azhi and took a bundle of satin wrapped in cloth, and walked by the river.

She went up to say hello, Ah Zhi nodded and smiled, and when Bo Mengshang saw the dress in her hand, her heart moved inexplicably, thinking, is this the wedding dress she is going to make?

In the past year, Bo Mengshang met Ah Zhi three times.
Every time she came, besides bringing some news, she would also ask how Her Majesty was doing.
If Her Majesty was doing well, she would smile.
She didn't eat well, so she looked sad.

Bo Mengshang suspected that A Zhi admired Her Majesty, but recalling Her Majesty's young appearance, she felt that she should not.

Unknowingly, she always thought of this matter, and then realized belatedly that she had already put this woman in her heart.

It happened that her parents were always urging her to get married, so she said that she was interested in Miss Sun's family.
After her mother went to inquire, she was not very happy.
Not a big family, but just a merchant.

If the folks could get a Dikun who was released from the palace, they would naturally be overjoyed, but Bo Mengshang is young and promising, and she is perfectly suitable for Miss Everyone, why choose such an unknown person?

Seeing her resoluteness, my mother was anxious, so she went to ask, but when she came back, she only said that Miss Sun was engaged.

Bo Mengshang was somewhat disappointed, but the loss was vague and not particularly clear.
When she met her by the Yongshui River, her heart ached, and Bo Mengshang began to regret it.

“Is Miss Sun going to make new clothes?” She couldn't help asking.

Azhi nodded and smiled: “Exactly, I'm leaving home soon, so I'll make some clothes.”

Bo Mengshang said: “…
Then congratulations in advance.”

If you want to leave home and go somewhere else, don't you just want to get married and live in someone else's home What do you mean, from this point of view, a good thing is indeed approaching?

Azhi raised her face and looked at her, her eyes were slightly rippling, as moving as this spring water, she smiled brightly: “Well, I will ask for your advice in the future.”

The sentence was a bit strange, and she soon felt that it was probably just small talk; after all, if Ah Zhi was married, it would be impossible to easily come to her, pass on news, or discuss political affairs.

What's more, now that Her Majesty has some freedom, they don't need to be so cautious.

There are trees in the south, which is unstoppable.
There are wandering women in the Han Dynasty, which cannot be thought of.

Such a beautiful woman, but she still missed it after all.

In fact, until this morning, Bo Mengshang still sighed for a long time before going out, so when she saw Azhi at this time, she was in a daze.

Azhi, who was wearing the official costume, looked a little different from before.
At first, Bo Mengshang wondered if she was hallucinating, but when her eyes met, the other party smiled at her.

It's Aji!

Isn't Ah Zhi Dikun? How did she become an internal officer?

Bo Mengshang's mind was in a mess, but at this moment someone asked her: “…What does Taifu Bo think?”

“Taifu Bo?” Prime Minister Fang Zicong looked at her.

Bo Mengshang came back to her senses, looked around, and saw that everyone was looking at her, so she could only say in embarrassment: “I…
Seeing today's grand scene, although I didn't drink, I seemed a little drunk, and I didn't hear what your lord said.”

Fang Zicong looked dissatisfied, but Her Majesty smiled and said: “That's right, today is a feast, so let's not talk about these serious things, the spring is just right, why not enjoy the scenery and enjoy the music, I heard that the Yuefu specially composed a new song for today, I don't know when to play it.”

The newly appointed Zongzheng Fu Zheng said: “If your Majesty wants to listen, you can play it now.”

After finishing speaking, he clapped his hands, called his attendants, and said a few words.

The attendant ran away from the trot, and soon the sound of the drum gradually rose, as if coming from all directions, attracting everyone's attention, and soon the rhythmic drum sound gradually died down, and the melodious sound of the zither filled the water pavilion like flowing water.

Everyone ate snacks and chatted.
When the auspicious time came, the music paused and the banquet began.
Tai Chang first read out a statement, after which everyone shouted long live, then Her Majesty gave wine, everyone drank together, sat down, and then served the banquet.

Fu Ping’An didn't drink alcohol.
Although the wine here was collectively despised by the barrage, and it was difficult to get drunk even if the wine was less than ten degrees, the barrage still prohibited her from drinking underage and threatened her.
If the underage drinks the live broadcast room may be shut down.

But, Fu Ping’An doesn't like drinking, she thinks the wine is bitter and spicy, and it's not something good to drink at all, she prefers something like honey water, brown sugar water, or Tianjiu Niang can be accepted a little bit.

She was the emperor, and she was still young, so no one asked her to drink alcohol, but drinking honey water on such an occasion seemed a little too childish, so she drank tea with orange peel and red dates.

She took a sip and looked at Fu Lingxian.
Seeing that Fu Lingxian had only taken a sip, she asked with concern: “Aunt Huang is the drink not to your liking?”

She put down the wine glass and say: “Naturally, it's a good wine, but I have to listen to the scholars discussing the scriptures and writing Fu afterward, and it's not good to drink too much?”

Fu Ping’An said: “The emperor's aunt will still have such a don’t worry, I heard that my aunt never gets drunk after drinking a thousand cups.”

 [Insomnia day by day: I won't get drunk even with this low-alcohol drink.]

 [Chang'an Hua: But you will be overwhelmed.]

Fu Lingxian: “It's just that the soldiers are exaggerating.”

Fu Ping’An said eagerly again: “Auntie, taste the bear's paw, I heard it is a great tonic.

 [Sword and Thought: Bears in ancient times should not be cute, and it’s not Xiong Da Xiong Er.]

Fu Ping’An pursed his lips, as if she had made up her mind for a while, leaned over, and said in a low voice: “Aunt Huang, I know about the Queen Mother, there have been rumors inside and outside the court, but you must also know that these rumors are not credible.
Naturally, Fu

Lingxian could only pretend to be stupid: “I have never heard any rumors before.”

Fu Ping’An looked at her steadily, with a bit of sadness in her eyes, as if to say——why are you acting stupid to me?

Fu Lingxian is not good at this kind of thing.

Before coming, Yan Yu had warned her that no matter what Her Majesty said, don't believe it, but it is indeed too difficult for Her Majesty to look at her like this and still not waver in her heart.

Fu Ping’An looked at her for a while, nodded as if understanding, and sighed again: “I know that there are many rumors about the emperor's aunt, and I'm all of them if you don't believe me, even if it's Tian…”

She suddenly fell silent, and glanced at Tian Bin with vigilance in her eyes, and then she looked at Fu Lingxian and said with a smile: “I am very relieved to leave the military and political affairs to the emperor's aunt.
I am not familiar with political affairs now, just when I need the imperial aunt…”

Her voice was lowered in the next words: “Although I use the Tian family now, it is really to suppress the Bo family.
Is it really because of Prince Jin's son that there is poison in the daily sacrificial wine? “

Your Majesty looked at her sadly, like a frail deer: “I heard…it's actually the queen mother…”

Fu Ling Xian’s heart skipped a beat, and she blurted out: “How did Your Majesty know?”

The tone didn't look like surprise, but more like determination.

Fu Ping’An was also shocked, but she didn't show it, and said sadly: “Of course, someone told me, so I…
why did the queen mother treat me like this? Woolen cloth? That's why I want to chase after my mother…”

This was completely discussed with the barrage in advance, Fu Ping’An thought about it yesterday, and today she will bring up the matter of poisoned alcohol again, and push it all to the Queen Mother.

That's it, if the poison was poisoned by Fu Lingxian, the other party would take it lightly.

Of course, no matter whether the poison was poisoned by Fu Lingxian or not, the other party would be glad that this matter could be pushed to someone else at this time, and if Fu Lingxian also If it is shown that the poison was poisoned by the queen mother, then it will be more logical to deal with the Bo family by herself.

However, the matter is further than she thought.
Fu Lingxian seems to know that the poison was poisoned by the queen mother.

Is it acting? Or unexpected and blurt it out?

Barrages are more inclined to blurt out.

 [Taro milk tea: The regent has been in a high position for a long time, and it seems that she is not a person who is good at acting.]

[I really want to see the moon: From my point of view, she knows the truth and was cheated Came out.]

 [One mind and one mind: It's the queen mother again! Why is the queen mother doing all the bad things? ]

 [Insomnia every day: So what good is the regent? At that time, she was willing to hide it for the Queen Mother.
Could it be that the two reached some agreement? ]

Fu Ping’An was also a little worried about this.
She pretended to be nonchalant: “Did the imperial aunt know about this before?” I was just surprised, I didn't expect the queen mother to act like this—could it be a mistake, do you want to check again?”

Fu Ping’An smirked and said: “It's not that I don't have doubts, after all, at that time, even the emperor's aunt I didn't find out.”

Fu Lingxian didn't know what to say and took a sip of her wine in embarrassment.

She heard Her Majesty say again: “Actually, think about it carefully, who else can there be besides the Queen Mother?”

Fu Lingxian said: “It's my minister who is incompetent, if the Queen Mother is the one who poisoned her, and then…the minister cannot escape the blame.”

She heard Her Majesty's implication, besides the queen mother, she is the only one left.

She sighed inwardly.

This poison is most likely caused by the Queen Mother.

She found out about this matter back then, and the clue was cut off halfway, but it was not bad.

But the Empress Dowager was in full power back then, so what if it was found out? The Queen Mother can say that Your Majesty is not in line with God's will, and then choose the one she likes.

She went to question the queen mother, but she didn't know what to do, she was just a paper tiger, and the only thing she could do was threaten her, if it happened again, she would never be kind.

The Queen Mother seemed to have changed her mind at that time, and said bluntly: “Your Majesty cannot be poisoned again.”

This matter is even more complicated today.
If Her Majesty pursues it, no one will be kind.

Looking down at the wine in the glass, she vaguely recalled killing enemies on the battlefield when she was young, the dust rose and the blade fell.

She likes this crisp and neat feeling, and the maneuvers in the hall annoy her.

So bored that she wanted to end it all.

Her forehead was throbbing; she drank the wine, and heard Her Majesty say, “So forget it.”

Fu Lingxian: “…What?”

She looked up at Her Majesty.

Her Majesty's small face is like that of a raccoon slave who has not yet grown up.
The eyes are round and bright on the face.
Those eyes are undoubtedly intelligent, but they seem to have never been hostile.

Even in the most dangerous time in the palace, the other party looked at her with clear eyes, only a little envious.

Today, it still looks like this.

“So forget it, I don't want to pursue this matter anymore, it's just that the queen mother makes me sad, but I know that the emperor's aunt won't, isn't it the emperor's aunt who protected me from the mother's hands back then?” she raised her glass, and said softly: “I will toast the emperor's aunt again.”

The regent held the glass with complicated emotions.

Her Majesty's series of expressions and words just now seem to be saying that she is now controlled by Tian Shi, and she still believes in herself more.

Your Majesty must be lying, is she acting?

But deep down in her heart, she just felt that it would be great if it was true.

As Yan Yan said, once you have such luck in your heart, you will not be firm enough to act.

She drank the wine and blurted out: “Now that Your Majesty can handle political affairs, it's time for me to resign from the position of Regent…”

As soon as the words fell, both sides fell silent.

Then the four eyes met and all smiled.

“I still need the emperor's aunt to escort me.”

“The minister has no choice but to continue to do her best…”

If you lose power, there are many lessons learned from the past, even in front of you, there is also the Queen Mother as an example.

The turbulent atmosphere was interrupted by the sound of drums.
Now that everyone was a little full and had a bit of a drink, Taichang announced the next event, Xing Yaling.

Fu Ping’An was asked if she would like to be the first order, Fu Ping’An nodded.
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Fu Ping’An took the silk and wrote two words on it – “Spring Sorrow”.


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