She ran to the shore, trying to hide behind the willows, but made a half-circle, and was caught just as she was about to reach her destination.

The one who grabbed her was Peng Yu, the captain of the imperial army, and the youngest son of Peng Ling, the eunuch.
He knew what kind of temperament Luo Qionghua was, so he grabbed her by the collar and said, “Why, where do you want to go?”

Luo Qionghua pleaded: “Why don't you let me go, I'm sure there will be benefits for you in the future?”

What benefits?”

“I, I have a piece of good pine ink.”

“Are you kidding me? When did you meet? I read and write?”

“Okay then, how about I help you get that horse you saw last time?”

Peng Yu was about to speak when a voice asked, “What are you doing?

“Didn't see who was coming, so he howled at the top of his voice: “My lord, save me!”

Peng Yu immediately let go of his hand, not only letting go but also knelt on the ground: “See the regent.”

Luo Qiong Hua: “…”

Huh? So “lucky”?

She lowered her head and raised her eyes slightly, and saw that the person was tall and slender, wearing a black robe with a green belt around her waist.
This robe was not the elegant style that is fashionable today but fit it well, revealing a pair of black shoes.

Looking up, I saw the face, and it was indeed the Prince Regent.
The other party frowned and looked at Luo Qionghua, and said for a while, “You are…
you are the daughter of Luo Xiang.”

It is very impressive, and the source of this impression is very embarrassing, because the daughter was not born looking like either Luo Xiang or Mrs.
Chang, so some people gossip that this daughter is not his own.

At that time, Fu Lingxian was still young, hadn't gone to the border, and was just doing nothing to feast and hunt all day long, so he also heard the rumor and was coaxed to take a peek at Miss Luo.

But what he saw was a doll whose hair hadn't even grown.
It could only be said that the eyes were bigger and the skin was whiter.
Fu Lingxian couldn't remember what it looked like.

Later, Luo Xiang got angry and took out the family tree to say that his grandfather's grandfather had married a Hu man's wife, and his daughter just returned to his ancestors, so everyone stopped.

Then she saw her a few times, and every time the Regent saw her, she couldn't help but think of the mischievous days when she was young, and unconsciously remembered Miss Luo's appearance.

When she was a child, she looked like a barbarian, but now she doesn't look like that anymore, and looks more like a Han, but with a more pointed nose and deeper eye sockets.

Seeing that the regent knew Luo Qionghua, Peng Yu hurriedly said: “Yes, this is the daughter of the Duke of England.
We have known each other since we were young, and the humble job is playing with her.” The regent looked at Luo Qionghua suspiciously: “You, why are you here?”

Luo Qionghua bowed, and said confidently: “I'm lost.”

The Regent: “…”

It's really difficult to get lost here, after all, as long as you look up a little, you won't be able to tell.
The reason for not knowing the direction.

Luo Qionghua said: “I want to find a place to do business.”

The regent sighed: “Then you should find a nearby waiter, why did you come here?”

Luo Qionghua kicked the stone on the ground: “Go I'm wrong, I'll just go back.”

After saying that, she turned her head and left, and the regent said, “Wait a minute, you…what's your name?”

She pointed at Peng Yu.

“Peng Yu is a humble job.”

“Peng Yu, you send her back…don't let her get lost again.”

Luo Qionghua felt annoyed, thinking to herself, she's meddling in her own business.

But in the end, she was taken back by Peng Yu.
Fu Lingxian watched their backs disappear, and was stunned for a while.
She inevitably thought of her teenage years.
Too many scruples, for a long time, everyone will still be friends with each other and can gag at the beginning.

When did things start to change?

Just as she was thinking, she heard footsteps, looked back, and saw that Her Majesty was being supported by someone.

“I saw the emperor's aunt contemplating here from a distance.
I wonder if she is brewing a masterpiece?”

Her Majesty was smiling, walking slowly, with a pink face and peach cheeks, wrapped in white fox fur, fainting like a pearl.

It was because the lake was filled with water vapor and it was a bit damp and cold.
Fu Ping’An began to feel cold, so he put on fox fur, but when she put on the fox fur, she became hot again.

But after all, she was thinking about exchanging feelings with Fu Lingxian, so she followed her.
She seemed to be talking to someone from a distance, but when she came over, she was the only one she saw.

Fu Lingxian said: “I have little talent and little learning, so I have a headache.”

Fu Ping’An said with a smile: “If you and I write poems, they are just making up the numbers.
Can we win the top spot? It doesn't matter if we don't write poems.”

Fu Lingxian also smiled after hearing this: “Yes.”

Everyone praised her for being both civil and military, usually, it made her feel burdened, but today's words from Her Majesty made her relax.
Take a breath.

Then she also found that, except for Her Majesty, probably no one dared to say such things to her.

While speaking, the music had come to an end, and everyone returned to the waterside pavilion, Fu Pingan returned to his seat, and the music gradually died down, like misty waves, swaying into the distance.

The poems and essays of the scholars were quickly collected, and they were piled up on the ground of the water pavilion.
The ministers picked them up to comment, and Fu Pingan also picked up a few copies to look at.

She originally wanted to hold this banquet, but she just wanted to gain fame, and she didn't think that there would be a real talent in the account.
After all, she only wrote poems and listened to music, and the talent she could show could only be the talent of banquets, but she didn't expect that, after watching After dozens of copies, Fu Ping’An found an attractive talent.

One is Fang Yunli and the other is Tang Huai.

One of them lamented how difficult the people's livelihood is and the difficulty of spring farming, while the other said that spring overseas has a special flavor.

The subject matter is interesting, but the poetry isn't great. 


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