Other World’s Reader

Chapter 1: Where am I?

Earth is a wonderful place. A place we can call home, filled to the brim with culture. A terrestrial gigantic body of different materials, with the single purpose of providing life.

Though massive and magnificent, the Earth is only an ant compared to the vast universe spreading from all sides of our minuscule planet. Multiple planets, multiple systems, and multiple galaxies make the universe.

If a planet such as Earth exists in this small and minuscule space, how can it be the only one of its kind?

As a wise man says, ” Whatever can happen, will happen. ”

So how are we sure that we are the only ones in this wide universe of ours? If there is some other conscious being, how do we know what their intentions are? Are we like small cute animals enclosed in a zoo? Are they laughing at how we celebrate breakthroughs considered minuscule in their society?

Well, in the story Ive been reading recently, that isn really the case. Far from that actually.

” Earthly Guardian ”

Though it may sound like the start of a sci-fi alien warfare story, it isn exactly that.

The reason why Aliens and other terrestrial beings are still yet to be discovered by the general public is that there exists a dimension hidden from the eyes of the many. Hidden, yet it rests right next to us. Terran, a copy of Earth with the purpose of protecting Earth from otherworldly invaders.

Inters, commonly known as Aliens by the common folk, are monsters and hideous beings typically seen in fantasy stories. Slipping through wormholes and space cracks, they enter this dimension with the sole purpose of destruction and satiety.

They wreak havoc in every single place they come across. Ravaging the lands and the life that comes with it. Savage creatures only seen in fiction. Goblins, Gargoyles, Ogres and Dragons. Monsters from myths like the Basilisk and Medusa roamed the ruined earth. Things we haven even seen before. The Goliath, a fleshy lizard as tall as a mountain. Its jaw opens with its bottom part, capable of spewing acid that melts anything it touches.

Catered with immense strength and awareness, these beasts exist as the personification of death and destruction itself.

Though, as hope seems to fade from their emergence, despair starts to vanish. Due to the many cracks that formed from the invasion of the Inters, foreign energy seeped throughout the world spreading new yet potent opportunities for the people.

With this event, Sentinels were born. Supernatural humans, awakened abilities unique to themselves, capable of killing these creatures with the might of their abilities.

Martial Artists awakened abilities making them capable of moving boulders with a single arm. Mages appeared, with their abilities to handle the law of earth and its elements. Supernatural users or those who are granted the ability to bend common sense were born. Capable of growing multiple arms on their backs. Some with the ability to strengthen beasts and tame them for themselves. And some could soar through the air like they were a plane.

Its a pretty addicting book if I may say so myself…

” Oi ” Someone calls for me from just outside the room.

This shit again…

” Are you busy? ” He clicks his tongue. ” Director Persos calling for you. ”

” Fucking loser… Just cause Perso likes you… ” He whispers under his breath, but he made sure it was loud enough for me to hear.

” Tsk, Im not even an actor, and yet I keep getting called by the directors… Are actors that incompetent nowadays? ” I stood up from my chair and started walking towards the door, towards him.

” Wha- Are you?! ” The person behind me could only exclaim as he looks at me in shock.

Well, I guess we found his job.

” Tell him Ill be there in a bit. ” I slammed the door in front of his face.

It seems like hes new in the agency. Ive seen this scenario multiple times already while staying in this firm.

Old or new, it doesn really matter huh? Jealousy still seeps through their bones whenever they see me.

” Oh hey! Mon, Mon ” An old man with a white beard and round glasses calls out for me. He was sitting on the directors chair while holding a bunch of paper in his hands.

” Good afternoon, Sir Alfred. Is Bruce doing fine? ” I say cheekily.

” You little bastard, If it weren for your acting skills, I wouldve fired you already. ” Perso laughs as he pats my shoulder.

Ive been great friends with this guy, since the start of my job in this agency, and hes the only guy I can call in this shit hole, a great colleague. Our age differences might be too big, but hes the only one who treats me like a normal teen.

” Alright, what should the talented me do now? ”

” You just have to take the role of this Pianist, which will be the main antagonist of the show. Theres some spare script at the top of that speaker, so learn it quickly. Ill give you 30 minutes to memorize your lines. ” He say with a bold face like it was that easy. Well, Its not like I can complain when theres money on the line. I grabbed the script and started memorizing my lines.

” Main antagonist? You know I don like time-consuming stuff. ”

” Don worry, its just for this scene. Youll just be a silhouette in the actual frame, so the actor will do the rest of the scenes. We know theres no other freak like you who could do everything at that age. ”

” Alright… alright… ” If it was actually that easy, Its something I can refuse. I get money from this after all.

” Hey, one more thing. Wear a hat, cause your hair is too long from the actual guy. ”

” Alright lets start ”

” What? ”

” Lets start ”

” It hasn been 10 minutes yet. ”

Half an hour later, I finished the scene without any second takes. It was times like these, when I was thankful Preso was here. His annoyed and amazed look buries the expressions of jealousy and anger from the other actors.

” When are you going to be an actual actor? You freak… ”

” Im satisfied with my part-time job. ” I say bluntly. I had no intention to give this much time into something. How would I read Earthly Guardian, if all my time gets eaten up by work?

” Anyways, aren you going to start school next month? What school are you going to? If you want I could recommend you at- ”

” Nah, Im good. Ill look at my choices when I actually have time. ”

” You have all the time in the world, you reading addict. You have an insane talent for acting, you could do everything, and you
e good-looking. Thats like the complete set of a superstar. Why are you wasting your time? ”

” This is called rest, and rest is an essential component of work. ”

” Tsk, you lazy brat. Who would feed my people and take over my job if you
e that lazy? ” Perso clicked his teeth as he looks at me with an annoyed face.

” You? Work until you become one with the ground. ” I say teasingly.

” This brat and his tongue. ”

” Anyways, I have to go now. I want to go read ”

School huh…

Do I really need to attend one?

Im earning great money, and I learn everything pretty quickly. I don want another place where every interaction I have is filled with jealousy and fake kindness.

Shit… I haven eaten lunch yet, I forgot.

My stomach was grumbling so I decided to go eat at the nearby restaurant. Its about 3 in the afternoon already so I decided to buy some takeouts as I wouldn have much time to cook food for myself.

The moment I received my orders, I decided to eat near the river. There were a few benches there that I usually use whenever I wanted to be by myself. Which was honestly almost impossible due to the amount of fame I garnered due to Perso consistently looking for me to act in a scene.

Regardless, this place was still an exemption as it was relatively hard to access, and it was honestly a sketchy place.

I opened the takeout and I couldn resist the smell of the food already. I started gobbling the food, without even minding my appearance. It might not be the best image you could see from a star, but thats beyond me.



Is the food so good that I started crying?

No… Its just I find it so pitiful. Eating outside on a bridge. I used to arrive home and eat the food at the table, but its not like I can do that… Not anymore.

Some great food huh…

Anyways… I decided to distract myself while eating, so I pulled out my phone and open Earthly Guardian. My only source of enjoyment…

Well, anyways thats about how my daily life goes. Go to the agency, do some work. After that eat some food, and start heading home… no to my house, something you really can call home … Its just a cold bed, all by myself…

Just reaping the fruit of my labors… I did give everything I had to get this far after all…

Anyways, I lift myself up from the bench and started walking towards my house. I continued reading Earthly Guardian, as Id pretty much memorized every detail there is on the way to my house, so I didn really need to focus much.

” Shit, don let him escape! ”

”Isn this a safe territory?! ”

Someones shouting on the other street? From the sound of it, there seem to be many of them too.

Is it thugs?

Well, I better head home. I mightve learned some martial arts for a role in a film, but thats not going to do much with a weapon.

I increased my pace as I continue to hear the bickering from the group of people. The more time passes, the more intense their voices sound. Adding the fact that, theres almost no one in the streets, increases my nervousness more.

With that in mind, my quick steps full-on turned to run. My house might not be the best, but its the only thing on my mind right now.

Shit, it should just be around this corner right here and…

e… he…re?

I look at the spot where my house stood, well where it was supposed to be.

How did my house turn into a convenience store?

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