Other World’s Reader

Chapter 1: Where am I?

wling noise as I prepared to full on run out of the store, with no regard for everything. All I had in mind was I have to escape this sketchy store and whatever was using it in the back room.


It growls again as the rattling of the metal on the floor continues to follow after.

Luckily whatever it might be, a **ing tiger or a goddamn ghost, it still hasn noticed me.


I continue to walk slowly towards the exit, trying to ignore whatever the creature behind the store might be.

Soon after what seemed to be a few hours, I managed to grasp the knob of the door.

Not wanting to spend another second inside this magical store that somehow appeared at my house, I opened the sliding door without any intention to spend another second inside.


The door creaks loudly.


” Oh, you
e **ing kidding. ” It didn creak the first time I opened it.


The growling grew louder as the rattles become more aggressive.

I was incredibly curious about who or what was capable of making that sound. But I wasn curious how death would feel like.

I bust open the door with all my strength, allowing me to escape the store easily.

I rushed out without hesitating, even if I fall over. I just want to be out of there as far as possible. Thankfully, that didn happen as I managed to land on my feet, allowing me to run as fast as possible.


A loud deafening screech escapes from the store, making me flinch from the sheer volume of the noise. I continued running but as I was already outside, It felt a lot safer to take a look, so I shifted my head as I continue to run.


” What the f- ” As much as I had wanted to be realistic in these weird moments, I could only feel astonished and complicated as I see a bipedal lizard rush outside of the glass door, shattering it in the process.

As its entire figure gets fully exposed by the setting sun.

Theres no way

Skrr!! It screeches yet again, putting out his chest during the screech.

Without thinking any further, I started running as fast as possible to speeds I didn even think I could reach. That thing is as tall as I was, and it has the body of a lizard. There was no way, I could do anything other than run.

And besides, it seems like it wasn going to give me one.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

I was focusing on where I was running, but the deafening footsteps behind me seems to only grow closer, despite my already insanely fast speed.


I could hear its tongue rattling as it chases after me.

Isn this thing bipedal? How could it be so fast?! Complaints fill my head as I try to think of a solution amidst the rising problem.


A loud deafening rumble escapes from the ground behind me. It was like as if a boulder hit the road.

Regardless, it wasn something I could ignore so I looked behind me, still full-on running, and I seemed to have found out the origin of the sound. The lizard was nowhere to be seen, but there was a huge debris of graphite scattered around a spot on the floor. Like a boulder just hit it… But there was no boulder?


A chilling thought entered my mind. Something I wouldn even dare to think of, but it was also the only reasonable explanation I could think of. If this whole scenario was reasonable in the first place…


As much as I had hoped that my hypothesis was wrong. I looked upwards in the direction of the screech, only to find a lizard rising up at high speeds.

It could jump that high?!

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