Other World’s Reader

Chapter 3: Faced with Death

The lizard who seemed to have vanished from thin air didn disappear at all. Its currently soaring through the skies as it rushes toward me at insane speeds.


It screeches yet again as saliva escapes from its mouth. You could even see it with a disgusting grin on its mouth.

Fuck! Is this even real right now?! Am I dreaming?! What is this nonsense?!

Excuses and questions fill my head as I try to come up with a realistic reason for what was happening.

But a reasonable answer wasn plausible in this scenario.

It just messes up my head the more I think about it.

Was I in a fantasy world? Did I transmigrate?

It wasn the best moment to think of things like these. A full human-sized lizard just leaped through the air, heading in my direction with the most annoying look on its face.

Theres no escaping this guy if I just continue running straight. With just a few of these jumps and its insane running speed, its bound to reach me soon.

I was already giving it my all but it seems like its just a matter of time before I become lizard food.

Krr Krrr!

The lizard seemed to have reached its maximum height as it starts to rush down at high speed due to gravity helping it now.

Without wasting a second I nudge my body toward the alley next to me. It felt like I just stretched almost every ligament as I turned quickly, still while running in full speed.


I changed direction in an instant, so I was able to run through the narrow alleyway with a headstart.


The lizard crashes into the ground just a second later, shaking the ground and nearly making me fall off my feet.

Thankfully, the lizard doesn seem to fit the alleyway, as it struggles to move once it started to follow me.

Not long after, it didn continue its pursuit as it leaves the alleyway leaving me inside.

Shit, if it weren for this extra-long interconnected alley, I mightve died 10 times already at this point.

Finally… Some time to breathe.

Or at least I thought…

When I was hoping it would give up, It crawled up the buildings as it sticks its head through the gap up the top of the alleyway. Its reptilian eyes shrunk as its long-forked tongue and sharp teeth get exposed from its sinister look.

Ke Ke Ke…

Give me a break…

When I thought I was finally able to rest, the terrifying look on the lizard continues to make me run for my life.

The lizard caught my intention as it starts to crawl on its four legs, chasing after me.

The rooftop even cracks every time it moves, almost forming music due to how quickly it moves.

My legs were already tired, but I had no other choice If I want to escape this thing.

I can keep this forever. I ran and ran taking every corner I could to try and dodge the incoming lizard, trying to think of a plan while doing so.


The lizard screeches rushing just ahead of me.

This can be good…

The lizard then lowers its body inside the alleyway, extending its tail down.

Shit! I stopped immediately and switched directions away from the lizard. But… as I try to do so, it flicks its tail at me, hitting my left arm in the process.


I could only scream from the sheer strength the tail had. It only managed to graze me a little, but the momentum of the tail was too great that my arm nearly ripped off.

I can feel my arm…

The darn skin ripped off as the wound formed. The pain was so immense that I felt like crying.

Fuck… I couldn move due to the pain but there was no other choice. If I want to live, I had to move. I mustered up all of my strength as some debris from the impact crashed open a door just a few feet away from me.

I screamed as I moved, giving me all the power I needed to arrive inside the house, avoiding the lizard who couldn fit into the house.



I tried to breathe slowly yet deeply to catch my breath.


I tried, but my arm was too painful for me to focus on doing something else. Now that I look at it, theres a pool of blood just below me, as my arm continues to drip nonstop from my wound.


My eyes turned blurry as I look at the state of my arm.

Not wasting any more time, I ripped off my shirt as I compress the wound on my arm.


It stings…

But I had no choice if I wanted to live…

A few minutes passed, but it felt like hours. Silence just filled my ears, with no signs of any massive lizards lying about. My arm stopped bleeding, but it was still hella painful. The cut wasn even that deep, but the force the lizard used was the main reason why my arm felt incredibly numb.

I don even know what to do at this point. Im facing something of the supernatural. I tried to run, but its sheer speed and agility were too overwhelming for me to even think of escaping…

I need to kill this annoying bastard… I need to see the end of its annoying and disgusting smug face.

I don even know where Im at, and a lizard larger than the average human is currently chasing me. It had claws as long as a pen curving inwards. Its scales were rough as it stand on its dark grey skin.

The street… no the whole city… has changed into something alike, but at the same time completely different… Like I just flashed into a dystopian future.

Its terrifying I know… I don know if there are people, and I don know if I can survive.

I should be terrified… But I can help but feel excited.

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