Gu Yang actually expected Fan Yuan to bite him 999 times, but Fan Yuan had hidden the word restraint deep in his blood, and even these 999 times, he had to take his time doing it separately.
One bite every morning he woke up, one bite before going to bed at night, twice a day, never biting more.

And every time he wanted to bite Gu Yang, he had to slowly press the back of Gu Yang’s neck with his hands, looking at him with dark eyes, as if thinking about where to bite and how to eat his prey.

Gu Yang often pouted his mouth, but Fan Yuan just didn’t look at it, and just bit other places, which made Gu Yang feel a little downcast.

As the golden finger of “Little Red Riding Hood” drew to a close, Gu Yang’s aversion to food had gradually faded a lot.

In the morning, Zhuo Wan brought good news.

Because the whole class had made great progress in the monthly exam, this afternoon, Class 1 and Class 2 will have two classes of PE, doing as they please.

Many students couldn’t sit still anymore, and they were all discussing what to play and how to use the two classes in the afternoon.

Gu Yang originally thought that he would sleep with Fan Yuan in the storage room during these two classes, so he went to ask Fan Yuan specifically.

Fan Yuan didn’t say he agreed, nor did he say he didn’t agree, usually this kind of situation meant he agreed.

As a result, after lunch, a few male students came to invite them to skip class and go to the video game city together in the afternoon.
They had already discussed with Class 2 that they would have a video game competition between the men in the afternoon, which aroused Gu Yang’s interest .

Gu Yang didn’t have many chances to play games in his previous life.
The last time he was hospitalized, he had a good time, but he hadn’t played many games in the arcade, so he immediately left behind his original plan to go to the storage room with Fan Yuan to sleep, and instead tugged Fan Yuan’s arm and agreed.

As soon as the male classmate left, Fan Yuan pulled off Gu Yang’s fingers off his arm one by one.

“Who said I was going?”

Fan Yuan pulled away one of his fingers, so Gu Yang was about to press the other finger on it.
Anyway, no matter how he pulled them off, his hands were still around Fan Yuan’s arm.

Gu Yang leaned in front of Fan Yuan and prayed softly:

“Fan Yuan, let’s go and have fun.
Anyway, physical education class will not delay your studies.
I promise to do an extra set of papers tonight!”

Fan Yuan stared at Gu Yang for a long time before nodding: “Two sets.”

Gu Yang gritted his teeth and agreed: “Two sets, two sets!”

In order to go to the video game city, he also worked hard.

During the afternoon physical education class, some students from Class 1 and Class 2 huffed and crawled to the fence at the back of the school, intending to climb out from there.

In fact, there were not many students who finally decided to skip class, a total of more than a dozen.
After all, not all students were interested in video games.

But when they saw Gu Yang dragging Fan Yuan over, they were still a little surprised.
After all, Fan Yuan was a top student in Shangshu High School and a good student.
How could they imagine him skipping class, even skipping PE class is also skipping class.

Fan Yuan looked cold, being dragged by Gu Yang.
He wore white gloves on both hands and a black mask on his face, he seemed a bit out of place with these youthful and vigorous students.

But when Gu Yang turned around to pull him, Fan Yuan’s face showed a little helplessness, which seemed to be no different from this group of students who planned to skip class and go to the video game city.

The fence behind the school was also quite high, but this was the only place that was not monitored.
If you want to skip class, you can only crawl out from here.

The two boys from class two climbed up first, flipped over neatly, jumped outside, and then waved at them.

“Girls come first, step on the boys’ shoulders, and we will catch you!”

Among the girls who skipped class together were Pan Fei and Chai Jingqiu.
The two little sisters ran over first and climbed up while grabbing the iron bars, they were not afraid at all.

Gu Yang looked at the students who flipped over one after another, and asked Fan Yuan in a low voice: “Can you do it?”

Fan Yuan’s eyes turned from the railing to Gu Yang’s body.
The next moment, Gu Yang was carried on Fan Yuan’s shoulders.
He climbed up the high railing, three steps at a time, flipped over, and landed firmly on the ground. 

The crowd of classmates immediately burst into applause, and Gu Yang was suddenly picked up by Fan Yuan, his tail pinched in fright.
If it wasn’t for the hat and coat blocking him, the hair on his ears and tail would have exploded.

Fan Yuan took Gu Yang firmly to the ground.
Gu Yang struggled off Fan Yuan’s shoulder, grabbed Fan Yuan’s white-gloved hand and brought it to his lips to bite, but the moment the little fangs pressed down, he felt the surrounding area.
In the eyes of many students, he could only put down Fan Yuan’s hand in embarrassment, and stood obediently beside Fan Yuan, but Fan Yuan raised his hand, pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck, kneading it back and forth.

“You were scared just because of this?”

Gu Yang said stiffly: “You were scared, I am the king of wolves, how can I be scared!”

Pan Fei covered her mouth and looked at Fan Yuan and Gu Yang who were together.
For some reason, there was always a strange aura between these two people.
The aura seemed to constantly tell the people around them that their relationship was not ordinary.

“Wow.” Pan Fei exclaimed softly.

Her little sister, Chai Jingqiu, was standing next to her, covering her mouth like her, and let out a “wow”.

They skipped class this time, to put it bluntly, it was to observe Fan Yuan and Gu Yang.

A total of more than a dozen students from Class 1 and Class 2 came out and walked towards the underground video game city closest to the school.

Video game cities like this near the school are common, so they didn’t have to walk long to get there.

It was not the weekend at this time, and it was the afternoon, so there were not many people in the underground video game city, which happened to be convenient for them.

The students cheered and went to the front desk to buy game coins.
Gu Yang took out his pockets and found that he didn’t bring any money.

He immediately went to look at Fan Yuan, stretched out his hands, and waved towards Fan Yuan.

“Father Fan, give me some money.”

Fan Yuan just looked at him, didn’t speak, put his hands in his pockets, and didn’t give Gu Yang any money.

Li Ziyan bought a lot of game coins, turned around and saw that Gu Yang didn’t bring any money, and was just about to split some of his game coins, but was dragged away by Meng Zhan.

Seeing that Fan Yuan didn’t give him money, Gu Yang looked left and right, pulled Fan Yuan to a corner, slowly tiptoed to Fan Yuan’s mask and said softly:

“Father Fan, can you give me some money?”

The breathing of the two people was separated by the mask, Fan Yuan raised his hand and pulled the mask down a little.

“Want some? Get it yourself.”

Gu Yang immediately put his hands into Fan Yuan’s left and right coat pockets to search.
Fan Yuan still had one hand in the pocket and was squeezed by Gu Yang’s hand, rubbing back and forth in the pocket.

There was nothing in the two pockets of Fan Yuan’s coat.
Gu Yang did not find any money, so he looked up at Fan Yuan and began to unbutton Fan Yuan’s coat.

They thought they were hiding in a very secret corner without anyone noticing, but they didn’t know that Pan Fei and Chai Jingqiu, who were sitting not far away from each other and seemed to be chatting, had a suspicious blush on their faces and were excited.

Gu Yang unbuttoned Fan Yuan’s jacket, poked his hands through the open jacket.

Fan Yuan suddenly raised his hand, gathered his coat, and hid Gu Yang tightly in his coat.
He turned while holding Gu Yang, and the positions of the two were reversed, and Gu Yang was hidden in the coat by Fan Yuan.
Backed into a corner, no one could see him.

Gu Yang didn’t know this, he was still digging out of Fan Yuan’s clothes pocket, he turned from the inner pocket of the coat to the trousers pocket, and finally took out the money from the left trousers pocket.
He held the money in front of him and counted it, very happy.
He wanted to buy game coins, but found that he couldn’t move.

Fan Yuan pressed Gu Yang against the corner, wrapped his coat around him, and glanced at the money in Gu Yang’s hand.

“You want to leave after taking the money?”

Gu Yang immediately put the money into his pocket, raised his head and said to Fan Yuan very seriously and sincerely:

“Thank you Father Fan for the pocket money!”

Fan Yuan twitched the corner of his lower lip, and said, “Do you think it’s over after just saying thank you?”

Gu Yang pursed his lips: “I’ll pay you back when I go back to school.”

Fan Yuan raised his hand to hook Gu Yang’s collar, and tugged it aside.

“I want to charge some interest now.”

After saying that, Fan Yuan’s thin lips pressed against the side of Gu Yang’s neck, and he took a bite very hard.
After the bite, it wasn’t over and he added a dark red background to it.

Gu Yang groaned and immediately covered his mouth.

After Fan Yuan heard the voice, he backed away and opened the distance, his face remained calm, as if nothing had happened.

However, Gu Yang’s face was flushed, his hairy ears moved uncomfortably in his hat, and even his big tail couldn’t help flicking behind his coat.

When Gu Yang finally bought the game coins, several male students from Class Two had already started playing, and when they saw Gu Yang, they greeted him immediately:

“Come, come, Gu Yang, I’ve always heard your name before, it’s hard to come out together, how about we compete?”

Gu Yang was frazzled at the moment, but when he heard that the other party wanted to compete, he immediately agreed.

“Okay, let’s compete, tell me, what should we play?”

The male student in the second class led Gu Yang to two fighting game consoles and started playing King of Fighters.

In the past, Gu Yang might not be very good at playing this kind of game, but now he had the golden finger bonus of “Little Red Riding Hood”.
As an excellent big bad wolf, he must naturally have super high dynamic vision and the agility to respond.

After Gu Yang defeated the opponent’s game character, he raised his chin at the opponent in a wild way.

“Are you convinced? Another game?”

The male student in the second class was naturally dissatisfied, and followed Gu Yang all the way from best of one game to three games to five games, without winning a point from Gu Yang’s hands.

In view of the lively competition here, the students who skipped class gradually gathered around.

Standing outside the crowd, Fan Yuan watched the students cheering enthusiastically around his big bad wolf.

After the fighting machine competition, other students who were eager to try took Gu Yang to compete in shooting machines, racing motorcycles, and other things.
Gu Yang kept winning, and his splendor was boundless for a while, and he became exhilarated.
Several girls in the second class couldn’t help looking at Gu Yang, with a little admiration in their eyes.

Finally, Gu Yang and a male student stood in front of the dancing machine.
The temperature in the video game city was not low.
The other students had already taken off their coats.
Gu Yang could only keep them on because of his big tail.
He unbuttoned a few buttons on the top of the jacket, and couldn’t resist unbuttoning the shirt inside.

He was so self-absorbed that he completely forgot that there was a bright red tooth mark on his neck that Fan Yuan had just made.

The male student who competed with him on the dancing machine didn’t see it, but some other students noticed the mark.

Men and women of this age, if they say they know a lot, they don’t know much, and if they say they don’t understand it at all, it’s impossible.

A few girls from class two gathered together and talked in a low voice:

“Has Gu Yang fallen in love early?”

“That must be the case, look at that mark, it’s too obvious!”

Fan Yuan bought a cup of iced coffee and sat on the outermost chair to watch Gu Yang move his limbs on the dancing machine.
He moved very quickly, his forehead and neck were already covered with thin sweat, and when he shook his head, the sweaty black hair on his forehead followed.
Shaking, sweat slowly flowed into the clothes along his beautiful neck, and the whole person was full of youth and sexiness.

The straw of the iced coffee was unknowingly bitten by Fan Yuan, he squinted his black eyes and quietly looked at Gu Yang in the center of the crowd.

Gu Yang got off the dancing machine, proudly raised one corner of his mouth at the male classmate who was competing with him, showing a small fang, laughing wildly.

The male classmate who competed with him had long admired him.
Both of them were quite tired, and Gu Yang was still very thirsty.
He looked through the crowd and immediately found Fan Yuan, who was drinking iced coffee there.

A girl from Class Two came over and handed Gu Yang a bottle of water, but Gu Yang politely refused.

Gu Yang went straight through the lively classmates, ran to Fan Yuan, lowered his head, leaned closer to the coffee cup in Fan Yuan’s hand, bit the straw, and drank a few gulps.
As soon as Gu Yang approached, Fan Yuan could almost feel the heat emanating from Gu Yang’s body.

After taking a few sips of cold coffee, Gu Yang immediately let out a comfortable breath, spat out the flat straw, and asked Fan Yuan:

“Why did you bite the straw so flat?”

The students around were also tired from playing, and sat scattered around chatting.

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, just handed the iced coffee to Gu Yang, then took off the white glove on his right hand in front of Gu Yang, revealing a handful of teeth marks.

He raised his hand, and wiped the sweat from Gu Yang’s forehead with his hand full of teeth marks, his fingertips ran down Gu Yang’s forehead, and hooked his temple hair behind his ears.

Gu Yang felt Fan Yuan’s icy fingertips continue to slide down his ears, come to the side of his neck, and wiped his sweat lightly twice.

This kind of action was too intimate and attracted the attention of many students.

Fan Yuan didn’t care about being seen by other people, but when the fingers with the small tooth marks wiped the slightly salty sweat, the sweat seeped into the depth of the tooth marks, causing slight pain, which was insignificant, It could even be ignored, but Fan Yuan hissed lightly as if in pain.

Gu Yang immediately put down the coffee cup, raised his hand to hold Fan Yuan’s wrist, held Fan Yuan’s right hand in front of him, and looked at the small tooth marks on his hand.

Originally a pair of perfect hands, but at this time they were full of small tooth marks of different shades.
Gu Yang felt distressed and guilty, and there was no one else in his eyes for a while, he only looked at Fan Yuan, lowered his head and gently blew on Fan Yuan’s hand.

“Does it still hurt?” Gu Yang asked while blowing.

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand when Gu Yang was about to lower his head to blow again, and put the gloves on again.

He stood up, fastened the buttons that Gu Yang had untied one by one, and asked him:

“Have you played enough?”

Gu Yang nodded and smiled happily: “Enough.”

Finally, Fan Yuan straightened Gu Yang’s hat, put his hands back into the pockets of his coat, turned around and walked out first.

“Go back to school when you’ve had enough fun.”

Gu Yang hurriedly followed Fan Yuan, put his hand through Fan Yuan’s arm, and then slipped into Fan Yuan’s pocket to hold his hand.

He had long forgotten all about the classmates around him, and at this moment only Fan Yuan was the one in his eyes.

As for Fan Yuan, who knew what he was thinking.

A group of classmates just watched the two go away in a daze, and the atmosphere was a little quiet for a while.

It was Meng Zhan who spoke first: “The time is almost up, shall we go back too?”

So the students came back to their senses one after another, put on their coats, packed up their things and went out, but they all had a question mark in their hearts, feeling that there was something strange between Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, but they didn’t know exactly what was strange.

In the final analysis, girls were more sensitive.
Those girls in class two who were interested in Gu Yang at first lost their minds after seeing this.

A few people gathered together, chatting while walking, talking like playing charades, but Pan Fei and Chai Jingqiu, who were following these girls, could understand them.

Listening to those girls:

“I didn’t expect that.”

“That’s right, it’s hidden, it’s hidden.”

“It makes my blood boil a little bit, what’s going on?”

“Don’t tell me, I’m also very excited to see it.”

“Haha, I’m envious of the girls in Class 1, who eat sweets every day.”

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan arrived at school first, although there was no difference on Fan Yuan’s face, but Gu Yang felt that something was wrong with Fan Yuan.

After the two physical education classes, the students who came back to the class were a little excited.
They still had stamina to play for a while, and the evening self-study was more chaotic than before, which led Zhuo Wan to ask the class to be quieter more than once.

Evening self-study, Gu Yang asked Fan Yuan to talk to him more than once with the excuse of asking Fan Yuan to give him a lecture.
Clearly, Gu Yang wanted Fan Yuan to teach him, but would have Fan Yuan rub his ears and he would.
Even though this was the case, Gu Yang still felt that something was wrong with Fan Yuan, and he didn’t know exactly why.

When he got home at night, Gu Yang ran towards the three little milk dogs as soon as he entered the house, and ran to the yard.
When Fan Yuan didn’t stop him, Gu Yang knew that Fan Yuan was angry.

Knowing that Fan Yuan was angry, Gu Yang didn’t dare to play around anymore, and came back with the three unwilling little milk dogs, and went to the study by himself to study.

He was fidgeting with the test papers in the study, the study door was open, so Gu Yang looked at the study door from time to time, he was waiting for Fan Yuan to come to the study.

But until late at night, Fan Yuan did not come to the study.

Gu Yang finally couldn’t sit still anymore, stood up from the chair, dragged his big tail as frustrated as his master, and walked to the bedroom.

The bedroom was blocked by heavy curtains, the door was ajar, and there was no light in it.

Gu Yang gently opened the door, his good night vision allowed him to see clearly that Fan Yuan was lying on the bed, asleep.

He waited in the study all night, but Fan Yuan went to bed by himself first.
Gu Yang felt angry for a while, but didn’t know what to do for a while.

Gu Yang walked into the bedroom, turned around and closed the door gently, and then walked towards the big central bed in the dark.

Fan Yuan was lying flat on one side of the bed, the quilt covered below his chest, the collar of his pajamas was loose, and a few small teeth marks could be seen.
His breathing was steady, and his eyes were closed tightly.

Gu Yang stood by the bed and watched for a while, his eyes finally falling on Fan Yuan’s lips.

He raised his hand and touched the side of his neck that was still tingling, and thought of Fan Yuan’s small tooth marks all over his body.
Gu Yang’s anger dissipated on it’s own, and he only felt guilty.

He traced Fan Yuan’s facial features in the dark, then finally his fingertips stopped on top of Fan Yuan’s lips.

Looking at it, it was as if he was fascinated by it.
Gu Yang lowered his head slightly, and gradually approached Fan Yuan’s lips.

Fan Yuan hadn’t kissed him yet, but he wanted to kiss Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang was a little nervous.
In the silent night, he could almost hear the rapid beating of his own heart.

He closed his eyes and pressed his lips to them.

As the distance drew closer, Fan Yuan’s breathing could already be felt.
Before Gu Yang could do anything else, he fell with a “bang” and landed on Fan Yuan’s chest.

Gu Yang laid on the quilt in a daze, a cloth covering his head.
His vision, which was clear just now, became pitch black at this moment.

His night vision was gone!

Gu Yang thought of something, scratched randomly, crawled out from under the cloth on top of his head, and immediately went to check the little book in his left palm.

The little book in his left hand was invisible to everyone except him, and the characters on the little book shimmered in the dark night.

It said:

“The 30-day countdown to your cheat “Little Red Riding Hood” is over, and the 30-day countdown to your random cheat “Thumbelina” has begun, please enjoy yourself.”


Before Gu Yang could think about it, he felt that the quilt he was sitting on suddenly rise into a huge slope, causing him to roll backwards.
In a panic, Gu Yang grabbed the quilt with both hands and shouted Fan Yuan from his mouth.

“Fan Yuan! Fan Yuan!”


The bedside lamp was on.

Fan Yuan sat up and reached out to catch Gu Yang who almost rolled to the ground because he sat up.

At this time, the hairy ears on top of Gu Yang’s head and the big tail behind him disappeared, and he looked like a normal person.

But it was just the look, Fan Yuan brought Gu Yang in his palm close to his eyes, and observed carefully.

Gu Yang suddenly found that Fan Yuan had become very big, he knelt on Fan Yuan’s hand in panic, his eyes widening.

“Fan, Fan Yuan! You have become bigger! You are so big!!!”

Fan Yuan tightened his palms, pinched Gu Yang who was only a little bigger than his palm, poked Gu Yang’s cheek with his fingertips, and pressed Gu Yang’s belly, before speaking.

“Gu Yang, it is you who have become smaller.”

Suddenly, the words “Thumbelina” flashed through Gu Yang’s mind.

No! Could it be that the golden finger of “Thumbelina” made him smaller?

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang close to his eyes, carefully observing Gu Yang’s small head and small body.

“Gu Yang, you can always surprise me.”

Gu Yang pressed the tip of Fan Yuan’s nose with both hands, not letting him get too close, the main reason was that Fan Yuan was too big in his vision now, a little scary.

Fan Yuan backed away a little and put Gu Yang on his lap.
As soon as Gu Yang stood up tremblingly, Fan Yuan pushed him down with his fingers.

When Gu Yang fell down, he immediately felt chills all over his body!

His clothes were gone!

Gu Yang quickly turned over and knelt on the ground, covering himself tightly.

In the end, Fan Yuan just stretched out a fingertip, and easily pushed Gu Yang down again.

Fan Yuan poked Gu Yang’s small head with his fingertips, and then pressed Gu Yang’s small chest to prevent him from turning over.
He explored Gu Yang from top to bottom, and saw with his own eyes that little Gu Yang changed from a white and tender body to a full body of pink.

Gu Yang waited for Fan Yuan to finally take his hand away, and immediately turned around and shrunk himself into a small ball, feeling wronged.

Fan Yuan gently rubbed Gu Yang’s soft black hair with the tip of his index finger, and said softly:

“This is not bad.”

After speaking, he grabbed Gu Yang and stuffed him into his chest pocket, turned over and laid down, and turned off the bedside lamp again.

In the darkness, Gu Yang laid on Fan Yuan’s chest, sobbing softly.

He hasn’t got any clothes on yet!

What happened to Fan Yuan! Did he just accept the fact that he had become so small so easily!

He hasn’t accepted it yet!

Thinking it would be 30 days of living like this, Gu Yang felt hopeless.

Fan Yuan heard a small sob coming from his chest, reached out and grabbed Gu Yang out, placed him next to the pillow, and gently stroked Gu Yang’s back with his fingertips.

“Why are you crying?”

While crying, Gu Yang still didn’t forget to pull the corner of the pillow towel to cover himself, his voice was small.

“I have no clothes on!”

Fan Yuan withdrew his fingertips and pushed Gu Yang down on the pillow again.

“Sleep first, we’ll talk about the clothes tomorrow.”

Gu Yang rubbed his eyes.
Thinking that Fan Yuan wouldn’t be able to see him anyway with the lights turned off, he sobbed a few times to comfort himself and it was over.
He hugged Fan Yuan’s fingertips and closed his eyes to prepare for sleep.

After closing it for a while, he felt uncomfortable lying there, so he slid down from the pillow, squeezed the side of Fan Yuan’s neck, pressed his small head against Fan Yuan’s neck, felt Fan Yuan’s breathing, and closed his eyes again.

After the palm-sized small person fell asleep, Fan Yuan stretched out his fingertips to probe little Gu Yang’s body again.

Little Gu Yang slept comfortably, turned over and grabbed Fan Yuan’s fingertips and hugged him tightly.

Fan Yuan’s fingertips stiffened, and then slowly relaxed.

After a while, Fan Yuan sighed softly:

“Gu Yang.”

The author has something to say: Gu Yang: Fan Yuan! You have grown up! You are so big! !

Fan Yuan: Thank you 🙂

Gu Yang:? ? ?

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