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The new citizen of PROGRESS WORLD

[01/12/2049:::/ 00:00:00]


Upon hearing this notification, Kasel did not need to take out his phone to know what notification it was. Seeing the time, he sighed with relief. Even if this world is about to be plunged into chaos, the chance it currently possessed was not possessed by anyone. He was sure to be the only one to own this book, just by relying on the extent of the sequence of the misfortunes that had struck his family. In the world, no one had suffered fifty percent of what had happened to his family. But it was not naive to think that he was the only one who knew the truth about [progress online].

Well, the package has just been delivered. He said, getting up behind his desk while he was still dressed in his school uniform.

Even if his alarm had not been triggered, he found a small box in front of the front door of his house. The carton had no badge to identify the sender. But he didn care about this little detail, after all, even his book did not mention the names of the games developers [progress online].

After locking the front door and bringing the small package to one of the empty rooms, he unpacked the cardboard with flexibility and attention. Then, not surprisingly, as mentioned in his book, it was not an immersion device waiting for him in the cardboard, but a red stylus.

Its more impressive to see it in real life than to read between the lines. He said, placing his thumb on the stylus.

At the same time, the room was illuminated by a dim red light that harmonized and perfectly highlighted the color of its scarlet eyes.

|Identification of the storage controller holder… |

|The storage controller has arrived at its destination. |

|procedure for importing the package. |

Suddenly, three strange devices that looked like immersive tubes appeared in front of him. They were three distinct colors. The first was jet black with an old and outdated design, the second was more modernist with the luminous halos that made it better, and above all, it was made of silver. As for the last device, it was entirely made of gold and at a glance, anyone could guess that it was more advanced than the other two.

|Choose A: for the black capsule; B: for the silver capsule; and C: for the gold capsule. |


The first test has already begun, right? I named it, the greed test. Apart from idiots and blind people, who will choose this first degraded immersion capsule while a complete immersion capsule of the highest game is in front of them? No one, normally.

”I choose capsule A. ”

I am the idiot and blind man who will make this choice.

|…are you sure of your choice? The performance of the game and many of the factors are related to the choices of capsules. If unfortunately, you choose a low game capsule, your choice determines your future. |

Tsk, I Wouldn be surprised to be the only person to own a capsule A. He says to Himself by grinding his teeth.

”My choice is decisive. I definitely want capsule A! ” He firmly pronounced these words with a solemn air. At the moment, there were too many stakes for him to allow himself to make such a mistake.

|… Well, your choice is selected. The black diamond capsule is selected for you. Congratulations on being the first to get the limited edition of the highest capsule. Your rewards await you in the [world of progress]. |

Hm, the rewards? I know they will give me the choice to choose a mythical class of your choice as soon as I have launched the game. But, a mythical class is not at the top of the hierarchy of this world. In this world of progress, there are four categories of classes; the basic classes (warriors, mages, archers…), the heroic classes, the mythical classes, and the last legendary classes. Legendary classes are the most sought after in the game, and progress online is no exception. In addition to having only ten unique legendary classes, they are the future leaders of the new world.

Among them, (the blessed blacksmith of the gods, the apostle of the gods, the king of demons…). The title king of demons is indeed enticing but it is also not the legendary class I am aiming for. Since I am an idiot who had chosen the most old-fashioned capsule, then I will continue to be the idiot who will choose the most basic class among all the other classes.

While he was setting up the capsule, his thoughts were constantly wandering in his head. Normally, it would take at least twelve hours for the gold capsules to be functional, and six hours for the adamantium capsules (the B capsule). But for capsules A, they are not affected by this time limit. Which means that Im going to connect now, who knows? Maybe I would have something to gain in the end.

After these words, he returned to the living room and scribbled something on paper for Lunas attention. But at the same time, he turned on the TV to see the news; not surprisingly, the programs that appeared on TV and news around the world only talked about the global piracy that took place yesterday at 6 p.m.

Sigh, I would like to warn the world of the danger it will face in a month, but who will believe me? At worst, I would attract the attention of those who had captured my parents. And that, I refuse to spoil my fathers efforts. Even if for this I must be the most selfish man in this world, I would not have guilt. He said these words to himself as he returned to the capsule that was in the empty room.

The words he left Luna were simple: [Luna, Im going on a business trip that will last a month. Don worry, close the doors and all the windows if you
e afraid. You won need to set foot outside, everything you need is in the mansion. Don worry about me, Ill be home after this date.]

Since this was not the first time he left Luna alone at the mansion for a long time, he didn need to worry about her.

One month, Im going on a trip for a month. He said by lying in the capsule that contained a viscous green liquid. But he had nothing to fear from this liquid. Even if he did not know his duties, he knew that it was the liquid contained in the capsule that would allow him to remain unconscious for a month without problems. It is only later that scientists will discover that the mysterious liquid is the reason why the first players acquired their qualification rights to enter the new continent that had appeared on the Pacific Ocean.

|To travel to the world of progress, simply pronounce [PROGRESS, link]. |

They never called it the game. Either the world or progress online. But this insignificant detail cannot be noticed by the players. Those who notice will just think that these are their articulations.

”PROGRESS, link! ” As soon as he spoke these two words, the light flashed in front of him before he was plunged into total darkness.

|Welcome to PROGRESS ONLINE, the world of progress, evolution, discovery, and realization of dreams. |

|Pronounce the name of your character aloud. |

Hmm? Instead of a keyboard, is it a voice command? In short, this will save more time during configuration.

”Cursed. ”

|Analysis in progress… |


|The pseudonym ”Cursed ” is successfully selected. |

|Your statistics will be selected according to your experiences in real life. And your appearance will be the same as that of reality. |

”Stats window! ” Kasel whispered these words even before waiting for him to be teleported to a random place.


[ Name: Cursed ]

[Lvl: 01] [XP: 0/50]

[HP: 30/30]

[Class: Not yet chosen]

[Title: -/-]

[HYD: -/-] = Hydrar

[STR: 15] = Strength

[AGI: 15] = Agility

[STA: 15] = Endurance


[SP: 0] = Status points.

[Progress coins (〒): 0]


AN: (〒)= symbol of coins of PROGRESS WORLD.

Hmm, typical of an MMORPG. But the only difference is [HYD], which means Hydrar. But if I want to simplify this term, I would simply say that mana, magic energy, or even empowered according to the different names of the games. I suppose the signs (-/-) mean that I do not yet have the qualifications to possess them.

|To be the first to get the black diamond capsule, you got the mythical (golden box). |

|this (golden box) contains a mythical class that will be assigned to you randomly after it is opened. |

|To have been the first online progress player, you will get 100〒. And you will have the right to choose only one skill of your choice. |

|Pronounce the name of the skill you wish to acquire. |

”NPC, level 1. ”

|… be sure to pronounce the name of the skill you want…

”I want to acquire the skill (Non-player characters) LVL 01! ” He insisted with a salacious smile.

To Be greedy and choose a legendary skill? I know its just a trap when they say they will give you the skills of your choice. In reality, only passive skills can stay in the skill roll; no matter which other skills you choose, they will come with a number of activation delays. But this passive skill is the skill that will help me most to acquire my divine class. Why level one? The other levels of this skill contain active skills, therefore, it will be removed after a number of launches. He argued in his thoughts as he floated in the black void with his dashboard as his only companion.

|By your choice, you have acquired skill (NPC) Lvl 01. |

|Level 01 of this skill only allows you to check the bar of NPC statues, attract the sympathy of NPCs, and pretend to be an NPC in the eyes of other players. |

Hah~, thats exactly as I thought. A skill that seems useless to people but is a decisive factor in reaching the top. In this RPG world, it all depends on the class a person will choose. Basics classes will be considered commoners, those who possess hidden classes are nobles. As the legendary classes… they are lords and monarchs. But all these classes have one thing in common, they all have an equal. For example, even if a player who has a legendary class reaches the top, it will still be possible to defeat him against another legendary class player who will be at the top. But in all [progress world], only one class is above all classes. It has no competitor or equal; the only progressive class that can surpass the legendary classes.

|All rewards have been awarded, you will be teleported to a random village. |


A dazzling light forced Kasel to temporarily close his eyes. But he was shocked when he opened his eyes.

|Village of Rahem. |

In front of the gates of a small village bearing the name Rahem, Kasel was dazzled by realism and horrified by the realization he had just taken into account. ”Their technologies are therefore capable of everything, aren they? The sensation of the cool breeze on my face reminds me of my days of solitude in front of the window of the mansion. This smell of pure and healthy air reminds me of my childhood when I went to my grandfathers village with my parents. The sense of touch is no different from that of real life, which means that the body will be able to feel all the pains and pleasures it will undergo. A world where the five senses are united, only idiots would describe such a world as a game. ” After confirming this phenomenon, he took his first step towards the entrance to the village.

From afar, the village was like a medieval village with an atmosphere of surrealism. He looked to the left, and saw farmers plowing their fields; from afar, more precisely a hundred meters from him, he could see the control center of the guards who will examine those who enter the village.

”Nostalgia, or bitterness? I can identify this feeling that gnaws at me from within. ” Just as his voice resonated, he sprinted towards the small village with an aura of impatience.

A minute later, his turn arrived after queuing.

The guard was a middle-aged man who had a scar that passed through his right eye to the bottom of his chin. He was with a young man who seemed to be learning.

”Mm? Are you new to our village? ” The guard frowned slightly by asking him this question.

|The effects of passive NPC competence will now be activated as soon as the target comes into contact with NPCs. |


”Yes, I am a merchant who wants to start trading in this city. But unfortunately, I have no skills at the moment. Therefore, I would rather say that I am an adventurer looking for a teacher to help him learn the trade. ” A benevolent smile embellishes Kasels immaculate lips as he spoke these words.

The guard who was suspicious of him was affected by his passive competence. He nodded with an understandable air. ”I see, even if you have a funny way to present the purpose of your presence in our village, is also understandable. You seem to be a good person. ”

Kasel nodded with satisfaction. ”Haha, thank you for your compliments, people are used to telling me these kinds of things. ” (False)

”Okay, but to enter our village, you will need 1 〒. The number of stays does not matter, but be careful not to cause problems. The rules are strict. The death penalty and slavery are usually the popular punishments here. ” He calmly pronounced these words without changing his expression.

We are there, one of the reasons why people quickly got involved in this game. Entrance fees to cities, even for a village. The frightening sanctions that will come with the punishments of NPCs. The worst thing is that dying once in the game is the equivalent of losing five years of life expectancy in the real world. As for being a slave, there is no worse punishment than this one. Those who become slaves must imperatively be redeemed by another player who will give them the grace of freedom. Otherwise, they will be slaves to NPCs even after the PROGRESS world descends on the Pacific Ocean. And they will no longer be able to flee their obligations, unlike in the game by disconnecting. My time, I must have my class before the second impact that will be in a month!

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