In one of the slightly lit dark streets with dim lighting of the small village for beginners, Rahem Village. A small infrared light flashed on a mechanical sphere floating over the head of a man with curly black hair. The man seemed to be in his twenties and was dressed in blue with a dagger on his waist; GodBlessStream was his nickname. But his real name is Gray.

(The reason for his presence in this place is simple, to spy and discover the identity of the player who is known under the pseudonym [IRREGULAR]. Even if the game [PROGRESS ONLINE] was only launched two weeks and a few days ago, and at the moment, there are less than five hundred players online; information about the game is more followed than any news in the world.)

It was an opportunity for Gray, who is a streamer to the heart. Twenty-four hours ago, its number of subscribers had not even reached four digits. But at the moment, he would soon reach the six figures with about 700 thousand subscribers he had acquired within six hours.

Why so much blatant success that looked like a cheat? It was because of the event of the world notification that he had the opportunity to film from afar. the dazzling golden light that had illuminated all the darkest corners of the [village of Rahem]; the acquisition of Kasels trader class!

”Hey, I was about to abandon this trash game thinking that nothing interesting was going to happen in this trash game, but who could have guessed that I would become so famous in a single day? ” He murmured hiding in the dark of the dark night as if he were a stalker.

(He had spent about a year doing streams but without success. After the global announcement about the release of [Progress online], he had the chance to be one of the beast testers by reading the video of the advertisement on his phone while he was streaming. And by the same luck, he had chosen capsule B because he found it more stylish than capsule C (the golden capsule); hence his presence in this beginners village.)

”|Streame, start. | ” As soon as he said this word, the red light flashing on the metal sphere turned green.

”My dear subscribers, you are probably wondering how and why your electronic devices were hacked once again to announce the appearance of a player who has acquired a hidden class. Who is he? How did he find a class hidden in a banal village, in a game deemed impossible because of his unimaginable difficulty and surrealism? And especially how did he do when the game has just been launched? ”


A euphoric smile embellishes his lips when he saw the number of people watching his stream. ”As in my previous video, we were able to identify many players near the dazzling light. But the most suspected remained the blonde-haired player who was the only player who was fleeing the crime scene accompanied by a more suspicious NPC wearing a mask. After inquired, I found the place where she hid with the masked NPC who was probably the NPC who helped her complete her hidden class quest! ”

[[You have received 2〒 from [AmOff] in the real world.]] (money is automatically converted to 〒. (2〒=20$))

”Tonight, I wouldn move from here until I interviewed him! So…

While gray was building his success on the wrong target, the wrong target in question was in her room with thousands of question marks floating above her head but remaining unanswered.

Hmm… progressive class? THE IRREGULAR?? He takes me for an idiot or what? Avery was currently watching the notification of the worldwide announcement on her blue game interface while she was in the room next to Kasel.

Her curiosity prevented her from sleeping when she constantly remembered the strange scene that took place in front of her as she stood near Harolds house; while she waited for Kasel who was in Harolds house.

Just as she got impatient, a golden glow illuminated Harolds entire house through the windows, followed by the world announcement she was reading on her interface. worldwide announcements are only made in [Progress online] when a player accomplishes a unique or disproportionate feat. But yet, she was convinced that the [irregular] of which the system spoke was none other than Kasel. She had even received her quest that referred to Kasel as a [IRREGULAR].

But after Kasel went out into Harolds house, he categorically refused to admit that he was the irregular one who had just had such an important class to the point that the system made a worldwide announcement. Apart from the mythical and legendary classes, the system never makes a worldwide announcement for a class achievement.

”But who is this NPC at the end?! Is it even possible for an NPC to get such a unique class to the point of allowing the system to make a worldwide announcement? Arhhh!! He annoys me! ”


While she was tearing out her hair to find out what had happened between Kasel and Harold, Kasel was lazily lying on his bed with an exciting smile. If Averys curiosity prevented her from closing her eyes, it was the overexcitation that prevented Kasel.

My faith, I still can calm down emotionally. He said by rechecking the remains of the notifications that he had not had time to check because of the sudden unrest he had caused because of his class acquisition. He himself was unaware of the agitation he had created in the world because of the announcement that had been made following the acquisition of his unique class.

But as a precaution, Harold, who was worried about him, had offered him a mask that he used during his secret missions before he retired.

|You have unlocked the skills related to your class. |

|The traders Blessing (Lvl1)|

|Efence: merchant expertise, allows the owner to evaluate all kinds of artifacts, weapons, skills, and all items. |

|Thanks to your title [Shamless trader], you have now acquired the shop function(Lvl1)|

|Allows the owner to store and sell the goods in his possession worldwide; either by auction ticket or immediately. |

|After acquiring the merchant class near a high-level knight, you inherited one of his skills. |

|The novice swordsmen skill (Lvl1) has been assigned to you (passive). |

|It allows the owner to acquire a decent level of sword handling experience – you have a 20% chance of dealing a critical hit to your target. |

”My first offensive skill, on top of that, it is a passive skill; not bad. ”He evaluated with a bright smile.

”Stats. ”


[ Name: {Fallen}/Cursed ]

[Lvl: 04] [XP: 10/300]

[HP: 40/40]

[Class: Hawker (progressive)]

[Title: Shameless trader/{IRREGULAR}/Perfect…]

[EVO: 10%] = Evolution.

[AUT: 0]

[HYD: 100]

[STR: 20]

[AGI: 20]

[STA: 20]

[Skills: Novice swordsmen (Lvl1) {AUTHORITY} NPC(1)]

[SP: 30]

[〒: 9 999 910]


Hmm… even if Im at level 4, my Stats [HYD] compete with those of the rank 10 mages. I should be able to use the aura of the sword which is a sub-competence of my skill [Swordsman] even if it is at level 1. But Harolds swordsman skills such as divine punishment are probably at a higher level than could imagine. He looked at his Stats with curiosity.

”As for this [progressive class], it is only a basic class that does not increase any of my basic Stats; at least for now. If my evolution points reach 100%, I would be able to evolve the basic class into a heroic class! Then, it will be the mythical and then legendary class! ”

”What drives people to acquire hidden classes is only because of their bonus Stats attribution characteristics after each leveling up. If I take the example of a player who has acquired the heroic class, this player in question will not only have 10 [SP] after a level rise but he will also be assigned 1 Stats point on each of his Basic Stats! The same is also true for mythical classes, who will be awarded 2 bonus points in addition to having 10 [SP]. Finally, for legendary classes, its three points on each of their basic Stats! This figure may be low but if I make a comparison between a level 100 player who has a legendary class and a player of the same level but who has a common class; the difference will be like heaven and earth! ”

”It is the inequality that exists between players with common classes and players with hidden classes. But that being said, not all hidden classes are so powerful, there are also common classes that can compete, or even surpass some hidden classes. ” He spoke alone in a low voice in his room.

Then, realizing that he was not going to sleep for a long time, he got out of bed and leaned on the window as he used to do and looked at the world of [Progress] which was endowed with a unique and fanciful realism; with its two moons riding in a magnificent black star sky, for lack of a better word to describe the beauty of the world.

”Sigh, but even if my class is progressive, I can take advantage of these extra points, for now, I must first evolve my class. This is also the reason why my Stats remained as they were even after climbing three levels at the same time. Hehe, but I don envy anyone in this world. I wonder what will happen when my class becomes a legendary class while reaching [EVOL: 100%]?! What kind of class will I acquire? A divine class? Finally, lets rest for now. Serious things will start tomorrow. ”


”Boss, what do you think? Why can we attack them directly in their sleep? It will be easier, right? ”

Gray was not the only player who monitored the comings and goings of Avery. At the other intersection, a small group of players composed of three bald men with biker scarves covering their bald heads, and a man with thick eyebrows connected to each other under her forehead; who seemed to be their leader.


”Use your brain to think a little, you idiot. Even if this village seems simple, there were many levels 10 players who were fooled by the NPCs. Lets just wait and watch for a good opportunity; Im sure she won stay longer in this village. Now that she has a hidden class, she will probably try to increase her level as quickly as possible to be able to get ahead of other players. ” The man who was called the boss gave this explanation after slapping the bald head of the person who asked him.

The three bald people nodded their heads. Their similarities were so blatant that anyone would take them as triplets! Even if this is not the case.

They were TigerSpear, TigerSword, and finally, TigerGun.

”Well, for now, lets just wait for her to leave this village. She must certainly have information that will be expensive. ” The boss continued by showing his rows of white teeth with a salacious smile.

”Boss, we can even have fun with her if the opportunity arises. After all, this world also has our five senses, right? ” The oldest of the three bald, TigerSpear, who had a spear on his back as his main weapon, asked, licking his lips.

”Kahaha, thats a good idea. I would like to test how realistic this game can be. ”

The others nodded their heads to these conclusions. No matter where the environment is, Devil does not change.


*Bam-Bam-Bamm!! *

”M. Fallen, when are you going to wake up?! Its already dawn, the sun is even about to reach its zenith! ” Avery was already grimacing at Kasels door after spending a sleepless night just because she wanted to discover the secrets surrounding the NPC that accompanied her.

But not only had she failed, but it seems that they will be late.

”Sigh, god of doom! Why did this girl have to be my first client? She is a real wound. ” Kasel muttered, pushing his head into the cushion.

Even if it was almost time, it was still dark outside. Therefore, Kasel was firmly convinced that day had not yet replaced night.

*Bam-Bam!-Bam!!! *

”Sh*t, Im Coming! ” He toned when he got up half asleep as he staggered to the door like a zombie.


He opened the door in front of Avery and then returned to his bed, lying down again.

”Hat?! Who are you?! ” But Averys agitated voice followed by his strange question made Kasel sober.

”Who am I? Your memory is so eaten away by the incubus who visited you last night to the point of forgetting me?! ” Kasel retorted to these words to answer back Avery.

”Hm? Have you reduced? Is it even possible? ” He asked by slightly raising his eyebrows when he saw Averys small size.

”I didn diminish size! It was you who became… – While Avery was trying to find better words to describe the current situation…

Kasel, who had just remembered something, sprinted to the bathroom and stopped in front of the mirror.


What?! Wasn it a phenomenon that only happens to the player after the second impact? Why has it been happening to me since now?! He had almost shouted these words out loud because of his surprise.

Kasel who had a small body for a man who would soon be twenty years old measuring only 175cm; had slightly gained height with about 5cm more! His face, which was sculpted with a slightly more beautiful than average appearance, was now immaculate and sculpted with an imposing masculine charm like a pub model. His scarlet eyes were now like two beautiful rubies placed in a museum.

Ahh, it may be related to previous events. I suppose that instead of being like the other players, I am currently in my body without obstruction. As a result, improvements in my statistics influence my physical body. But still, it is unimaginable that such things can happen to me in real life.

With this conclusion, he changed by wearing a red shirt and a leather jacket that he had bought last night on his way home. Sigh, I guess I should buy a new uniform that goes with my size. He said to himself when he saw his new sets a little tight and hanging.


Avery felt perplexed when she saw a handsome man dressed in such clothes in a game.

”Do you recognize me now? – Kasel asked with a dazzling smile.

”I don see any difference. ” She says, looking away to hide the sudden redness that was manifested on her cheeks.

This NPC always have been like that? She wondered in her thoughts.

”In short, if you are ready for the start, we can no longer afford to take one more delay. – Just after these words, Kasel went out into his room locking the door behind him while Avery stood behind him with thoughtful eyes. No one knew what she was thinking now.

Subsequently, Kasel went upstairs and gave the key to his room to the innkeeper who was a middle-aged woman with black hair and average beauty with a mole under her left eye.

”Thank you for choosing us for your stay. ” She said they bow to Kasel with a professional smile.

Kasel nodded in response and left the hostel followed by Avery behind him. He had not forgotten to wear the strange mask that Harold had entrusted to him last night.

”Boss, wake up! She went out. ”

”Hm? Who came out?! ” The small group that had been watching Avery since last night was still persistent in changing guard posts to watch their prey.

”Have you forgotten yet? Im talking about the target. ” Says the bald eldest who wore the nickname [TigerSpear] with a frown.

”A kind of idiot, do you think Im like you?! Of course, I remember her. It was a… test for you, yes, an IQ test to help you improve your IQ. ” The ogre-looking chef replied by slapping TigerSpears bald head.

He himself bore the name of TigerHalberd, he was the leader and undisputed dictator of this small Tiger group.

”Its time to go pick the ripe fruit after they get out of the village. And also, do everything you can to capture the masked NPC that accompanies it! ”

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