past's insignificant achievements…
the subordinate dares to ask the master for a whole corpse.”


Disobedience, endangering the master's life, charming the master, no matter which one is taken out alone, is a felony in the shadow guard regulations.
If the punishment is determined according to the law, it is more than enough to sentence him to death.
If he is punished for several crimes, even Ling Chi** will not be enough.


Although Lou Yefeng and Pei Nianyu have been in a master-servant relationship for ten years, and because he is seven years older than his master, Pei Nianyu has five points of respect for him besides five points of trust.
Therefore, when they got along on a daily basis, Pei Nianyu never gave him any oppression in terms of status, and the two of them were more like close friends than master and servant.


However, in these ten years, Lou night Feng heart has always been their own position to weigh to understand, and have not had a half of the thought of overstepping the rules.


Getting along on weekdays is about getting along, but when it comes to such important matters, Pei Nianyu is the master and he is the servant, and the identities between the two are as insurmountable as a natural moat.
He dared to deceive the master of the design, which was challenging Pei Nianyu's majesty as the master.
The two of them are as insurmountable as a heavenly rift. 


The word “love” ……
will no longer carry half the weight after all.


Lou Yefeng knew this better than anyone else.
When he first set up this game, he never thought that his master would save his life.
He had already done this with the will to die.


For so many years, he accompanied Pei Nianyu in the palace through countless ups and downs, and also saw the fate of countless other shadow guards under his master who dared to overstep the rules.
He never imagined that his master would treat him differently because of love.


The shadow guard bears the Lord's trust, protects the Lord with his body, and repays those who know him well with his martial arts.
It's nice to say it, but after all, it's just a knife in the master's hand.


How can a knife be used by the owner easily? Nothing more than two——


Easy to use and obedient.


But now his martial arts have been abolished, and he is no longer useful, and what he has committed is the most taboo crime of overstepping his authority and hurting his master.
These two chips that can prove the value of the shadow guard…he has nothing.


The knife can be sharpened again when it is blunt, but if the knife is disobedient…
not only is it disobedient, but it will also cut the hand holding the knife.
Such a knife will undoubtedly end up being reduced to scrap iron and melted away.




Pei Nianyu knew that the crimes that Lou Yefeng said were true, and these crimes were indeed serious, but he couldn't bring up the slightest thought of punishing him.


He listened to Lou Yefeng counting his crimes one by one in a hoarse voice without any waves, and it was clear that he was determined to die.
However, what flashed through his mind was every bit of what he had silently guarded by his side in a black robe and a long sword for ten years.


From the hard work of risking one's life in the middle of the night to bring back the opponent's intelligence, to the danger of bloody battles when the palace changes suddenly, to…


The willingness and forbearance when you lie under yourself and let the violence happen.


At this time, those memories that he had never forgotten were revealed layer by layer, and gradually overlapped with the humble figure kneeling on the ground in front of him.
Pei Nianyu felt that his chest was blunt and aching from his cautious movements.


He coughed lightly, walked in front of Lou Yefeng, and stood still.
Then looked down at him, and asked in a serious but not harsh voice:


“Lou Yefeng, since you have committed a serious crime, I will personally convict you.
Do you…do you have any objections?”


The man kneeling on the ground trembled in his heart and said:


“This criminal Yefeng…..have no objection, please punish me, Master.”


“Alright then, Lou Yefeng, just listen—”


“That's good, Lou night Feng, and you listen to–“


“In the sixteenth year of Yuanzhao, you discerned every detail and found a deadly poison in the flowers and leaves.
In order to eliminate the poison, your meridians were injured and you suffered from cold syndrome.
This is your first merit.”


“In the nineteenth year of Yuanzhao, the Hengtianmen coup d'état, you protected me all the way to the place where I escaped from the chaotic soldiers, and suffered more than thirty wounds from arrows and knives, this is the second merit.”


“In the first year of Jinghe, at the Winter Sacrifice Ceremony, you detected the traitor in time and prevented me from being framed for regicide by an adulterer.
This is the third merit.”


“For three years in Jinghe, you spent your energy to get rid of the peach blossom Gu for me and relieve my life's danger.
These are the four meritorious deeds.”


“…The rest of the achievements will not be described in detail.
According to the eighth article of the criminal law of the shadow guards of the Dajing Dynasty – 'When the shadow guard is guilty, if the master agrees, he can make up for the crime.”


Speaking of this, Pei Nianyu suddenly squatted down and got very close to him, then grabbed the shackles on Lou Yefeng's wrists, put the key in, and turned it lightly, the iron shackles flew open:


“Your crime has four, merit also has four, merit and demerit.
Lou night Feng, this king ……
pardon you not guilty.”


Lou Yefeng's whole body trembled suddenly, and he raised his head very slowly – the master's familiar face was close at hand, his eyes were warm and inclusive.


Immediately afterwards, the master's slender palms were held in his own, and the temperature and gradually firm strength on them were transmitted from the place of holding to his heart.


As if in an unbelievable dream, he stared blankly at Pei Nianyu's expression.
After a while, there was a faint red circle in his eyes, which were always cold and sharp.










fěn dài

face powder and eyebrow liner


(fig.) beautiful woman


**Lingchi ([lǐŋʈʂʰɻ̩̌]; Chinese: 凌遲), translated variously as the slow process, the lingering death, or slow slicing, and also known as death by a thousand cuts, was a form of torture and execution used in China from roughly 900 CE up until the practice ended around the early 1900s.
It was also used in Vietnam and Korea.
In this form of execution, a knife was used to methodically remove portions of the body over an extended period of time, eventually resulting in death.



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