For some reason, seeing the luxurious residence of Count De Lavie doesn feel as comfortable as a simple orphanage.

There was only fear and anxiety in Cassie. Even when she walked side by side with her father, it felt like there was such a big gap between the two of them.

Even though they are similar, no one knows what the characteristics are. And the more Cassie stepped forward, the more she felt that she would be in terrible shackles.

Now Cassie and her father had arrived at their doorstep. Before going inside, Cassies father gave her a message.

”Keep your attitude, don act too much, and be a good obedient daughter! ” Count De Lavies cold and sharp eyes made Cassie want to be killed alive.

It wasn even an hour for Cassie to be in the house, but there was already a threat that made her feelings unable to be expressed in words.

”O-alright, Father! ” Cassie lowered her head and answered obediently.

”Good! My daughter is really smart! ” Count De Lavie stroked Cassies hair.

Finally the door opened and Cassie came in. Cassie was stunned by how beautifully the house matched the outside.

Cassie didn expect that she came from a rich and respected family. Instantly Cassie was made blank with fascination.

”Maids! Come here! ” Count De Lavie shouted.

Two maids came straight to Count De Lavie. Then, Count De Lavie gave orders for them to prepare a room for Cassie.

Cassie felt like she was in a dream, because she was treated like a real princess. So, Cassie was asked to follow the two maids.

Cassie also greeted her father before leaving because she was used to having good manners in every little thing.

Along the way, Cassie noticed the ins and outs of the house which was so luxurious. There are also several rooms that he has passed.

Cassie thinks that the occupants of the house might be a family consisting of several people. Cassie became increasingly curious about her family.

Cassies fear and anxiety vanished immediately after seeing what was in front of her.

”Do I have many siblings? Then doesn that mean Im the youngest child? ” Cassie thought as she walked.

Of course, Cassie thought that she was the youngest child because all she heard was that her biological mother had died.

So its unlikely that Cassie will ever have a younger sibling unless its from a different mother.

When Cassie was wondering, suddenly the two maids in front of her stopped walking and saluted someone.

”Greetings, Mrs Count De Lavie, ” the two maids greeted simultaneously.

Cassie also stopped and immediately looked at the middle-aged woman in front of her. Mrs. Count De Lavie, which means wife of Cassies father.

So did my father remarry? Cassie thought curiously.

Because Cassie had just arrived at the house and didn know anyone other than her father and maid, Cassie chose to follow what the two maids were doing.

Because Cassie didn want herself to be considered impolite and careless when she arrived at Count De Lavies residence.

”Cassie greeted Mom. ” Cassie gave a greeting like the two maids, even directly calling her ”mother ”.

”Mother? Who are you to call me like that? ” Mrs. Count De Lavie answered sarcastically.

At the beginning of the meeting with Mrs Count De Lavies, Cassie could guess that Mrs Count De Lavies was not an easy person.

Meanwhile Mrs. Count De Lavie frowned because she didn know Cassies figure because she didn pay much attention to her.

It was only when Cassie raised her face that was downcast from the greeting earlier that Mrs. Count De Lavie recognized her immediately.

The princess who was born by her maid who was considered as her husbands seductress instead set foot in their residence.

The feeling of resentment, revenge and hatred that was so thick made Mrs. Count De Lavie unable to do good to Cassie.

Even to pretend Mrs. Count De Lavie would not be willing. Because she thought that Cassie would only bring bad luck to his family.

”You?! What are you doing here?! Who brought you here, huh?! ” Mrs. Count De Lavie snapped at Cassie, pointing at her.

Cassie got scared and she didn know what to answer. So Cassie just kept silent and harbored her fears.

Mrs. Count De Lavie was annoyed that Cassie would remain silent when questioned. So Mrs. Count De Lavie started calling Cassie again.

”Are you deaf?! Or are you deliberately challenging me?! Why are you even here?! ” Mrs. Rowena snapped at Cassie again.

Cassies body trembled, she was getting scared. Cassie didn know what to ask for help.

Mom Rowena, Im scared, Cassie thought, only remembering Mrs. Rowena.

”Lucia! What are you doing?! ” Suddenly Count De Lavie appeared and broke the tension there.

Cassie who saw her fathers presence immediately calmed down. Cassie rushed to hide behind her fathers body.

”Ah, so you brought her! Why did you bring back your abandoned daughter?! Do you feel guilty after all this time and want to make up for it?! You old bastard! ” Mrs. Count De Lavie even swore at her husband.

Because he could not stand his wifes words, Count De Lavie immediately gave his wife a slap in the face.


Mrs. Count De Lavies face immediately turned red from her husbands slap. She wanted to be angry, but suddenly her hand was grabbed by Count De Lavie.

”You come with me! Cassie, follow the two maids and get some rest! ” Count De Lavie snaps at his wife but is gentle on Cassie.

”F-alright, Father! ” Cassie answered nervously.

Cassie saw her father taking his wife away from her. Just got there Cassie had to get an unexpected surprise.

Cassie couldn imagine what would happen to her next. Its just that seeing his fathers character, Cassie hopes that he can be protected.

”For now only Father I can trust! God please protect me. ” Cassie prayed to God.

Cassie continued on her way to her room with the two maids. Again Cassie was greeted by something else.

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