Quest For Vengeance

A Slain Goddess

The black stone walls trembled once more. The temple had been attacked for the entire day, and yet it still stood proud like it always had been for the last ten millennia. The skies even mirrored the shaking of the temple with many small stones falling off of the temple that dominated the region, though it was in fact the only thing in this region.

The golden glowing skies, making everything in the empty region seem magically and divine. The occasional golden ray even caused the black ground to sparkle and glow as it brushed the ground.

Loud creaks and cracks were echoing out alongside this trembling of the world. Then with a couple loud bangs something seemed to finally give and the temple walls began to collapse one by one.

Once a few seconds of complete and utter destruction had finally passed, the interior of this temple could be seen by everyone not inside, though those not inside were all dead.

The blood of the angels could be seen covering the ground golden and silver, the colour of their blood did not matter as it mixed in under their bodies. Thousands could be seen of both genders and many types.

If a person were to look out they would be able to see, black and white wings as well as gold and even the occasional blue winged angel. All were out there in battle armour coloured the same as their wings and yet all of them were there laying dead.


The sudden explosion and its following dust plume soon smashed out of the destroyed entrance. The bodies that had been there, were all gone by the time the dust had settled. If they had been flung away or simply disintegrated no one would know and no one cared.

After all angels were expendable here, this is the realm of the Gods after all.

Inside of the ruined temple, there was not much left, the varying halls and rooms had all been blasted apart, the white luminous stone on the inside of the temple was even pure and untainted even though it was lying around on the ground in chunks, yet still it was beautiful and the light that it emitted was still bright, even though the golden rays of the skies crept through the holes, it still made the glowing stone light up even more, a blinding pure light.

Then another explosion ripped through the temple once again.

The noise itself came from the throne room, in which there were only four figures left standing.

The figures were peerless and yet all were haggard and panting. Each one sporting a few wounds of varying kinds, the worst of the four though was a lady wearing a veil with two coloured stones sitting atop of it, her tight fitting robes being in tatters now, the intricate golden designs could not be made out at all now.

She had two slash wounds spread out across her chest, through which golden blood was slowly seeping out. Her figure in one word was peerless, she could and did put any goddess of beauty to shame.

”Why? Why are you doing this? ” She cried out, grasping the two daggers in her hands even tighter.

The three other men, each glad in different colour robes each with its own design, did not say a word and instead each just readied themselves once more.

Then without a word they all charged forwards, spear, sword and sabre raining down onto the lonely goddess.

She moved as quick as she could, her daggers gleaming and shining as they danced around her body protecting her from the most dangerous attacks and yet still, her wounds were slowing her down. She barely could keep up with all of them and finally another attack snuck through, the spear smashing into her chest.

The quiet squelch and the following burst of golden blood, soon being faded out with the clash of metal and again, another burst of golden light pulsed out of the goddess forcing the men away again, giving her a moment of respite.

”The God of War, The God of Darkness and The God of Light. I supposed I should feel happy you all have come here to kill me

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