Quest For Vengeance

A Slain Goddess

still, why? I was not part of your war! ” Her voice echoed around her temple and domain fiercely but still, her legs wobbled as she struggled to stand.

This battle was finally coming to an end. All four of them knew it, she just wanted answers.

Answers she would not get.

Without any warning they all came at her again, the ground cracking with their movement.

Their weapons soon enough were singing their own deadly tune, as metal clashed, its sharp ringing making even the air seem sharp and dangerous.

The goddess suddenly stepped back slightly causing the sabre to miss her ever so slightly, taking advantage she in a flash was beside the black haired and eyed god. Har daggers stabbed into his chest, his black robes being darkened even more than what should be normally possible, then within a flash they were out of his body as it sprayed black blood over the floor.

He though merely grunted and slashed his sabre at the neck of the goddess, who barely managed to block the attack, her body being flung back and the moment her feet landed onto the floor, the patient spear thrust into her chest, this time not missing her heart.

Tears running down her face, the brave goddess coughed up a load of golden blood. It slowly dripping out from underneath the veil.

Holding the spear, she slowly collapsed to the floor looking at the three gods as they stood around looking down at her dying body.

”Why… ” Suddenly violently coughing, her entire body trembled as blood began to push out of her wounds. They all stood there as the thick golden liquid crashed onto their boots.

Her body was quickly failing and the goddess was scared. She did not want to die! She did not know what to do though! She did not even know why they were all here!

Then the sword wielding God of Light slowly walked up to her, his sword aimed at her throat, clearing he aimed to take her head as well. The others did not bother to stop him, after all her death was all they wanted.

His untainted white robes, that looked alot like the luminous stone her temple had been built from, was now not so white, in fact it looked more grey than anything else.

The mans eyes slowly met that of the Goddess. ”I am truly sorry, you know? We did not want to do this to you. You are one of the supreme Gods. Yet we could not just sit here and leave you alone. ” His words and excuses fell on death ears though.

”Ha…I am not a fool. Do not lie to me! ” Her screams ripped into the mans chest, though it was still only a scream, no damage would be done…

The God just sighed and raised his sword.

”I will be back for you three…When I do, I will kill you all! ”


The final sword swing was done, and her head severed completely, slowly falling to the floor with a thud.

The three remaining Gods let out a sigh of relief.

The only one who looked a little nervous was the God of Light who had performed the killing blow. ”She won be able to come back right? ” He mumbled this to the other two.

The spear wielding God of War was the one who replied, ”She may be the God of Luck, but not even she is that lucky. ”

Then the three all left the blood stained realm. After all, no one could know it was them who had done this.

Then as soon as they had left. Five Gods suddenly appeared, the youngest of the five, a young man. Nearly fell to the floor in tears seeing the dead Goddess. The twins signed almost at the same time, sharing a small unseen glance with each other and the eldest two just looked around glumly like they did not want to even be here at all.

These were the other supreme Gods who formed the divine council. Now they were just a council of five.

They all looked at each other with worry in their eyes, but when they looked back at the body, it was gone…

Gone with a gust of wind…

They all were shocked… The reason for this would only be shown in the future…

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