Chapter 1 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the End Times (1)

December 26th, 2022

Flowers bloom in the ashes, and they grow and fight each other, which is a lot of fun.

[Host, hello!]
[I am System 168, known as the Blackened Big Boss Influence System.
The host now needs to find the blackened Big Boss, Shi Minzhi, take care of him meticulously, influence him, guide him to be positive, and be a good person.
Try not to take the lives of innocent people.

Bai Tang curled her lips, unmoved: “You can bind with someone else, I won’t go.”

She is the one who cooks wine and splashes tea, isn’t it good to just have fun and enjoy life?

Influence a blackened big boss?

In her opinion, since he was already blackened, why not just kill him directly, wouldn’t it then be over once and for all?

This is the easiest and fastest way!

System 168 is resolute.
After finally catching a host with such a strong soul, there’s no way it can be easily miss.
Work performance, here it comes!

[Sorry host, you have no right to refuse.]
System 168 directly brought Bai Tang into the mission world.

With a flash of white light, Bai Tang entered the body of a human woman.
This human woman was a high school student, also named Bai Tang, who had just turned 18 years old and was about to take the college entrance examination in 20 days.

However, an accident happened, a global drizzle, pattering down for a month, unexpectedly zombies appeared just like in the novels.

As a result, the zombies broke out in a large area.
At this time, it was exactly three months after the zombies broke out.
She was the only one left in her family.

System 168 encouraged: [Host, zombies are rampant in this world, and it is waiting for you to influence the blackened big boss, so that fewer people will die in this world.

Bai Tang: ???

Let fewer people die? This blackened big boss is a…?
She was very upset.
By forcibly binding her to do the task, this system 168 didn’t even make sure she is mentally prepared first at all.


Bai Tang spit out these two words softly, and a cold sword appeared in her hand.
Its blade was so sharp that it could break hair.

What! A sword!
How could the host summon a sword?
The system is 1.68 million suspicious.
It has clearly checked everything.
The host Bai Tang has nothing special other than a strong soul, and there is no hidden treasure in her body.
But what’s the matter with this sword?

Bai Tang smiled maliciously, and asked, “Where is Shi Minzhi? I’ll do the mission, I’ll “influence” him, and I’ll make him harm less innocent people.”

System 168 saw Bai Tang finally accepted the task.
Feeling very relieved, it immediately provided the route: [Host, Shi Minzhi is not too far away from you, there are more zombies on this road, so hurry up.
Remember, don’t be hurt by zombies.
If you become a zombie and lose consciousness, I can only abandon you.]

System 168 does not want any accident happening to Bai Tang because it has no energy! It can’t afford to change the host, so it just needs to bind Bai Tang first to survive!

Bai Tang laughed even happier.
Since her soul had entered this body, the strength of this body had undergone a qualitative change.
Holding the Canglan Sword, Bai Tang kicked open the iron gate very roughly.

[Isn’t this strength too great?]
System 168 muttered, suddenly having a bad feeling.
Bai Tang’s attitude looked like she was going to fight and seek revenge.

Bai Tang’s sharp eyes swept towards the corridor.
The sound of her kicking the door was too loud, causing the two roaming zombies in the corridor turned around, apparently attracted by the sound.
The rotten and ugly body looked really disgusting.

Smelling the breath of human, the ashen eyes of the two zombies gleamed, and they wobbled and rushed towards Bai Tang.

The zombies was excited just like when a hunter seeing a prey, but so did Bai Tang.

The soft tongue licked the somewhat dry lips, and a look of disgust flashed in Bai Tang’s eyes.

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