He was just playing a game until his elbow accidentally hit the coffee mug near him the coffee inside the mug spilled and the spill accidentally spilled on to a electronic outlet that led to his death, with the brief time he got to react he was already dead.

After dying he saw nothing but an endless amount of stars galaxies and it looked like an endless cosmos, he was calm he didn expect to die but he was ready for it he would either be send to heaven or hell but that was what thought to him when he was growing up but he didn know when someone dies they would be send to space, he didn have anything to do he so he just counted the stars that he could see ”1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6….. ” he kept counting until he forgotten what number was he so he started again, after a few centuries or so a voice sounded.

{ child you have suffered an unfair faith i will give you a chance for salvation so what do you want child }

He didn suffered anything other than some mental breakdown but it wasn but a small matter to him so he didn have anything in his mind he didn answered the voice and continued counting the stars a few centuries passed but the voice came back again and said.

{ Child you have been given a chance but hasn chosen to have anything or something why child, do you want to stay in this place forever }

He didn answered for a few minutes he answered the voice.

”how do i leave here, can you help me with that ”

He was getting bored so he answered the voice this time, the voice answered.

{I can, but it is too light of a reward or a wish so im ganna give you something that i dont even know of, child take this and good luck}

He didn know what the voice was referring to but suddenly a cube appeared and floated to his chest after that he didn feel anything when the cube entered his chest, and after the cube floated to his chest a portal appeared and when he saw the portal he thanked the voice and left the cosmos.

After that he was out side the portal and looked at his back but the portal was gone after that he looked around and he saw himself in a room the walls was mossy bricks stacked together on top of each other the floor was the same but tiles the ceiling was a bunch of wood, he didn saw anything other than skulls lying on the ground, he got up when he got up he heard a sound it sounded like rattling bones but it was close so he looked around and saw nothing moved until he saw himself, he saw a pair of boney hands and with a body frame of a skeleton was under him, he looked again and realized that it was him he touched his body it was all bones no meat or anything other than joints, he was a skeleton he was surprised because he thought he would be reincarnated as a baby or his whole human body not a skeleton, after that he heard a beep eep he looked infront of him and saw a transparent black-screen with a font of white saying.

[ RACE IDENTIFIED: UNDEAD SKELETON: Brought back to life by a apprentice necromancer, lowest in the undead race hierarchy, weak alone, many troublesome [ DANGER LEVEL: 1 ]

A A.I like sound narrated the transparent black-screen, he was amazed because it looked like he got a system but he didn know what is it for, he tried to call on the system and it worked a transparent black-screen appearedin front of him.


It only said one thing but he touched the screen and a new screen materialized.



[ LV: 1 ]

[ HP: 2]

[ STR: 1 ]

[ INT: 2 ]

[ AGI: 1 ]

[ DEX: 1 ]


He was weak or something he don know what kind of world he reincarnated to so he was not sure, he touched it again it disappeared, he didn bother with it and started to do some stretches to familiarize with his body, after doing it for some time he realized that his body is so riged its like old wood trying to bent but he can move freely but by instinct he always put it back he didn know what was causing this but he didn think about it anymore and stopped doing stretches, after stopping he tride to push the wooden door of the room it has no handles so he pushed it after a few minutes the door was opened up a little that he can barely fit in it so he pushed it a bit more and some time later the door was opened, he was so weak even a simple door it took him hours to open it up, after opening the door he walked out of the room and after leaving he saw a corridor with some rooms in the sides of it, he walked to the nearest room and peeked inside the room, there was a weird stick inside and nothing more seeing that there was nothing there he pushed open the door and entered that literally took him a few hours.

After entering the room he looked at the weird stick and picked it up and a prompt from the system it showed and narrated

[ MAGIC STICK: It has been engraved by a magic spell [ UNKNOWN ] that can be activated when mana activates the magic spell that has been engraved to it ]

The system appraised the weird stick or magic stick on his hand he heard from the system that it would activate a magic spell if he inserted mana onto it, he directed his mana to the stick and the stick got brighter but diminished shortly after sure enough his mana was not enough, after the experiment with the stick he tried to enter the room but there were a monster but he didn know if they are aggressive or not he returned to the place where he came then lied down then rested
attle the bones that he was laying on was rattling as he placed himself to rest.

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