After sleeping in jack place he left and returned to his apartment, after returning from jack place he was in the apartment he opened the door click realizing that he just opened it without the keys but it opened he slowly opened it and suddenly a breath of warm air came to his neck it made his spine cold and he slowly came out and but before he could retract his body a sweet and a little of bitterness voice sounded.

”leaving me again ”

He dint stop doing what he was doing but immediately ran outside, after running he saw that there was noone chasing him he stopped and called a taxi, after that he returned to jacks house, when he came back jack was surprised and welcomed him.

”so what happened your back so soon ”

”its either a girl i don know or someone i know ”

”what they intruded your apartment not like thats possible ”

I looked at him seriously and jack came to realization that he was right.

”so where are you ganna stay now ”

”temporarily here until i find a place ”

”okay, and are you still ganna go to the reunion ”

”prom, thats a big no if that someone was there, what do you think will happen ”

”ok ”

After that the two chatted for a while then started playing until noon, it was 8.30pm and jack left with his phone on in video call.

”hey do you here me jack ”

”loud and clear ”

”okay and who are you bringing again ”

”oh i didn say it to you yet ”

”no ”

”laine ”

”Nickname already damm ”

”nickname is a little thing compared to you, kidnapping is much more good its a sign she loves you but you don just care ”

”not this again your acting like girl ”

”why girl im not gay ”

”i know ”

”oh im here ”

”where ”

”her place ”

”Ooh picking her up ”

”yeah not like someone who will just ignore her like he didn even exist, im more straight forward ”

”don rub it in ”

”why not thats the only thing that had recently happened to you, just trying to help you forget it ”

”okay now just go get her then go to school ”

After that jack left his car then returned with a girl, when the girl saw the phone on video call he was embarrassed.

”hey jack so shes laine ”

”yeah and shut up ”

After that jack flipped his phone directing the front of his phone to the car window.

”ok laine just ignore him ”

”hmm ”

”Ooh straight forward i see ”

”don make this weird dave ”

”Im just getting my revenge ”

”ok now i know but don do this ”

”okay ”

Soon after driving for about a few minutes the car stopped, jack took the phone then placed it in his suit pocket. jack stopped the car then left then opened the passenger seat door.

”Lets go ”

”hmm ”

”i didn expect for you to pick a silent one jack ”

”shut up ”

Soon they entered the school and headed to the school stadium, they were greeted by everyone and after settling in a group of guys came with their partners then sat beside them, one of the guy said.

”wheres your partner dave ”

”don mention it i was almost been taken captive ”

”harsh, by who ”

”i don know ”

”just don mention it okay ”

”okay ”

The partners of the guys looked at the guy on the phone weirdly, they were talking so casual about something that had just happened the girls tagged the guys then questioned them about it the guys answered.

”we been friends since grade 2 or 3 we know what our or thier things are so its normal ”

The girls was surprised but they take it, so the party began, jack left his phone facing the stage, he was just eating in the bedroom of his friend jack watching what was happening on the other side until a figure silently came in front of the camera and said.

”come here lets end this charade ”

He immediately turned of the phone and left with it then headed to the school, after that he called a cab and left when he was at the school after that he headed to the school stadium after that he silently opened the door and suddenly a hand grabbed him and pulled him to the stage and suddenly the speaker sounded.

”every body there is a new contestant in stage lets give it up for the Act as if it is nothing ”

Soon the hand grabbed him by both hands and started to guide him to a dance he followed after with everymove he don know what was happening other than he was in a state of daze after a while the dance ended with a kiss, and soon the hand let it go on its hold on his arm and the figure ran away, he was alone in the stage he left like as if nothing happened and once he retreated the stage a group of guys welcomed him.

”that was amazing ”

”how did you do that ”

”Ooh someone is finally picking his left alone things ”

The welcoming of the guys was ruined when jack sarcastically said something.

”shut up jack and who was is the one that i have been dancing with ”

All of the guys looked at him and looked at each other and said at the same time.

”you sonofawitch ”

”what did i do now i just questioned you guys whats wrong with that ”

”that was her ”

”who ”

”the one you don want to encounter and one more thing you broke your promise ”

”witch, okay act like nothing happened okay ”

”sure but sir whynot ”

”don start something jack ”

”since im already here lets party,

”sure, i saw many food there ”

”then lets go ”

After that the group picked a bunch of food from the food stand and returned to their table with their own partners being themselves and lovey dovey of all things, he was alone eating with one free seat beside him he ate many things he came back to the foodstand for about four times it was almost midnight suddenly a gentle kiss and a handkerchief wiped hi face he thanked and looked at the one who did it.

”just for tonight ”

Soon the one who did it sat beside him and all of this was seen by the whole class of people and even a drop of a needle could be heard.

”okay now what do you want ”

”say my name ”

”okay ”

And he immediately remembered that he recorded a voice with her the suddenly changed his mind.

”no ”

”why ”

”don pull that on me ”

”Ive already drugged you so you will say the truth and will die shortly and so i am ”

”double suicide not cool but not like i have any choice, so what do you want to know ”

”say my name ”

”okay here, janine ”

”thats not so hard isn it ”

”it bring back memories so stop okay, just question me anything ”

”do you love me ”

”no and never di- ”

”why did you cut off say it again ”

”okay a little bi- ”

”you love me but there are nothing more that we can do so any last words, i have some but you first ”

”I WISH this is not real and just f&*^%# up imagination of someone and forget about it ”

”cute, okay im next ive loved you but now i love you more so can you hold my hand ”

”sure why not ”

Soon after janine lifted his hands and so i did, we hold hands and slowly both our consciousness was slowly fading until it was gone.

Everyone who was watching this cried and the guys immediately ran to both of the bodies and cried, mourn.

”so soon, so soon damm you should have left something for us when you are doing something like this ”

Tears flowed from jack eyes and so did the rest of the guys.

”funny your the one who was always literally and now you own very attitude became what you are, literally dead, HA HA HA HA HA… ”

another downpour came down it was like this for a few hours until the ambulance arrived, they know that nothing can come back to life so they would just regularly visit them in the cemetery as life is.

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