Arkhen took two hours to complete 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups. After doing them, he couldn even move his muscles, but he could feel them recovering fast. Whats going on?

[Lord, your recovery is already higher than regular humans because of the system. You can check the |stats| tab to see your stats and can also check other peoples stats if you wish]

Arkhen opened his |stats| tab and checked it out.


-Stamina: 4

-Strength: 3

-Agility: 4

-Charm: 2

What are the stats of the most powerful humans on this planet? Arkhen asked.

[Lord, The most powerful humans have 100 points in Stamina, Strength, Agility, and EP.]

Wait, 100? What the **? Arkhen was startled. Also, what is EP?

[EP means Energy Power. You have yet to unlock your EP, but you will unlock it soon. As for 100 stats thing, some powerful humans are residing on this planet who have mastery over various empowering energies like mana, chi, spirit energy, and such energies while some have blessings from gods, demons, devils, and, various mythical beings of this planet. These humans are at the peak of power on this planet.]

Are you telling me that all those gods that people worship in all religions are true and not just myths? Arkhen asked in disbelief. He had never believed in god before, and felt that they were all just bullshit. After all, his life was nothing but hell ever since his mother died.

[There are indeed those mythical beings, but they are not what these people make them out to be. These mythical beings reside in higher realms, and they don give a shit about people here. They have their own problems. They just get some faith energy from people here, which they can convert into their own EP.]

Oh…t-this this is getting interesting, Arkhen was excited to hear about such a wonderful thing. A new fire started burning inside him as he couldn wait to meet these mythical beings!

[Lord, you are meant to be above all of them. You must not let go of what you got and work hard to topple everything in your path and stand above nine realms! I want you to rise and not fall on the way like previous hosts]

Previous hosts? So I am not the first who got this Reality System? Arkhen asked.

[Indeed. But you are my favorite already. The previous hosts were chosen differently, but you are chosen correctly.]

Tell me more about these nine realms and whatnot while I am resting, Arkhen said as he lay on the floor, all sweaty.

[You have yet to gain authority to fully know about realms, but I can tell you some interesting things that I know because I also don know about everything.]

No problem. Go ahead and tell me about things that are possible for you to tell me.

[First, people who can access higher realms are stronger. This planet is even below the category of the 1st realm. Second, its your choice whether you want to live in the strongest realm you can access or not.]

[Basically, these realms are like universes but with stronger, different laws, and unique structures. The universe in which you are living is weak. One of the spec among many]

Oh…So in which realm do these mythical beings that people here worship reside?

[Depends. Not all mythical beings are at the same level. The strongest of mythical beings you know resides in the 4th realm. There are twenty of them in the 4th realm so far. None above that.]

Woah…Only twenty? And I am shocked that these mythical beings can only access up to the 4th realm.

[Because these mythical beings are only from this universe and they gradually reached the 4th realm of power. There are other beings, more worlds, and more races. Even some humans in the higher realm are more powerful than these mythical beings of Earth]

I see. So, who is the strongest among those in the 4th realm?

[All of them are kind of equal in individual power as none of them can kill each other in a 1v1 fight. Although they can kill each other, I think that Shiva, Yahweh, Durga, Three Pure Ones, Izanami, Izanagi, Vishnu, Lucifer, Hades, and Sun Wukong come in upper power because they are close to accessing the 5th realm. Still, the difference between them and the rest of the twenty is not huge.]

Damn it. Now, I really want to see them in real!

[For that, you will have to work hard, my lord]

Arkhen nodded as he stood up. I have rested enough. Now its time to complete the last daily task.

After standing up, he left his room and went downstairs.

In the hall, two girls and a boy were sitting on different couches. The boy was reading something on the iPad while the girls were playing games on TV.

Alfred was also sitting at the table and reading the newspaper when he heard footsteps and saw that Arkhen was coming down.

”Young master, we would require your blood for a blood test, ” Alfred stood up and walked towards Arkhen.

Hearing Alfreds words, Lily, Evelyn, and Daniel curiously turned their heads towards Arkhen.

”Why is he all sweaty? ” Lily asked curiously.

”Must have been exercising in his room, ” Evelyn said.

”Not as fit as me though, ” Daniel muttered softly before he turned back to his iPad.

”What did you say? ” Lily turned to Daniel after hearing his soft mutter.

”Nothing. He is still not your brother until its proved by the blood test. ”

Arkhen looked at them and smilingly nodded once as a greeting before he turned to Alfred. ”You can take my blood after I finish my last exercise if thats fine with you. ”

”Alright, ” Alfred nodded.

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