Alfred was also shocked, but he quickly tended to Daniel and carried him away since he needed treatment.

”I heard a slight crack sound. Brother, I think you broke his rib cage, ” Lily said with a chuckle.

”Umu, umu, that was awesome, ” Evelyn said with a smile as two dimples appeared on her cheeks. ”Come brother, lets check your physical strength on that machine. I am really curious. ”

”Yes, yes, ” Lily said as she nodded quickly with curiosity in her eyes.

”Sure, ” Arkhen said with a smile and glanced at the hot bodies of Lily and Evelyn. They had worn sports bras so their perfect boobs were very tempting.

After Arkhen had a taste of sex, he couldn forget and wanted to do it more, but making a move on these two, for now, wouldn do him any good.

[My lord, you can still seduce them and I can help you with that. These girls are still pure, so it will be easy. It will take a few days, but you can slowly make your move.]

Oh? Pray to tell, I am listening.

[First, lets start with helping them and teaching them the taijutsu martial arts. They also surely want to learn it.]

Interesting, hahaha. Alright, Ill go along with your plan, Arkhen said as he moved towards the punching machine.

”Here, brother. Use the stance which can bring out the highest power in your punch and smash it on this machine, ” Lily said with a smile of anticipation.

Arkhen stood in front of the punching machine before taking a taijutsu stance that could bring out the highest power of a straight punch and…smashed it forward.


Lily and Evelyn saw numbers after a second and their mouth were wide open!

”T-this is even higher than our martial arts teacher in the academy! ” Lily said with a dumbfounded expression as she looked at her brother. ”So awesome? ”

”Wow… ” Evelyn was also shocked and turned to Arkhen. ”Arkhen, will you teach us, please? You don know, but there are bullies even in Star-Prime academy and its worse when you can fight back against them. ”

”Bullies? ” Arkhen narrowed his eyes as the memories of his middle school to college life flashed in his head, causing his eyes to turn cold. ”You two are mine now. Whoever dares to bully or even touch you will suffer. ”

Lily and Evelyn were startled.

”Ahem I mean, you two are my sisters now, ” Arkhen said with a smile. ”So tell me who bullied you tomorrow when we go to the academy and Ill teach them a lesson. ”

”Yey! Thank you, brother! But you also have to teach us the martial arts, you know, ” Lily said with a grin.

”Of course, come on. Lets start right away, ” Arkhen said as he gestured for them to come with him.

The three of them stood in the ring with Lily and Evelyn facing Arkhen.

”First, adjust your body to a certain stance. Copy me and stand like this, ” Arkhen started teaching them.

[Don become physical with them at the start. Teach them gently and slowly. They should get your honesty first]

Alright, Arkhen said.

As such, the training session inside the hall started as girls were happy to learn new things from Arkhen and get strong.

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