“Scorer Yuan, the team leader asked me to help everyone record centimeters.”

    Yuan Xiaohu raised his head when he heard the sound, saw that it was Ye Mi, and immediately pulled out the notebook and pen from the bottom drawer to her familiarly: “I’ll do it here, you are in charge of the field to the west.”

    “Okay.” Ye Mi took the things, turned around and rushed to the field to the west.

    There are quite a lot of educated youths working in this field, so letting Ye Mi, who is also an educated youth, score points can avoid some unnecessary conflicts.

    If it is winter, the fields may have entered the slack season now, and every family hides in the house and sleeps on the kang, but it is different in the south.
The coldest winter here will not be lower than five degrees, and some cold-resistant crops can be grown in the field.

    Xiaotian Village, where Yemi lives, is rich in sugar beets in winter.
There is a small sugar factory in their farmland commune.
The beets grown in the village are specially supplied to the sugar factory to make sugar.
They can also exchange some money and sugar tickets all year round.
Add some sweetness to the New Year.

    Now everyone is harvesting beets.

    All Ye Mi has to do is to record who has harvested a few acres of sugar beet.
An acre of land is five centimeters.
A strong man can work for a whole day.
As long as he is not lazy, he can even get fifteen centimeters.
Strong women can also get this number.

    But if Ye Mi is allowed to come, she feels that she will be exhausted after confiscating half an acre of land.

    Seriously, no kidding.

    Xiaotian Village is not a very wealthy village, but it is located in one of the main grain producing areas in the country.
As long as you work hard, it is not difficult to have enough food every day, and you can even save a little savings.

    As long as Yemi’s health improves and she can do rough work, she won’t have such a miserable life later.

    Ye Mi earnestly wrote down the centimeters that everyone worked all day, and at the end of the day, he also made a mark for himself: five centimeters.

    She is not a serious scorekeeper, but the captain takes care of her and specially assigned her a light job, so she couldn’t be like Yuan Xiaohu and get the full centimeter ten points.

    If you really do this, the team members should turn against each other.

    “Ye Mi, let’s go, go back to eat.” Gao Yuan called Ye Mi loudly.

    “Okay, wait for me.” Ye Mi responded loudly without looking back.

    She returned the notebook and pen that she had memorized to Yuan Xiaohu, and he combined them together and handed them over to old accountant Yuan, then trotted to Gao Yuan’s side, and returned to the Educated Youth home with the educated youths.

    Their Educated Youth Courtyard used to be the village’s ancestral hall, but after the destruction of the Four Olds, the ancestral hall was abandoned.
After the first batch of educated youths responded to the call of the country and actively went to the countryside to support them, the village simply cleaned up the abandoned ancestral hall and gave it to the educated youths to live in.

    It happens that the ancestral hall is divided into front and back yards, with a moon gate in the middle.

    As long as the door is blocked, it can be divided into two courtyards, and the male educated youth and female educated youth are divided into two sides, which is convenient for them to take care of each other and is not easy to cause trouble.

    Back at the Educated Youth Court, it was Gao Yuan’s turn to cook today, and she told Ye Mi to go back to the house to hide and not come out to be blown by the wind, and then went into the kitchen.

    They took turns cooking in the educated youth courtyard.
Everyone regularly handed in their rations, lived together, and then everyone took turns cooking, which saved some firewood and energy.

    After all, it is already very tiring to thump in the fields all day.
No one wants to go back to the educated youth courtyard every day and have to drag his tired body to cook.

    In this way, at least he can rest for nearly half a month before his turn.

    Fortunately, even though none of the girls are good at cooking, at least no one is a kitchen killer, and they can eat whatever they cook.

    It would be too miserable to be like the Men’s Educated Youth Academy next door, where there was a burst of wailing when it was a certain someone’s turn.

    “Oh, my pants are torn.” Chen Chunxiang, who lived in the same room as Ye Mi, pulled his pants and wailed.

    The others turned their heads when they heard this, and laughed at once.

    “It’s torn open around your butt.
You didn’t feel the coldness of your butt when you came back?”

“Take it off and see if you can mend it.”

    “Let Yemi take a look for you.
She is skillful and her mending is more beautiful.”

    Everyone was talking and giving Chen Chunxiang ideas.

    “I only have two pairs of cotton trousers.” Chen Chunxiang took off the trousers, held them in both hands and handed them to Ye Mi, pleadingly: “Good Ye Mi, please save me, otherwise how will I survive this winter.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll take a look first.” Ye Mi took the trousers and glanced at them a few times, “It’s all right, most likely you bent over to nuch and the middle line cracked open, I’ll just mend it along the edge.”

    Before the words were finished, Ye Mi took out the sewing box from the wooden cabinet, threaded the needle skillfully, and helped Chen Chunxiang sew it neatly.

    After a while, a pair of intact pants returned to Chen Chunxiang’s hands.

    Ye Mi used the disappearing stitch method, so that there would be no traces on the mended trousers, as if they had never been torn.

    “It’s so good, thank you Ye Mi!” Holding her trousers, Chen Chunxiang was so happy that she was smiling to her ears.

    She was happy with herself for a while, then suddenly remembered something, turned around and found a few hard fruit candies from her bed, and stuffed them to Ye Mi.

    “My mother sent this to me a few days ago.
Thank you for helping me sew my pants.”

    Ye Mi did not refuse, and accepted the candy obediently: “You are welcome, everyone should help each other.”

Outside of work, this was the only way to get a little pay.

    No one is rich these days, and the educated youths brought only a few sets of clothes when they went to the countryside, and they needed to be mended if they were torn, and they had no money to buy a new set.

    But not everyone can sew, only Ye Mi and two other educated youths in their educated youth courtyard can sew clothes, one of whom is a male educated youth.

    Of course, it is impossible for the female educated youth to ask the male educated youth to help them sew clothes, and the other female educated youth who can use needle and thread sews crookedly and unattractively.

    It’s really limited to how far you can sew two pieces of cloth together, and even a small hole will be exposed where the stitches are uneven.

    At this level who dares to ask her for help.

    Therefore, under the support of “peers”, Ye Mi, received the status of an ingenious tailor.

    And she can embroider.
If the holes are bigger, Yemi can embroider some flowers and plants to plug them up, without making ugly patches, this greatly satisfies the beauty-loving hearts of female educated youths.

    So after a long time, everyone loves to ask her to help mend any clothes that are damaged.

    Of course, they also know that Ye Mi’s life is difficult, so they will give some thank you gifts every time she mends something for them, which can be regarded as helping her in disguise.

    If life continued like this, Ye Mi would be able to hold on, but unfortunately, in the end, the people in the Educated Youth Academy scattered, and without customers, Ye Mi would naturally have no source of income.

    The already difficult days were made even worse, so that in the end, people even died.

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