On the morning of the weekend, Mu Xiaoke got up very early.
The order he had taken before hadn’t been made yet.
He just made a glass of milk and drank it for breakfast.

In the living room, there is his work station, with various tool boxes neatly arranged on it, as well as his mother’s notes and materials that she left.

Luo Jiaming’s friend bought a hairpin.
It is said that she is going to the Comic-Con in her hanfu[1] next weekend, and she is short of accessories above her head.

Mu Xiaoke was not too proficient in making hairpins, and he was not satisfied with a few of them.
Looking at the photos of hanfu sent by the girl, the Ming Dynasty styled dress with the main colors of red and black is very imposing and dignified, and almost none of the new materials he bought at hand can hold down the color of the clothes.

After thinking for a long time, he opened the box of materials left by his mother.
This box was like a treasure chest when he was a child.
Looking at it now, it is more than that.
It can be regarded as a small art display box.

The hairpins styled in the Ming Dynasty were carefully placed in a row.
He put them under the table lamp to observe them one by one.
One of the most eye-catching is a pair of antique golden phoenix hairpins.
The Golden Phoenix on this pair of golden phoenix hairpins is lifelike and fluttering.
The tail feathers seem to be similar in shape but not exactly the same.
The hairpin body is also a meandering snake shape.
It seems to have no rules, but the actual lines are smooth and composed.

This pair of golden hairpins was made by his mother.
He still remembers that in order to make the most perfect model of the Golden Phoenix, his mother did not leave the studio for nearly a month.

He pondered for a moment and began to make his own hairpin.

After an unknown period of time, his cell phone rang suddenly, and his hands shook in shock.
The hot melt gun touched his fingertips, and the scalding pain made him gasp.

But the phone was still ringing persistently, and he could only put away his tools to answer the phone.

The video call turned on, and it was Mu Kai, his older brother.

“I sent you more than ten messages, why didn’t you reply to any of them? Where are you, are you at home, I’m going to look for you.”

Mu Xiaoke put the phone on the phone holder and started sign language, “I was busy and didn’t notice it.” However, Mu Xiaoke didn’t have much apologetic expression on his face, which could be clearly seen by Mu Kai on the opposite side.

Mu Xiaoke didn’t hide his cold face, “Do you have anything else, I have something to do.”

“Wait, Mu Xiaoke!”

“What do you want, you have been so nonchalant to me since the summer vacation, is it because of Fu Jiayun?”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head decisively, “You misunderstood, it has nothing to do with others.”

“Then it has something to do with me.
Is it because Fu Jiayun and Rong Yanzhe both gave me cakes that day, but you know, I can give it to you.
I don’t care about them.
What I care about is you.
You are my younger brother.
We are close brothers.
We should not be strangers to outsiders, didi[2]…”

Mu Kai’s words are meaningless.
At least it makes no sense on Mu Xiaoke’s side.
What cake, what outsider, what close brothers, suddenly the hat of paying more attention to a lover than friends is put on his head.
The loop goes back to the day he just came back from rebirth.
Mu Kai said that he fell out with his family for a cake and even ran away from home?

“I don’t care about them, nor do I care about the cake.
Older brother, you misunderstood me.
I just want to be alone.
I don’t like the excitement.”

“You are spouting nonsense, how could you not like the excitement? You almost got lost in order to follow us to watch the fireworks.
I was the one who found you throughout the night.
Have you forgotten?”

Mu Xiaoke really wanted to roll his eyes.
He really wanted to say that he had almost forgotten these things, because later, his brain was not very well.
Almost all the things he could remember were how they tomented him, and the memories about them were his own pain and tears.

It turned out that Mu Kai still cared about him ah…

But so what, he didn’t want to remember those good things, he didn’t want to be soft-hearted, and he didn’t want to throw himself into the pit of fire again.
Mu Xiaoke contemplated for a moment, then gestured to Mu Kai: “I hate them.”

Mu Kai couldn’t believe what he’s seeing.
He even wondered if he hadn’t used sign language quite much in the past two years and had forgotten the meaning of sign language.
Mu Xiaoke hated them, who did he hate, Rong Yanzhe and Fu Jiayun?!

“What are you babbling about, have you forgotten the reason why you applied for senior high school?”

“Jiayun wouldn’t want to see you say this, Xiao Ke, what’s the matter with you?”

“I don’t know.” Mu Xiaoke lowered his face coldly, “I just want to study well now so that I can find a job to support myself in the future.”

“What job are you looking for!” Mu Kai reprimanded him angrily, “Can’t I feed you? Don’t tell me, Dad won’t care about your life?”

Yes, you all don’t care about my life.
You only care about your own life.
I didn’t get any help from you until I died.
You let me die alone in Rong’s house.
I dare not forget.

“Dad raised me for so many years, and I’m grateful.”

Mu Xiaoke bowed his head and hung up the phone.

Mu Kai looked at the blackened screen of his phone, feeling uneasy, especially with Fu Jiayun beside him.

Mu Kai saw Fu Jiayun’s face darkened.
This was an expression he had never seen on Fu Jiayun’s face.

“What did Xiao Ke say… He hates me?”

Mu Kai was speechless, “He… he is a child who loses his temper.
He has liked to pester you since he was a child.
Have you forgotten that before he took the senior high school entrance examination, he chased you and said that he wanted to be in the same school with you.”

Fu Jiayun clenched his fists, “Is he blaming me for being mean to him before, I… I didn’t mean it, he’s clearly no longer angry.”

“I’ll go find him.”

Mu Kai hurriedly grabbed him, “Don’t go, he may still be angry now.
Let him calm down, we…We will wait for him and go to him next week.
He won’t have an indefinite grudge with us.”





↑1 traditional Han Chinese dress
↑2 younger brother

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