The temptation of the Rong family couple made Mu Xiaoke very energetic.
He directly expressed that he did not understand the question.     


    Rong Yanzhe snorted and said, “Don’t you have a good relationship with your teacher?”


    Mu Xiaoke glanced at him, “Who told you?”


Rong Yanzhe was guilty at the moment.
Of course, Mu Kai told him these words, but because Mu Kai said it doesn’t mean that it is true.
After all, they have been in conflict recently, and everyone around them knows that the two brothers of the Mu family have fallen out.


    “So you told uncle and aunt after hearing the rumors, and then you came to question me.
Do you want to put false charges on my head?” After Mu Xiaoke typed these words, he not only showed them to Rong Yanzhe but also opened the voice software to read out the sentence.


    Mu Xiaoke doesn’t care what the Rong family thinks of him.
He is not interested, he has no obligation to give them a smile, not to mention be polite to Rong Yanzhe.
He hates him.
He wants them to know this fact clearly!


    Shao Yuzhen immediately became anxious, and asked back: “What… what did Xiao Ke say? What does it mean to put the blame on him again?”


    Mu Xiangyang patted Mu Xiaoke’s knee lightly, but Mu Xiaoke ignored it.


    “Rong Yanzhe and Fu Jiayun slandered me several times for bullying Mu Kai, and made my father misunderstand me to cause trouble, and provoke the relationship between me and my father.
I hate them.
I don’t know how much my uncle and aunt know about the situation, but our intern teacher is an ordinary undergraduate student, he is nice to everyone, and he is not special to me.
I am very afraid that you will go outside to spread gossip about me and others.
I was bullied in school for a semester, and I don’t want to be bullied again.


    Mu Xiaoke said this, then stood up and nodded to everyone, “I won’t eat, I’m leaving.”


    “No, wait, Xiaoke, do you have some misunderstanding, our Yanzhe… “


    Rong Yanzhe stood up and stopped Mu Xiaoke, staring at him, “Do you know what you are talking about?”


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t look at Rong Yanzhe but looked back at his parents, his eyes were filled with disgust, and he typed again: “You say I’m fine with everything, but there is no misunderstanding between Rong Yanzhe and me.
That’s what he did to me.
I only felt that he was bullying me.
I can’t speak but I can’t let others bully me!”


    Mu Xiangyang hurriedly followed, pressed Mu Xiaoke’s shoulder to signal him to stop talking nonsense,  and then smiled at Rong’s parents, “Okay, okay, it’s normal for children to fight.
Xiao Ke is in a bad mood recently, and it’s not against anyone.
Rong, I’m really sorry.”


    Rong Zhao and his wife’s faces were as dark as the bottom of a pot, but Lin Jun next to him was calm and composed as if he didn’t hear anything.


Mu, what’s going on here? Didn’t we agree to have dinner together today? Why do you make it as if our family is here to apologize to you?” Rong Zhao was indeed upset, but he didn’t say anything more serious.
After all, the two families are not superior-subordinate relationships, but neighbors and friends.


    “No, no, it’s just a child throwing a temper tantrum.
Xiao Ke, uncle and aunt are elders, you can’t be so rude.”


    Mu Xiaoke looked up at Mu Xiangyang, then turned to look at Rong Zhao and his wife, “I really shouldn’t be angry with my uncle and aunt.
I apologize for that.”


    That’s it? Rong Zhao and the others were startled.
What he said just now made outsiders think his son is a bully.
Don’t you explain, don’t you apologize?


    “Yanzhe is not that overbearing, he just…”


    “I don’t care what he wants to do, but he did bully me.
He thought it was a joke.
I don’t think so.
Auntie, don’t you think that people should get along with each other? Do you respect other people’s feelings?”


    Shao Yuzhen was interrupted by the mechanical voice, and her face became even uglier.
She didn’t think it was that important anymore.
The important thing was that their son was a big bully who didn’t respect others in Mu Xiaoke’s eyes.


    “I don’t respect your feelings? Mu Xiaoke, you really dare to say anything!”


    Mu Xiaoke knew that Rong Yanzhe would not admit his mistake, “Then how do you explain why you wanted to hostage me downstairs today? If it wasn’t for my teacher who rescue me, I wouldn’t even have personal freedom.
Is this what you mean by respect?”


    “That’s because you don’t want to go with me!”


    “Yes, I refused, so you want to force me!”


    Rong Zhao lost his temper completely and shouted: “All right! Stop talking! There is no need to eat this meal! Go, go home!”


    Rong Yanzhe raised his head to look at his father, but was glared at by his father, Rong Zhao snorted: “You are so big yet you need someone to teach you a lesson.” 


    As soon as Rong Zhao left, Shao Yuzhen could only follow, and Rong Yanzhe and Mu Xiaoke had a stalemate until the end, and finally was called away by his father.


    Mu Xiangyang wanted to persuade Rong Zhao to stay, but because of Mu Xiaoke’s concern, he was in a dilemma, so he could only send a message to Rong Zhao to apologize.


    The Rong family all left, and Mu Xiangyang was indignant, “I told you to be obedient, but why are you making trouble like this again? How many times did father tell you that the Rong family should not be offended!”


    Mu Xiaoke glanced at his father, then pointed at Lin Jun.


    Mu Xiangyang shut up immediately, “Forget it, go home!”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, then made a gesture to go to the toilet and asked his father to pick up the car first.


    Mu Xiangyang didn’t suspect anything and left directly.


    Only Lin Jun and Mu Xiaoke were left in the room.


    Lin Jun got up and walked to Mu Xiaoke, “Xiao Ke, you are very smart.
Chu Han didn’t dote on you for nothing.”     


    Mu Xiaoke waved his hand quickly, “Are you from the Rong family? Why do they ask about Teacher Chu?”


What Xiao Ke cared about was Chu Han; how did the Rong family know about Chu Han, and why Chu Han’s friend is by the Rong family’s side? Judging from Rong Yanzhe’s expression, he couldn’t feel the Rong family’s kindness towards Chu Han.
Chu Han is just a college student who hasn’t graduated yet, so how could he attract the attention of the Rong family?


    Could it be because of what Mu Kai said again?


    “I work for the Shaw Group, and here is my business card.
As for Chu Han, if you want to know, you should ask him in person, and he will tell you.”


    Mu Xiaoke took the business card, and it was written in large gilt characters on it: Assistant to the President of Shaw Commercial Investment Group”.
Is such a young person already an assistant to the president?


    Lin Jun seemed to see Mu Xiaoke’s doubts, and said with a smile: “I’m 30 years old, and I’ve been working at Shaw for almost 8 years.”


    Mu Xiaoke “wow, this is too amazing!


    “Go out quickly, your father should be waiting.”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded and said goodbye to him.


    On the way downstairs, Mu Xiaoke carefully put Lin Jun’s business card into his school bag.
When he got to the door, his father was already waiting for him.


    Mu Xiangyang directly took Mu Xiaoke back to live in Mu’s villa.
Mu Xiaoke was reluctant to go back but thinking that his father was angry, he didn’t want to provoke him.


    In fact, he also knew that it would be rude to make such a fuss at the dinner, and it would offend the Rong family.
But if he didn’t, it would be difficult to get Chu Han out.
He couldn’t admit the personal relationship between Chu Han and him, and he couldn’t drag Chu Han down.
With the quarrel just now, he successfully shifted the attention of the Rong family to the conflict between him and Rong Yanzhe, and he would no longer believe that Chu Han had any connection with him.


    He knew that his father really wanted to take a ride with Shaw Group.
The Shaw Group had strong financial resources, and it was natural for them to enjoy the shade by relying on this big tree.
However, with the style of Rong’s father and son, even if Mu Yan got Shaw’s investment, he would still be peeled off by Shaw.
It is not yet known who Mu Yan will be in charge of at that time.
Just like in the previous life, the Rong family was very embarrassed when investing in Mu Yan and even belittled Mu Xiaoke several times for not being worth the effort of their family.
Then when investing, Mu Xiangyang was forced to sign a VAM agreement.
Mu Xiaoke didn’t see the final result of the last life, but he knew that Mu Yan must have a hard time.


(TN: A valuation-adjustment mechanism (VAM), also known as a bet-on agreement (Chinese: 对赌协议), is a common clause in many Chinese private equity merger and acquisition deals.)


    Back home, Mu Xiangyang couldn’t help but mutter, “A good opportunity has been screwed up again.
Xiao Ke, what do you want me to say about you!”


    Mu Xiaoke glanced at his restless father and signed, “I’m sorry.”


    Mu Xiaoke admitted his mistake too quickly, but Mu Xiangyang couldn’t say anything harsh.
After sighing heavily, he went to find his aunt to cook.


(TN: The aunt mentioned is like a maid who is in charge of cooking)


    During the meal, Mu Xiaoke asked, “What will happen to the company if the Rong family won’t invest?”


    Mu Xiangyang glanced at him, “It will be okay, you kid, don’t worry so much.”


    Mu Xiaoke feels that Mu Xiangyang was probably afraid that he would be greedy for the company.
If he didn’t say it, he wouldn’t say it.
Anyway, he didn’t know anything about those things.


    But at the same time, Mu Xiangyang couldn’t help pouring out the major issues that have been pressing on his mind recently, “There have been many small companies in the industry recently, and I don’t know what they are shooting, but there are still some popular ones, and they have even become famous by word-of-mouth.
Dad now wants to get a big project so that the company can take it to a higher level.
If he can get the investment from the Rong family, the chances of getting the project will be greater.”


    Mu Xiaoke remembered the later development.
Various film and television dramas are no longer dominated by TV series, and many small online dramas are also very popular.
And his father’s company has always produced some bloody family urban dramas and sold them to TV stations.
There are basically no so-called big-scale productions, but then those urban dramas can’t sell at a big price, and the invited actors are becoming less and less famous, so there will be financial problems.


    “That doesn’t have to be a big production.
Aren’t online dramas very popular? We can try it too.”


    Mu Xiaoke just said that, and he didn’t think Mu Xiangyang would listen to him.
After all, his father was a very stubborn man.


    “Do you also think we should try making online dramas?”


    Mu Xiangyang asked, obviously he got a lot of suggestions, but he was unwilling to change easily, so he didn’t choose this direction for a long time.


    Mu Xiaoke nodded hesitantly, “Kids like these fresh ones, and some people asked me to make hairpins of the same style in an online drama.”


    Mu Xiangyang fell into deep thought.


    After dinner, Mu Xiaoke went back to his room to do his homework.
By the way, he looked at the information on the internet.
He couldn’t make hairpins tonight, but he could sort out the ideas of the design drawings.


    Halfway through, his cell phone rang.
He opened it and saw that it was a video call invitation from Chu Han!


    Mu Xiaoke was so excited that he almost smashed his phone!


    When he turned it on, he saw that handsome face even under the front camera, but he couldn’t shout out, so he could only say hello with a simple gesture.


    As soon as Chu Han saw him, he laughed, “Why are you so nervous, afraid that I will check your math homework?”


    Mu Xiaoke was so ashamed, why did he show all his thoughts and be seen so clearly?


    Chu Han didn’t continue to tease him, and said seriously, “Did you see Mr.
Lin today?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded slightly, seeing Chu Han’s serious expression, inexplicably distressed.


    “Are there many questions you want to ask me?”


    Mu Xiaoke bit his lip, but finally followed his heart and nodded.

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