Chu Han looked at Mu Xiaoke’s serious appearance in the video, and couldn’t help chuckling, “Don’t be so nervous, it’s not a big deal.
It’s just that the Rong family had a competition with my parents many years ago, and they won by some means, so there have always been some grievances.” 


    The fact that the Rong family used methods did not surprise Mu Xiaoke at all, the Rong family has such a style from top to bottom, and Mu Xiaoke thought it was plausible before, but after experiencing it, he understood that they just disregard people’s lives.
It’s just that he never thought that someone as dazzling as Chu Han would be restrained by the Rong family.
Chu Han was actually a poor person who was hurt by the Rong family just like him…


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han with even more distressed eyes.
And when he thought that it was probably because of him that Rong Yanzhe knew about Chu Han’s existence, and that he had troubled Chu Han, the guilt in his heart was beyond words! “I’m sorry, it’s because of me that they took notice of you.”


    “Will they do anything to you? Is there anything I can do for you?”


    Mu Xiaoke looked up at the video after typing but he didn’t expect to directly bump into the line of sight of Chu Han.
He blushed a little.
His stupidity just now made people look at him. 


    “Yes, teach me how to sign language.” Chu Han said with a smile.


    Mu Xiaoke was stunned, what was Chu Han talking about?


    “Teach me sign language, okay?” Chu Han lowered his voice, and the deep and magnetic voice penetrated from his ears to Mu Xiaoke’s heart, making him feel itchy and numb.


    In order to hide his strange feeling, he typed quickly: “Why do you want to learn sign language? I can type to chat with you, or do you think I type slowly?”


    Chu Han asked: “If your typing speed can still be called slow, then am I just a turtle crawling?”


    Mu Xiaoke bit his lip, “Then why?”


    “I can have a good video call with you in the future, instead of you bowing your head and typing, I can only look at your little head.”


    Mu Xiaoke covered his face, and sure enough, he thought he was slow.


    “But sign language needs to be watched frequently.
It’s hard for you to learn without someone to practice with you.”



    “Then you practice with me.”


    Chu Han said it very naturally, “I learned it for you, didn’t I?”


    Mu Xiaoke blushed, but he couldn’t refute it.


    But taking a step back and thinking about it, Mu Xiaoke was still not reconciled, and said again: “Teacher, you just know how to tease me!”


“Hahaha, Xiao Ke, you are still so cute.”


 Here we go again, saying that he is a big boy and cute! “I am a boy, and you must remember to use the word handsome in the future!”


    “I may not remember this, but I still like to speak frankly.” Chu Han suppress a smile, and said very seriously, much like the way he was in class before.


    How could Mu Xiaoke play against Mr.
Chu? He just surrendered and gave up.


    After chatting for a long time, Chu Han was about to go to class, and reminded Mu Xiaoke before leaving: “Don’t provoke the Rong family anymore, stay at home and study well, okay?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded solemnly.


    “Good.” Chu Han smiled slightly and raised his hand to scratch in front of the screen as if rubbing Mu Xiaoke’s little head like before.


    Mu Xiaoke turned off his phone and was not in the mood to read the materials anymore, so he just rolled on the bed and had fun secretly.
But after he stopped the unusually happy mood just now, he suddenly realized that Chu Han had diverted his attention from the topic of sign language, and then all he talked to him was about making hairpins.
Chu Han still didn’t tell him anything about the Rong family.
Why did Chu Han suddenly change the topic? To prevent him from worrying, or not to let him get involved…


    Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Mu Xiaoke immediately became vigilant.
Mu Xiangyang went to the company to work overtime after dinner and there was no one else at the house.


    “Xiao Ke, I heard from auntie that you are back.
Open the door, and let me see you.”


    It was Mu Kai.


    Mu Xiaoke got up reluctantly, and after opening the door, Mu Kai handed him a cup of milk tea, “Drink it.
The new milk tea shop opened in front of the school, didn’t you like to drink these sweet things before?”


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t want it, but Mu Kai just kept holding the milk tea with a smile, so Mu Xiaoke had no choice but to take it.
“What are you doing in there, reading or making hairpins? I seem to hear someone talking, is it Teacher Chu?”


    Mu Xiaoke stood in the crevice of the door and block the door, not giving Mu Kai any chance to come in, and then explained in sign language: “No, I’m watching a video.”


    “Really, I heard Brother Yanzhe say that he wanted to invite you and Dad to dinner today, but you quarreled with them later.
Did you do it on purpose, huh?”


    “Are you here to inquire about him?” Mu Xiaoke didn’t answer but asked Mu Kai instead.


    Mu Kai froze for a moment, then returned to normal, “So what, even Dad wants to curry favor with the Rong family, so I should do something for brother Yanzhe.
To put it bluntly, it is for the future development of our Mu family.”


    Mu Xiaoke thought it was ridiculous, “What about Fu Jiayun?”


    “Jiayun and I are good friends.” Mu Kai said without guilt, with a bright smile on his face.


    “That’s my misunderstanding.
I wish you the support of the Rong family in the future.
We will rely on you to support our family in the future.”


    Mu Xiaoke closed the door directly after gesturing, then locked it and inserted the bolt, leaving Mu Kai standing outside the door alone and laughing.


     This evening the Rong family is destined to be restless.
Rong Zhao and his wife are planning to invite Mu Xiangyang to dinner to talk about entering the entertainment industry, and to inquire about Chu Han’s whereabouts with Mu Xiaoke, but Mu Xiaoke made such a noise.
Everything is messed up.


    Rong Yanzhe, the troublemaker, has a darker face than his father.
When Rong Zhao saw his son like that, he became angry, “Tell me how you usually play.
Have I stopped you? I just looked for the mute of the Mu family.
He had a psychological problem.
Did you know the first day? Why are troubling him? A good meal was messed up by you ignorant children!”


    “Hey, what are you scolding my son for? Is it his fault? It’s obvious, that mute guy who doesn’t know how to flatter.
Yangzhe, don’t worry about him.
If he doesn’t know how to behave, let him go away.” Shao Yuzhen said and turned to Rong Rongzhao, “If you want to work in the film and television industry, you can find anyone but do you have to look for Mu family?”


    Rong Zhao glared: “Mu Xiangyang is a coward, so it’s best to find him, not to mention how easy it is to find a film and television company of his size! I can’t tell you, really!”


    “Since he doesn’t know enough, force him to know enough.” Rong Yanzhe suddenly said something, which surprised his parents.


    “Son, what are you talking about?” Shao Yuzhen is a little incredulous that her adult child can say such terrible things.


    Rong Yanzhe raised his head, and the hostility on his face couldn’t be stopped, “Mu Xiangyang is just like that.
He needs money to start a project.
Dad, look through your connections.
Don’t let him raise money.
As long as we delay it for a year and a half, we can drag him to death.”


    Rong Zhao’s palms became cold after hearing this, “Yanzhe, how did you think of these things?”


    “Isn’t this a matter of course? He is short of money, and he is fighting for connections in the circle.
Can he still beat our Rong family?”


    Rong Zhao and Shao Yuzhen looked at each other, although Rong Yanzhe’s plan was very insidious, it had to be said to be an excellent plan.


    Rong Yanzhe clenched his fists secretly, Mu Xiaoke, I will let you come back crying and beg me!


    December is coming soon.


    The hairpin that Mu Xiaoke made for the three famous cosplayers once again caught everyone’s attention at the Hanfu party they attended.
Therefore, almost all Hanfu lovers who participated in the gathering on the day of the event were discussing the set of jewelry called “Zhong Hua” by the creator.


    Mu Xiaoke respected COSER’s original preferences when designing, which is prosperous, precious, and delicate, which is the keynote of this set of “Zhong Hua”.
The three COSERS each chose eighteen natural stone jade hairpins based on camellia, golden flower tea, and hexagonal scarlet.


    The luster and transparency of natural stone make this heavy industry designs both graceful and charming, even in such a prosperous place, they are still impressive.
This amazed everyone present, and naturally couldn’t stop everyone’s discussion.


    The popularity of the “Zhong Hua” series made Mu Xiaoke gain nearly a thousand fans in two days, and the order was full again.     


    Mu Xiaoke took advantage of his lunch break to deal with the news, and Luo Jiaming almost laughed when he saw their conversation, “No way, your list is already scheduled for next year’s Children’s Day?”


Mu Xiaoke is also very helpless.
He has already told the young ladies that it is too late, but they still insist on it, and some even paid the full price directly.



    “If you absconded with the money, it would be a huge fortune!”


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t have time to joke with her.
He quickly write another memo, counted everything, and then immediately published the status simultaneously on Weibo and X stations, making it clear that no new orders will be received from now until the end of the year.




    “Actually, if you can grow two more livers, you can still do it, hahaha.”


    But Mu Xiaoke just thinks that let alone two more livers,  he can’t finish it with both hands, and he is not fast enough.
He needs at least two weeks to complete a customized work, and it may take three weeks for a long one.
So in the short term, the list of these ten young ladies is the limit he can bear.


    Luo Jiaming looked up with a smile, and a figure flashed by outside the window.
She hurriedly went out to look, but only saw a corner of clothes, and that figure looked a bit like Fu Jiayun.


    “No way…”


    Mu Xiaoke poked his head out of the classroom and gestured in sign language, “What’s wrong?”


    “I seemed to see Fu Jiayun just now, I don’t know if I saw it wrong.”


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to pay attention, even if it was Fu Jiayun, it didn’t matter, he and Luo Jiaming didn’t say anything shady.
Mu Xiaoke continued to fiddle with his mobile phone, and silently calculated the order price again.
After the calculation, he immediately grinned happily.
He can support himself now!


    Luo Jiaming rolled her eyes at his stupid look.


    At the end of the month, Mu Xiaoke did not expect to receive a call from his father suddenly, “There is a problem at home.”


    When Mu Xiaoke returned to Mu’s house, he saw that Mu Xiangyang and his managers were still in a state of desperation, and he was anxious.
He quickly asked, “What’s the matter?”


    Mu Xiangyang’s assistant answered him: “There is an investor in a modern drama who wants to break the contract, but the crew has already started the production, so we must not lose so much investment halfway.”


    In other words, there is a problem with the company’s capital chain?! Mu Xiaoke couldn’t believe his ears.
In his previous life, the problem of the Mu family’s capital chain happened four years later, when he was 20 years old.
Why did it happen when he was only 16 years old?!


    Mu Xiaoke questioned: “Why did they break the contract for no reason? Don’t they have to pay liquidated damages for breaking the contract?”


    A young man next to Mu Xiangyang shook his head, “The heroine in the drama had a scandal two days ago,  and now it is merciful for investors not to sue us in return.”


    Mu Xiaoke was stunned for a moment, this was something he had never experienced in his memory!


    Mu Xiangyang’s assistant was very angry, “Someone must have deliberately released the news.
This actress is not very popular at all.
How could she be targeted by the paparazzi all of a sudden?! But she has been running the character set of a good wife and mother, and suddenly there was a cheating scandal.
There are too many people talking about this and we don’t know what to do with this show!”


    Mu Xiangyang remained silent, but Mu Xiaoke saw Mu Xiangyang’s haggard appearance, and suddenly realized that Mu Xiangyang was really old.
Such aging came too suddenly, so suddenly that Mu Xiaoke was full of guilt.


    It wasn’t an accident, that means there was someone behind it… Mu Xiaoke felt a chill in his heart, could it be Rong Yanzhe?


   Mu Xiaoke rushed in a hurry and asked, “Can you change the heroine?”


“I asked, no famous actress is willing to take over.
Who wants to take that person’s resources at this juncture? Isn’t it obvious to tell others that they are hitting people when they are down?”


   “The only way now is to re-invest, but if the crew is shut down for one day, we will lose one day’s worth of income.
Boss, is there really no one willing to help us?”


    Mu Xiangyang shook his head weakly, and he didn’t know who else would come to help, but he was exhausted.
If it doesn’t work, just sell the show directly.


    However, giving up this drama means that all the investment in the early stage is in vain…


    Mu Xiaoke clenched his phone tightly, he turned around and went to the garden, and released Rong Yanzhe’s number which had been blocked all the time.
As soon as this number was unblocked, he immediately received a text message from Rong Yanzhe.


    “I heard you went home.
Is your father okay now?”


    Mu Xiaoke clenched his fists, and it really was him! For such timely greetings, Rong Yanzhe didn’t really want to help, but came to warn him and show off the good deeds he had done!


    Mu Xiaoke once again felt the resentment from his previous life, being played by Rong Yanzhe in the palm of his hand, he had no choice but to let Rong Yanzhe manipulate him.


    No! He can’t admit defeat, he can’t just admit defeat, he can’t admit defeat, if he admits defeating now, everything he has done these days will be in vain! He gritted his teeth, he believed that he must have other ways!


    He opened his address book and finally found someone who might be able to help! He immediately ran back to the hall and asked Mu Xiangyang’s assistant: “Have they officially withdrawn their capital?”


    Mu Xiangyang’s assistant shook his head.
It has been less than 24 hours since the investor proposed to withdraw the capital, and many procedures cannot be completed immediately.”Still negotiating.
Xiao Ke, what do you want to do?”


    Mu Xiaoke typed quickly: “Investment contract! Do they have clear requirements for the heroine’s reputation?” 


The assistant immediately found the contract in a pile of documents, and Mu Xiaoke also helped to get two copies.
After reading it, the assistant shook his head, “No, this time the show mainly depends on the lead actor to attract investment, so we didn’t find a particularly famous actress.
Xiao Ke, what do you think? “


    “I have a recommendation for an actress who dares to take over.”


    What Mu Xiaoke was talking about was an acting student who hadn’t graduated yet.
She was the young lady who insisted on paying the full payment and queuing up to order hairpins at Mu Xiaoke’s place.


   “The one who didn’t graduate… Xiao Ke, I didn’t say that the actor should be well-known.
We can’t just look at the investor’s contract.”


    “It’s okay, you go and try it!” Mu Xiaoke begged very sincerely.
There is no other way now, if a famous actress is not willing to come to the muddy water, then you can only find an unknown one, preferably the type that will never be splashed with dirty water.


    This young lady who has not yet debuted is the best candidate.


    The assistant looked at the others in embarrassment, and finally, Mu Xiangyang nodded, “Get in touch and let the producer and director go for an interview.”

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