Mu Xiaoke was still nervous, and he had actually only seen this young lady’s photo on Weibo and some short videos.
In any case, he hopes the interview goes well.
If the heroine can be successfully signed and replaced, then the investors have no reason to withdraw their capital.


    While the assistant was in the process of contacting, several other managers continued to look for possible investors.
Mu Xiaoke felt even sadder seeing them in a hurry.
If he hadn’t been so impulsive that day, maybe he wouldn’t have offended Rong Yanzhe so thoroughly.


    What scares him, even more, is that the current Rong Yanzhe is only a freshman, and already has such vicious methods.
He can’t imagine how the adult Rong Yanzhe will deal with him in this life.


    From this point of view, the Rong family in the previous life might have skinned and drank the blood of the Mu family long ago!


    Five hours after Mu Xiaoke came home, Mu Kai finally returned home in a hurry.
As soon as he entered the house, he went to Mu Xiangyang and cried, “Dad, I heard that something happened to the company.
Are you okay? Is the company okay?”


    Mu XiaoKe was on the side helping other to do things.
When he saw Mu Kai his eyes immediately turned away.


    However, Mu Kai didn’t let him avoid him: Xiao Ke…why are you still here, do you know why there is a problem in our family?” Mu Kai’s sudden attack made everyone in the room stop.


    Mu Xiaoke was still staring at the computer, turning a deaf ear to Mu Kai’s words.


    “Xiao Ke! Brother Yanzhe has given an ultimatum! If you don’t apologize, their family will make other investors never cooperate with us again!”


    Mu Xiaoke stopped his work, and sure enough, Mu Kai came to serve as Rong Yanzhe’s mouthpiece.


    Rong Yanzhe really… has no sense of shame, Mu Xiaoke  type on the computer, and directly plays the voice through the speakers: “He admits that he secretly plotted to bring down our family?”


    “Of course…”


    Mu Xiaoke raised his eyebrows, “I recorded it.”


    Mu Kai opened his eyes wide, “What did you say?”


    “Record the evidence of the crime.” Mu Xiaoke looked up at Mu Kai with firm eyes: “I will not bow my head and apologize to a criminal!”


    Everyone was shocked by these words, and they all looked at Mu Xiaoke with burning eyes.


    “Criminal!” Rong Yanzhe walked in clapping his hands, “Very well, Mu Xiaoke, I underestimated you.
I didn’t expect you to be so stubborn, even if you were about to die.”


    Mu Xiangyang didn’t expect Rong Yanzhe actually followed Mu Kai into the house.
His blood pressure was too high all day, and now his blood is almost bursting, “You still have the face to come?”


    “Uncle Mu, what are you talking about, I’m here to help you.
My father has already signed the documents for investing in Mu Yan Film and Television, and your urgent needs will be resolved immediately.” Rong Yanzhe took out the documents and handed them to Mu Xiangyang very politely, “If Uncle Mu has any doubt, it’s okay, I am not in a hurry for an answer.
There is still time to sign after reading the terms carefully.”


    After that, he turned his gaze to Mu Xiaoke again, no, he was not satisfied with just looking at Mu Xiaoke, he raised his legs and walked towards Mu Xiaoke step by step to prove to Mu Xiaoke: “Xiao Ke, look, I didn’t bully you, right?” Rong Yanzhe bent down to approach Mu Xiaoke and stretched out his hand to touch Mu Xiaoke’s face.


    Mu Xiaoke backed away without hesitation, he didn’t believe in Rong Yanzhe at all, and now this man with a smile on his face made him feel dangerous.
Rong Yanzhe was not sincere, he couldn’t see the smile in Rong Yanzhe’s eyes, and that fake smile disappeared instantly the moment he avoided him.
Such a person is a poisonous snake or a beast and will make all those who disobey him die without a burial.


    Knowing that he could not achieve his goal, Rong Yanzhe stood up straight and looked down at Mu Xiaoke, “Xiao Ke, if you make me angry next time, the matter will not be so easy to solve.”


    Mu Xiaoke stared at him firmly, without making any statement on his face, what everyone didn’t know was that his heart was already beating at a high speed, and he was afraid of Rong Yanzhe.
This feeling has not diminished at all compared with his previous life! He once thought that he had overcome the fear brought about by his previous life, but that was not the case!


    Rong Yanzhe turned around and left with a snort.
He didn’t know whether that smile was a threat or a mockery.


    The members of the Mu family watched Rong Yanzhe leave, and their nervousness relaxed accordingly.


    Mu Xiangyang threw the contract sent by Rong Yanzhe to the legal adviser at the side, “Read it right away, and give me an answer.”


    “Whether there are traps or not in this contract, you can’t sign it!”




   Mu Xiaoke’s words stunned everyone present.


    This is especially true for Mu Kai, Rong Yanzhe’s every move just now poked his heart, the scene he couldn’t bear just appeared in front of him, and he still couldn’t stop it! He didn’t understand why the development of the matter was completely different from what Rong Yanzhe told him at the beginning!


    Three hours ago, Rong Yanzhe called Mu Kai and asked him to drink coffee at a coffee shop outside No.
1 Middle School.
Mu Kai agreed without saying a word.
Even though he had already received the news that something happened to his family, he still chose to go to Rong Yanzhe’s appointment first.


    When he arrived at the place, Rong Yanzhe hadn’t come yet, so Mu Kai looked at the situation on Weibo.
The heroine that was cast by the Mu family had a scandal, and almost everyone on the Internet was discussing this gossip.
If the momentum cannot be controlled, the career of this actress in this life will be over.


    Mu Kai wasn’t very worried about his family’s situation.
It was just a heroine, so they could just change her, and Rong Yanzhe came to him in such a hurry to help him and by the way, help the Mu family tide over the difficulties.


    And Mu Xiaoke, hmph… is just a foil for him.


    Mu Kai found Mu Xiaoke’s Weibo account, and what he saw after clicking on it made him very unhappy.
Compared with the last time he looked at this account, Mu Xiaoke had many more fans, and the blog post on the top made him even more upset.
He was angry.
Mu Xiaoke’s business was so good that it exploded?!


    “What are you looking at?” Rong Yanzhe’s voice suddenly came from behind, he immediately locked the phone screen, turned around, and said with a smile: “Brother Yanzhe, you are here.”


    “How are things at your house?”


    Mu Kai couldn’t help drooping his head, “Father sent a message saying that the situation is not good, this time it happened too suddenly.”


    “Where’s Mu Xiaoke?” Rong Yanzhe asked suddenly.


    Mu Kai was stunned, “He might still be in school, what’s wrong?”


    Rong Yanzhe snorted coldly, in school? He didn’t say much, just asked: “Do you want to help your father?”


    Mu Kai couldn’t understand at all, “What do you mean?”


    “Mu Xiaoke offended me that day, so far he hasn’t said anything.
Even if he already knew that your family’s affairs were related to me, he still remained indifferent.”


    Mu Kai’s eyes widened, “What did you say?!”


    “Are you surprised? Didn’t you always want me to teach him a lesson? How about it? Is this lesson hard enough?”


    “But my father…”


    “As long as he apologizes to me, everything will be resolved.
Xiaokai, you don’t have to be afraid, you know?”


    Mu Kai was still in shock, but when he saw Rong Yanzhe say it so bluntly, he felt that there was nothing to be afraid of.
Since it was a trap deliberately set by Rong Yanzhe, there would definitely be no problem if he handled it.


    “So go back and ‘persuade’ him well.”


    Mu Kai believed it and came back to force Mu Xiaoke to surrender.


    However, the current situation is not like this at all, Mu Xiaoke didn’t pay any price at all, and Rong Yanzhe just delivered the things to the door!


    Rong Yanzhe didn’t want to take revenge on Mu Xiaoke at all, the way he was just now, it was… obviously… it doesn’t make sense at all! Isn’t the person Rong Yanzhe likes is Mu Kai,?!


    Mu Xiaoke made him even more confused.
If the Rong family wanted to cooperate with their Mu family, why would they refuse? Has he lost his mind?


    “Xiao Ke, okay, don’t talk anymore.
Dad is very tired and can’t afford to worry about this.
Can you make Dad feel comfortable for a day or two?”


    “If you are comfortable for a day or two in exchange for future sustenance, would you be willing to do the same!” Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help but scold his short-sighted father.


    “Rong Yanzhe is still a student.
He doesn’t have the ability to control who will break the news, let alone control who withdraws his capital! The Rong family did this on purpose.
As long as he has the support of the Rong family, if he can do it once, there will be a second time.
If he wants you to sell the whole of Mu Yan to him, will you sell it? If you don’t sell it, will he have other means to let you occupy Mu Yan without even getting the money!” 


    The Rong family are not good people, they cannot be relied on! This is the lesson that Mu Xiaoke got in exchange for his life in his previous life!


    Mu Xiaoke’s words shook the others.
Even if the Rong family extended an olive branch this time, it was a disaster caused by the Rong family.
Why should the Mu family be grateful to the Rong family? But if you don’t accept the contract from the Rong family, how will you solve this crisis?


    “Xiao Ke! Mr.
Mu! I’m back!”


    Mu Xiaoke immediately went to the door to greet the assistant, who happily hugged Mu Xiaoke, “Xiao Ke, the young lady agreed, and the director also agreed to let her participate in the show!”


    The managers in the living room almost cheered, “We have solved the issue of the heroine?!”


    “What! Really solved!”


    “What about the lead actor? Does he agree?” 


   The assistant nodded excitedly: “Agreed! Coincidentally, that girl is the male lead’s direct junior sister and the direct sister of the same class teacher!”


    “Oh, my God! I’ll arrange public relations now!”


Mu, let’s not sign this contract with the Shaw Group.” A manager directly expressed his point of view: “Now as long as our public relations are in place, those scandals will not have a practical impact on the show, and they have no legitimate reason to withdraw their funds.”


    Mu Xiangyang looked at Mu Xiaoke, who was stunned and when he found that Mu Xiangyang was asking for his opinion, he nodded seriously, Mu Xiangyang sighed and finally decided: “Okay, Lawyer Yang, get ready to argue with those old foxes.” 


    The lawyer directly put down the Shaw Group contract that Rong Yanzhe sent, no need to read it, just prepare a lawyer’s letter to scare those coal bosses.


    The public relations of the Mu family are very fast, and they issued a statement almost overnight to draw a clear line with the actress.
By the way, they launched the newcomer they signed with the male lead.
The crew showed a high degree of cooperation and began to boast that the male lead was brave enough to find his school sister at a critical moment to turn the tide.


    The work of the crew was carried out smoothly, and the bosses who wanted to withdraw their capital suddenly had no reasonable excuses.
The Mu family’s lawyer team then played a combination of punches, making them completely dispel the idea of ​​​​withdrawing their funds, and even optimistic about the next marketing results because of the relationship between the male lead and the younger sister.


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t know much about the company’s affairs.
After the crisis was resolved, he only had one thought in his mind.
He wanted to stay farther away from Rong Yanzhe, so far away that the Rong family couldn’t find him.
He no longer dared to think about the future, if one day Rong Yanzhe got the Rong family’s company again and forced him again, what should he do?


    Chu Han didn’t know if he had heard about the Mu family, so he called the next day.


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t sleep almost all night, his face was very pale, and he looked extremely haggard.


    Chu Han frowned immediately when he saw his appearance, “What’s going on?”


    Mu Xiaoke gave a rough overview of the family affairs, but he was afraid that Chu Han would worry about him, so he explained: “But the matter has been resolved, it’s all right.” Mu Xiaoke smiled.
This smile did not make people feel reassured.
It is distressing and worrying.


    So Chu Han didn’t frown because of this, but became more worried, even a little angry: “I said don’t provoke the Rong family again, why do you have to force yourself?”


    MuXiaoKe didn’t expect Chu Han to be fierce, his eyes instantly turned red.
He lived in fear and anxiety that night, full of confusion about the future, and tried his best to suppress his emotions in order not to let Chu Han see his emotions, but why did Chu Han suddenly so fierce, why couldn’t he comfort him, even just tease him to make him forget about those unpleasant things?


    Chu Han’s eyes widen, “Xiao Ke!”


    He began to panic and said, “I’m sorry, Xiao Ke, I didn’t blame you, don’t cry.”


    Mu Xiaoke’s tears came to his eyes directly because of this.
Now he really wants someone to hug him, someone to comfort him, and someone to tell him not to be afraid of Rong Yanzhe and the difficult road ahead.


    “Xiao Ke!”


    Mu Xiaoke burst into tears, and Chu Han’s voice could no longer be heard.


    Mu Xiaoke fell asleep while crying.
When he opened his eyes again, his phone was still on, and opposite him was Chu Han’s face, not a screenshot, but a moving video!


    He sat up suddenly, and Chu Han who was opposite seemed to notice his movement, and looked at him, “Are you awake?”


    Mu Xiaoke pursed her lips and nodded.


    “Go wash up, eat quickly, and see you in two days, okay?” Chu Han almost spoke in a coaxing tone, which made Mu Xiaoke ashamed, “Then I’ll wait for you.”


    “Well, go ahead.”


    Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help laughing, but after hanging up the video, he found that he had slept for almost 2 hours, and Chu Han was just waiting for him with the video on over there! ! Chu Han must have seen him crying and sleeping silly! Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so embarrassing!


    Two days later, it was New Year’s Day, which was the time Chu Han had agreed upon.


    Mu Xiaoke was finishing the order at home and was waiting for Chu Han’s call.
Sure enough, Chu Han called at 11 o’clock.


    Mu Xiaoke clicked on the video and was about to say hello to Chu Han, but found that Chu Han’s background was very familiar.
After taking a closer look, the big fountain was the one in the garden downstairs in his house!


    “Where are you?!” Mu Xiaoke gestured in sign language, staring at Chu Han with wide eyes.


    Chu Han smiled, “I said I would come to you in two days, did you forget? Come down and I’ll take you to play.”


    How could Mu Xiaoke remember any hairpins or design drawings at this time? He throws away the work on hand, grabs a coat, and runs down!

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