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Mu Xiaoke rushed downstairs in a hurry, and Chu Han was waiting for him in the garden.
He rushed to Chu Han, showing a brilliant smile, and his whole person was as dazzling as a little sun.
There was a slight movement in Chu Han’s eyes, but he concealed it well, and Mu Xiaoke didn’t notice it.


    Mu Xiaoke was wearing a snow-white down jacket, wrapped himself tightly, and his thin body became round and chubby, it was very cute.
Chu Han raised his hand and rubbed his little head, which he hadn’t touched for a long time, and then helped him put on the hood of the down jacket, “You’re so cute.”


    Mu Xiaoke immediately refused, “Why do you say I’m cute again!”


    Chu Han smiled and held down his hat, suppressing the restless child, “Okay, okay, I’ll take you out to play, don’t make trouble.”


    Mu Xiaoke raised his head, looked at Chu Han with big shining eyes, and nodded vigorously.


    Chu Han is also dressed very nicely today.  He is slim and handsome in a long coat, and he is also wearing a casual suit inside.
He looks like a successful super elite.
Not only that, but Mu Xiaoke also saw that Chu Han is wearing a nice watch, which is unusual at ordinary times.


    Chu Han took Mu Xiaoke into the car.
It was the first time Mu Xiaoke saw Chu Han driving, so he typed and asked him, “Is it your car?”


    Chu Han shook his head, “No, brother Lin Jun lent it to me.
Remember him?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded.
That big brother looked delicate and gentlemanly, but he didn’t expect he has such a good working ability, “It’s very kind of him.
I haven’t been able to thank him well for helping you send me a gift that time.”


    Chu Han said with a smile: “No, I’ve already thanked him well.
You, don’t worry about adult’s business.”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han’s side face, and couldn’t help but be fascinated.
Such a handsome big brother is really nice.


    While waiting for the traffic light, Chu Han looked at him sideways, “Why don’t you ask me where I’m taking you? You just get in the car with me so obediently.
What if I sell you?”


    “You won’t sell me, I’m worthless.”


    “Why is such a white and tender kid worthless?”


    Mu Xiaoke knew that he was teasing him again, so he deliberately turned his head and ignored him.


    Chu Han glanced at him and continued to drive, “You can’t just get in someone else’s car so casually in the future, okay?”


    Mu Xiaoke was a little surprised, and when he looked at Chu Han, it seemed that Chu Han was just reminding him of something some daily safety issues.


    The car drove all the way to the most prosperous center of City Y, and Chu Han finally parked the car in a park of historical and cultural buildings in City Y.


    This park is also one of the hottest landmarks in City Y, and outsiders will like to choose it for tourism and some exhibitions.
When the two got out of the car, Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han in confusion, and Chu Han helped him put on the hat again, “Go find something to eat first, are you hungry?” Mu Xiaoke could only follow.


    Arriving at a nearby restaurant, Mu Xiaoke saw the billboard.
This afternoon, the world-class luxury LU summer clothing launch conference will be held in the park!


    Mu Xiaoke was also stuffed with a leaflet.
Could it be that Chu Han brought him to watch the fashion show?


    After Chu Han ordered the dishes, he took the flyer, “Come with me to watch tonight?”


    Where is Mu Xiaoke accompanying Chu Han? It is obviously Chu Han accompanying him!


Chu, thank you!”


    Chu Han understood and rubbed the child’s head again.


    The two had a very happy lunch, at least Mu Xiaoke was very happy.
There are too many things on his mind these days, and Chu Han, the only one who can get his trust is far away.
Although they can often contact, it is different from seeing each other.


    Mu Xiaoke also found that he really relied on Chu Han too much.
Even though Chu Han had reminded him to “wean” after the internship period, he couldn’t do it after all.
How can he be “weaned” if he knows that someone is always there to respond? 



    After dinner, there was still some time before the fashion show in the evening, so Chu Han took Mu Xiaoke to other places in the park.
On the way, Mu Xiaoke explained in detail how Rong Yanzhe threatened the Mu family.
He said it not only to relieve his worries but also to remind Chu Han that if the Rong family is so insidious and Chu Han is targeted by them again, Chu Han must be prepared so, he won’t be badly wounded like his father.


    “He was threatening you in the end.” Chu Han looked at Mu Xiaoke, and both of them stopped.
Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help lowering his head.
Yes, he knew that Rong Yanzhe’s last words were threats.
If Rong Yanzhe provoked him again in the future, his attitude would still be the same as before, and he would definitely anger Rong Yanzhe.
Then what would Rong Yanzhe use? How to force him again?


   Mu Xiaoke was at his wit’s end, that’s why he was so uneasy that day.


    “You cried that day…” Before Chu Han finished speaking, Mu Xiaoke immediately raised his head to look at him, and Chu Han felt very sorry: “It’s because I spoke too heavily, sorry.”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head quickly, in fact, he just felt aggrieved at the time, but after thinking about it later, Chu Han was so anxious because he was worried about him, and he said such heavy words to remind him not to act so recklessly.


    “You did it for me.
You don’t need to apologize.
It’s my fault that I made you worry.”


    Mu Xiaoke is always able to find reasons for others, but Chu Han doesn’t like this habit.
He frowned slightly, but thinking of how Mu Xiaoke fell asleep that day, his heart softened a lot.
He opened his arms, “Do you need a hug?”


    Mu Xiaoke was stunned, looking at Chu Han, he was unable to move for a long time.
Chu Han looked at him sideways.
He took two steps closer and leaned gently on Chu Han’s chest.
Chu Han embraced him with his strong arms.
Such warmth, such strong support, almost made him cry.
He could clearly feel Chu Han’s temperature and heartbeat, and he could also receive all the strength Chu Han gave him.
He couldn’t help hugging Chu Han’s back tightly.


    Mu Xiaoke felt Chu Han pat his head lightly through his hat, and the charming voice came near to his neck, shaking his eardrums.


    “Xiao Ke, try to restrain your sharpness in the future, the Rong family doesn’t like people who are sharper than them.”


    Mu Xiaoke raised his head to look at him, and Chu Han looked down at him, “You are always soft in front of me, but you are too strong when facing Rong Yanzhe and the others.
In fact, they are not that scary.
You have to be armed to fight, right?”


    “But every time I face Rong Yanzhe, I am really flustered, and I am also very afraid that if I soften, he will bully me even more.”


    Mu Xiaoke typed and said to his own heart.


    Chu Han hugged him by the shoulders, “It’s not to make you weak, but to be quite tactful.”


    “For example, the last time you had dinner with Lin Jun, you don’t have to be so tough to fall out with them.
Even if you told them everything at school, they couldn’t do anything to me because they couldn’t find me.”


    Mu Xiaoke looked up at him, and Chu Han continued: “Everything should be thought about before and after, how to go forward, how to take a step back, and then do it after you have figured it out, do you understand?”



    Mu Xiaoke nodded, he hasn’t reflected on that incident these days, if he is meeker and casually agrees to those irrelevant questions, he can actually fool them.
But he was nervous, and Rong Yanzhe was always by his side, which was a threat to him.


    Although Chu Han was finally separated from him, it caused a great disaster for the Mu family.


    “So what should I do now? Rong Yanzhe must have hated me very much, and I don’t know what else I can do to ease the relationship.”


    “Don’t take the initiative to be courteous, if you suddenly change your attitude, then you are not worthy of trust.
Next time, if he makes things difficult again, you can make a decision.
If you don’t know what to do, just ask me.”


    Hearing the last sentence, Mu Xiaoke seemed to immediately remove the stone that was pressing on his heart.
Someone is willing to help him!


    “Why do you always get happy so easily, and believe me so easily? What if I’m only using you?” Chu Han has been unable to understand this question since the two met at the beginning, but seeing Mu Xiaoke happy, he inevitably laughed.


    “Because you are someone worthy of my trust, what can I do for you to use?”


    Mu Xiaoke looked innocent, but he didn’t pretend at all.
He really didn’t believe that Chu Han would hurt him, and he has no value to be used by Chu Han.
As for why Chu Han was always so kind to him, he used to have some doubts, but after knowing that Chu Han was also being targeted by the Rong family, the feeling of sympathy directly dispelled those trivial doubts.


    Chu Han shook his head helplessly, “I’m really afraid that you will be sold someday.”


    At around 5 pm, the fashion show opened its entrance, and Mu Xiaoke followed Chu Han through an ordinary member channel, and about 100 meters away was the red carpet show of various celebrities.


    Chu Han was about to bring Mu Xiaoke into the arena, but he didn’t expect Mu Xiaoke to be there looking at the red carpet, and everyone was stunned.


    Chu Han flicked his head, “Want to see a big star?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, but the place was surrounded, how could he go?


    “Then let’s go and have a look.” Chu Han smiled and took Mu Xiaoke’s hand and ran over.


    Before Mu Xiaoke could react, he was dragged to run in the cold wind.
Looking at Chu Han’s back, Mu Xiaoke suddenly laughed.
He had never experienced such a scene before!


    Chu Han led Mu Xiaoke into the group of media reporters outside the fence, and there were some fans who were brought in beside him.
Mu Xiaoke and the two of them mixed in, obviously, they were out of tune with fans and reporters.
Chu Han was wearing formal clothes and Mu Xiaoke wearing a down jacket, jeans, and sneakers, they still look like minors.
The combination of the two looks strange.


    But the faces of the two are more eye-catching than those around them, many fans who were waiting for their idols turned their heads and secretly photographed the two of them.
A girl dared to strike up a conversation, “Little brother, what are you here for? Are you here to see beautiful women?”


    Mu Xiaoke was taken aback, and Chu Han laughed.
Chu Han pulled Mu Xiaoke into his arms to prevent him from being crushed, and then started talking nonsense to the little girl: “Yes, I came to see the beauty.”


    Mu Xiaoke blushed.


    Celebrities arrived on the red carpet one after another, and beauties competed for beauty in a near-zero temperature, Mu Xiaoke’s eyes were glued to them all the time, and his mobile phone kept taking pictures.


    Not long after, Chu Han led him out of the crowd, but Mu Xiaoke was still fiddling with the photos he had just taken.
Chu Han felt a little annoyed, “Do you really like those beauties so much?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, but then immediately shook his head, “The clothes they are wearing today are so beautiful! I want to go back and do more research!”


    After reading the explanation, Chu Han rarely stared.


    “You’ll see it later!” After finishing speaking, he dragged him into the arena.


    The two found a place in the long dragon-like palace infield seats.
To Mu Xiaoke’s surprise, they actually sat in the front row of the show.
Isn’t this kind of place reserved for fashionable people and celebrities everywhere?


    His big eyes were full of doubts, and Chu Han could see it clearly at a glance, “You can’t tell anyone who let Lin Jun go, okay?” After saying that, he gently pinched the little cutie’s nose.


    After more than two hours of the show, Mu Xiaoke’s phone was completely out of battery.

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