The next morning, Mu Xiaoke got up early to make breakfast.
He guessed that Chu Han was still sleeping because Chu Han flew over from the other side of the ocean to spend a day with him.
There must be no jet lag, and he had to fly back to school in the afternoon, so it would definitely take a lot of rest time.


    Mu Xiaoke’s own breakfast is often very simple, an egg, bread, and a cup of soy milk can solve the problem.
But now that Chu Han is here, he can’t help doing complicated things.
As a result, he has been busy for a long time, with steamed stuffed buns, noodles, porridge, and soy milk…


    When Chu Han got up, he saw the breakfast on the table and looked at Mu Xiaoke with wide eyes.
“Who else is there at home?”


    There was no other…Mu Xiaoke was ashamed to face Chu Han’s surprised gaze.


    After breakfast, it was almost time to go.
Mu Xiaoke asked Mu Xiangyang to borrow a driver, and the two arrived at the airport under the escort of the driver.


    Chu Han handed over the car keys to Mu Xiaoke, “I told Lin Jun that he will come to you and you can return the keys to him.”


    Mu Xiaoke obediently put the keys in his schoolbag and continued looking at Chu Han.
He looked like a fledgling that couldn’t be separated from an adult bird.
Chu Han had no resistance to such a Mu Xiao, “I haven’t left yet, why are you staring at me like that?”


    Mu Xiao immediately turned his head away from him, but after a while,  he couldn’t help looking back at him.


    “I will come back to see you when I have a chance in the future, don’t look at me like that, okay?”


    Mu Xiaoke bit his lip, reluctantly believing it.


    “The Master of Fengyan Studio, can you contact him yourself?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, “I will contact him, and I will tell you as soon as I make contact.”


    Chu Han was very satisfied, such a well-behaved kid is very cute.


    Soon, the check-in at the counter was completed.
Mu Xiaoke followed Chu Han to the security checkpoint, and Chu Han patted him on the head, “I’m leaving, if you need to contact me, if you need something urgent, you can find Mr.
Lin, okay?”


    Mu Xiaoke was very reluctant, “Then you have to contact me when you have time.”


Go home and be careful on the road.” Chu Han said and turned to leave.


    Mu Xiaoke stood where he was and waved to him, thinking to himself, you have to be careful too.


    After that, Mu Xiaoke contacted the old master.
After the old master received his message, he replied quickly and asked him to go to the studio.


    Mu Xiaoke found a weekend to take his latest work to the master’s workshop.


    The master’s name is Cheng Kangde.
He is nearly seventy years old now, but he has been persisting in his creation.
His workshop is a small bungalow in the old town of Y City.
It took Mu Xiaoke a lot of effort to find a place, and when he arrived, the master’s daughter came out to pick him up.


    “You are the child the boss said, but I didn’t expect it to be a boy.”


    Mu Xiaoke smiled awkwardly.
This question is really asked by many people.


    The old master made a workshop in the hall on the first floor, and the old man was tapping on something.


    The old man’s daughter didn’t make a sound but signaled Mu Xiaoke not to make noise with her eyes, and she left by herself.


    Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help being curious and approached lightly to have a look.


    The master craftsman was carving a golden hairpin, and the main body of a phoenix was carved by hand bit by bit.


    Mu Xiaoke was fascinated and shocked by the scene in front of him.


    After an unknown amount of time, the old man finally raised his head, and Mu Xiaoke came back to his senses and bowed to the old man to say hello.


    “How long have you been watching?”


    Mu Xiaoke was stunned, he didn’t know either…


    The old man’s daughter brought two cups of hot tea over in due time, “It didn’t take long, he just watched it for half an hour.”


    Half an hour! Mu Xiaoke looked at the wall clock on the wall in surprise, it really has been so long.


    “Have you seen enough?” the old man continued to ask.


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head, and honestly admitted that he hadn’t watched enough.
He couldn’t get enough of those fine skills just now even if he watched it for a day.
It was so difficult for him to carve a bamboo joint before, but he never thought that someone could carve a phoenix by hand on a golden hairpin as thick as a thumb, and he could carve every phoenix feather so delicately and vividly.
He deserves to be a master with dozens of years of craftsmanship!


    The old man looked at him and finally nodded, “That’s right, I can keep my temper.
But if you really want to learn from a teacher, you have to suffer.
Are you willing?”


    Of course, Mu Xiaoke is willing, he is not afraid of suffering.
As long as he can learn something, he will do it with all his heart!


    “Then serve tea, junior brother.” The old man’s daughter smiled and brought him the tea bowl.


    Mu Xiaoke never expected that this apprenticeship would be so simple, and he hasn’t taken out his hairpin yet! However, no matter what, he was recognized by the old man!


    The old man took the tea bowl smoothly, “From now on, you will call me Master, and you need to know a few rules.”


    Mu Xiaoke typed quickly, “Say”


    “First, it is not allowed to spread the craft.
Second, don’t do dirty work.
Third, don’t use my old bones’ reputation to make a living outside.”


    Mu Xiaoke wrote down every word.
This is the completion of the apprenticeship!


    “You can’t speak.
You should communicate with my daughter if you have something to do in the future.
My eyes are blurred and I can’t read the words on your phone.” 


   The old man’s daughter smiled.
“Just tell me, it’s okay.”


    “I can talk on my mobile phone!” Mu Xiaoke read this sentence using voice software.


    As soon as the funny voice came out, all three of them laughed.


    After staying in the old man’s house for a whole day, Mu Xiaoke’s notes have filled more than ten pages.
For the first time, he found that what he learned behind closed doors is far from getting started.
There are still many things he needs to learn and do!


    Fortunately, after being exhausted, there is another person supporting him thousands of miles away.


    After his apprenticeship, Mu Xiaoke felt that 24 hours were not enough, and the days passed quickly.
The school studies, the exercises assigned by the master, and the orders from the customers… The “debts” like snowflakes made him wish to grow three heads and six arms.


    The final exam was finally over at the end of January, and the half-month stressful life finally came to an end.
Mu Xiaoke wished he could sleep all over the next day.


    Unfortunately, Mu Xiangyang came to take him back to Mu’s house.


    After returning home, Mu Xiangyang reprimanded him bitterly: “If you don’t go home during the Chinese New Year, do you want relatives and friends to poke your spine?”


    Mu Xiaoke sighed helplessly and then continued to make his own hairpin.
There is a manual workbench in the living room, which was not there before.
It should be bought by his father recently, who probably thought that he should prepare a workbench for him if he wants him to stay at home honestly.
Mu Xiaoke wasn’t too polite and immediately started using it.


    Mu Xiangyang immediately found another point to talk about him: “When you have relatives at home, you can’t hold your hairpins, okay?”


    Mu Xiaoke could only raise his head and nod seriously to his father.


    “Before, you said to let dad try to shoot an online drama.
The online drama has already started to be filed.
If you are interested, you can go to the service team to see it and learn something.”


    Mu Xiaoke’s eyes lit up, “Costume drama?”


    Mu Xiangyang nodded, “Well, for ancient costumes, the investors recruited this time are very generous, and they found a relatively famous studio to be in charge of fashion styling.”


    “Fengyan?” Mu Xiaoke gestured excitedly.


    Mu Xiangyang was taken aback when he saw this gesture, and then his face changed slightly, “How do you know?”


    “I heard! They are very famous in the circle.” Mu Xiaoke didn’t tell the matter of his apprenticeship.
First, he was afraid that after his father knew about it, Mu Kai will also know about it.
Second, the master said not to mention his name casually.


    “It’s Fengyan.
We have been cooperating with them for more than ten years.” Mu Xiangyang turned on his computer and started to do his own things while speaking.
Mu Xiaoke saw that he didn’t intend to continue, so he also turned to do his own things.


    A few days after Mu Xiaoke went home, Mu Kai also came back from vacation.


    After Mu Kai came back, Mu Xiaoke felt for the first time that he was the one favored.
Mu Xiangyang bought him a workbench and equipped him with a new computer, the kind commonly used by high-end designers.
But when Mu Kai came back, the first sentence he got from Mu Xiangyang was: “Bring me the report card.”


    Mu Kai had no choice but to hand Mu Xiangyang an envelope, which contained the printed grades of each subject, and Mu Xiaoke also had it.
However, both senior one and senior two students had a holiday after the exam, so the scores would be sent directly to their parents’ mailboxes later.


    Mu Xiaoke obediently sat at the side watching TV and eating snacks.
When Mu Kai came back, he especially moved the workbench back to the room.
His hands were tired, so he simply took a break.


    Mu Xiaoke’s leisurely state somewhat stimulated Mu Kai.


    But Mu Kai didn’t dare to act recklessly, because his grades this time were not much better.


    Mu Xiangyang’s complexion was not good after reading the results, “What did the teacher say, the college entrance examination is less than 5 months away, what kind of university can you get into now?”


    Mu Kai didn’t know how to explain it.
He didn’t think it would be like this himself.
Obviously, he had been studying hard during this period of time, but there is still no improvement when it comes to the final exam.


    Even Fu Jiayun didn’t dare to say nonsense that he will pass the exam next time to comfort him, but instead said: “It doesn’t matter if this is the case now, the last 211 is not a problem.”


    How can Mu Kai not be depressed and doubt life?


    However, Mu Xiaoke still eats potato chips so leisurely, and Mu Kai also wants to know why a trash who spends his mind on handicrafts can not only make money through handicrafts but also do well in exams.


    On the way back, Mu Kai had already heard other people gossip about the first years, his younger brother got first place in the exam, first in his grade level!


    Mu Xiaoke, a little fool who doesn’t listen to what’s going on outside the window and is bent on making hairpins, knows nothing, not only doesn’t know, but he doesn’t care.
The adventure movie on TV was so shocking that he forgot for a moment that his father and brother were still having a life-and-death conversation.


    After a while, Mu Xiangyang’s cell phone rang, it was an email notification.


    Mu Kai probed to look, it was indeed Mu Xiaoke’s report card!


    Mu Xiangyang jumped up immediately when he saw the ranking, “Mu Xiaoke!”


    Mu Xiaoke was frightened by both the movie screen and Mu Xiangyang and poured the potato chips on his body.


    “You brat! You got the first place in the exams, how come you got the first place in the exam!”


    ? ? ?



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