choosing a new house was that the house was very close to the new university in the city.
Because of this, Mu Xiaoke didn’t know Rong Yanzhe’s intentions at first.

Later, he understood that the reason for choosing the wedding house in such a remote place was not that it was close to the university, but that it was far enough from the city.
Gradually, like a transparent man, he withdrew from their common circle of friends.
It didn’t take long for others to forget that the Mu family had a young son and the Rong family had a son-in-law.

It wasn’t because Rong Yanzhe can easily imprison him and isolate him from the outside world, it’s just that he was too stupid to understand anything before.

Looking at the big iron gate of the villa, it was still bustling outside with cars coming and going.
Mu Xiaoke wanted to go home.


Suddenly, a boy slapped Mu Xiaoke very hard on the back of his shoulder.
Mu Xiaoke tilted down and fell to the grass with a chair.

A dozen or so children gathered together and became quiet.

Mu Xiaoke was frightened, his chest was blocked, and he felt a little breathless.
When he recovered, several older brothers and sisters next to him helped him up, “Are you okay?”

He shook his head and did sign language.
Then he remembered that they didn’t understand sign language, so he took out a small notebook and wrote “thank you”.

The boy who slapped him was still by his side.
He just glanced at him.
The other party was taken aback by his gaze for a moment, but he still stuck his neck and looked very righteous.
Mu Xiaoke patted the grass on his body, smiled at those who were willing to lend him a helping hand, and stopped staying there.
He vaguely remembered that the man should be Rong Yanzhe’s childhood friend.
He couldn’t recognize those people, and he didn’t want to recognize them.
It was best not to deal with them for the rest of his life.
So even if he recognized the person who slapped him, it doesn’t matter, and he doesn’t care.

“Is your younger brother really mute?”

Mu Xiaoke heard such a sentence from a distance, he nudged his mouth and continued to leave.

“Where are you going?”

Rong Yanzhe’s voice appeared chilly, Mu Xiaoke had a nervous reaction, and his back became cold as if he was stiff.

Mu Xiaoke forced himself to calm down.
He reminds himself that the current Rong Yanzhe doesn’t hate him so much, he hasn’t forced him yet, let alone the ability to imprison him, so he doesn’t need to be afraid.

However, he still didn’t have the courage to confront Rong Yanzhe.
He gestured that he wanted to go to the bathroom.

Rong Yanzhe couldn’t understand, “What?”

Mu Xiaoke just remembered that Rong Yanzhe was barely able to understand his sign language after he was imprisoned in his previous life.

Mu Xiaoke wrote: WC[1].

Rong Yanzhe frowned, “Go in and there is a toilet on the right of the first floor.”

Mu Xiaoke nodded quickly and hurriedly walked into the house.

The house is the place for the adults, and Mu Xiaoke was very conspicuous as soon as he entered.
He had no choice but to greet the adults.

Father Mu was a little dissatisfied when he watched his son rush into the toilet.

The one sitting next to him was a personal doctor who had worked with several of them for a long time.
When Xiao Ke was a mute, he also helped.

“Didn’t you say that Xiao Ke has been very lively these years? Why does he look a little scared? Nothing has happened recently, right?”

Father Mu smiled helplessly, “I don’t know, maybe he’s in a rebellious period.”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t know what the adults said, so he came out of the toilet and turned around to the backyard.

The structure of the first floor of Rong’s house is relatively simple.
The two entertainment rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that connect to the backyard, and there are also pavilions in the backyard to cool off and entertain guests.
Mu Xiaoke went out from the billiard room to sit under a parasol on the lawn.
It was a bit hot in the afternoon.
Maybe he should find a room to sleep with the air conditioner on.

He slowly got down, and his mind began to think again.
The summer vacation is about to end in a few days.
He is going to school.
He doesn’t know if his brain is good or not, and if he can study hard.
He was not very smart.
Now that he has so many things on his mind, will he experience more difficulty in learning?

What should he do after going to school? There are also many people in school who like to bully him.
In his previous life, he pretended to use his older brother and Rong Yanzhe as his backer.
He suppressed many people who looked down on him with arrogance, but he must not do this in this life, otherwise he will still follow the old path of the previous life.

If he doesn’t get close to his older brother and them, using the banner of those two male gods, he is even more likely to be bullied… Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help sighing.
But now that he has made a decision, in any case, even if he might be bullied by other people, he would have to stay away from Mu Kai.

Suddenly, a dark shadow rushed to his feet.
When he looked at it, it was a robust German shepherd.
Mu Xiaoke’s heartbeat almost stopped, and he jumped to the wall tremblingly.

This dog… The terrifying and bloody scene came to his mind, he felt suffocated, and he was afraid.
He didn’t want to see this dog, he didn’t want to!

“You…” A hand grabbed him.
He turned around and immediately struggled away, hiding in the corner, away from the man and the dog.

Rong Yanzhe saw that there was no blood on Mu Xiaoke’s face.
He looked at him and the dog in horror, as if they were cannibal monsters.
The next moment, Mu Xiaoke’s legs fell softly, as if he was about to lose his breath in the next second.

Rong Yanzhe immediately asked someone to take the dog away, but Mu Xiaoke had already lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

Mu Xiaoke heard the people around him talking and was horrified to find that he had fainted.
The ceiling lamp with simple lines on top of his head made him even more insane… This is Rong Yanzhe’s bedroom.
He got up abruptly and pushed away the dark-colored quilt on his body.
He couldn’t stay here.
Those sheets and duvet covers seemed to be invading, and offending him.
He can only feel fear and nausea!

“Xiao Ke!” The doctor held him down as he was about to get out of bed.

Mu Xiaoke finally realized that there were more than a dozen people around him.

But in any case, he bit his scalp and stood up.
The doctor looked at him like this, and he was even more sure of what he was thinking.

Mu, find time to take the child to see a doctor.
This kind of psychological stress response is not a rebellious period.”

“What… then it’s true that he can’t speak?”

Hearing his father’s words, Mu Xiaoke couldn’t bear it anymore.
He picked up his small bag, and rushed out of Rong’s house without looking back.

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