The two haven’t eaten together for a long time.
Although Mu Xiaoke can’t talk and Chu Han is not a talkative person, the meal was not deserted at all.
Mu Xiaoke stopped to look at Chu Han while eating.
What he thought was, how could there be such a good-looking person, how can there be such a person that he likes and can like him?


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t regard this liking as love but thought it was a kind of appreciation and love for friends.


    “Eat well.” Chu Han said with a smile.


    Mu Xiaoke smirked and lowered his head to eat.     


After the two of them had dinner, Chu Han accompanied Mu Xiaoke to do his homework.
Mu Xiaoke asked as he wrote, “Don’t you have any homework?”


Chu Han raised his eyebrows, and some of them had to bear the burden.
“Before the exam, my graduation thesis had already passed.”


    Mu Xiaoke’s eyes immediately changed when he looked at Chu Han.
He worships this male god so much, how can he be so good?!


     “Then don’t you need to go outside anymore?” “


    “No, I will be defending after the spring break, and I will report to the postgraduate tutor after the defense.” 


    Postgraduate student?!


    Mu Xiaoke was so shocked that he dropped his pen.
He still wants to study as a graduate student.
Doesn’t Chu Han have to stay outside for two or three years? It’s even very possible that he will continue to study for a doctorate after finishing his graduate studies.
Doctors and postdoctoral fellows, what’s more, may stay abroad forever and never come back.


    Mu Xiaoke’s troubles are all written on his face.
He has always been a person who can’t hide his emotions.


    Chu Han laughed and held his head down, “What are you doing, afraid that I won’t come back? “


    “Hmm!” Mu Xiaoke nodded vigorously.


    Chu Han looked into Mu Xiaoke’s eyes and said seriously: “My roots are here, and I can’t stay abroad forever.
At most two years, I will definitely be back.


    Chu Han gently stroked Mu Xiaoke’s hair, “Don’t be afraid.


    Mu Xiaoke persistently looked into Chu Han’s eyes to see if he was lying.
He didn’t feel at ease until he confirmed that Chu Han was sincere.
“Well, I’m not afraid.”


    However, Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help but pout.
The fact that they would be separated for more than two years still made Mu Xiaoke very sad.


    Seeing him like this, Chu Han couldn’t help thinking of the scene Lin Jun described.
When facing difficulties alone, he was always so mature and calm, but in front of him, he was like a child.
When he was unhappy, he pout his mouth, and his eyes glowed when he was happy.


    “Little fool, I will come back when you are admitted to a university.”


    Mu Xiaoke reluctantly listened to this seemingly beautiful promise.


    Chu Han’s spring break lasts about half a month.
As a prospective graduate who has passed his graduation thesis, he is not as leisurely as Mu Xiaoke imagined.
Nearly a week passed, and it was very difficult for Mu Xiaoke to see Chu Han come back before 8 pm.


    When Chu Han went out, he didn’t go anywhere else, but only went to the office building one street away from the office building of Shaw Group.
In an unremarkable office building, there is a narrow office that independently belongs to a printing studio.


    Chu Han was sitting inside, wearing earphones, listening to the shareholders meeting of the Shaw Group one street away.


    “Are you old men trying to rebel? How many times have you stopped my plan again and again!”


    Rong Zhao’s distraught voice came from the earphone, followed by a porcelain cup smashing on the ground. 


    Lin Jun hurriedly went to persuade him: “President Rong, calm down.”


    “Calm down?! How can I be calm? Now is the best time to enter the film and television industry.
These old guys just refuse.
Why do they refuse? It’s obvious that they want to make money.
Why do they keep opposing projects that are obviously profitable?”


Rong, it’s hard to hear what you said.
We are older, and it’s not your turn to scold our old bones.
When the old man was alive, he didn’t dare to speak to me like that.
You, an outsider, relying on the old man to get to this day, so it’s better to pry the sacrifice to the old woman, He Yiqin? “


    “Xiaorong, we really want to participate in the project you mentioned, but the Muyan company you mentioned has already completed financing, and you have no other alternatives.
How can you blame us?”


    “If it weren’t for your hesitation at the time, how could you miss Mu Yan’s financing!”


    Chu Han sneered after hearing this.


    The new project handed to Lin Jun a year ago was to invest in the development of new energy sources.
The investment was in a state-owned enterprise whose income has been rising year after year.
In recent years, it has been talking about environmental protection.
This state-owned enterprise began to develop new technologies and develop new energy.
The concept of new energy and future prospects are all bonus points in the evaluation criteria.
Being able to cooperate with state-owned enterprises, compared to Muyan Company, is a small business.
The elderly members of the board of directors undoubtedly chose to invest in new energy development projects.


    And in this way, all the money that Rongzhao was going to invest in Muyan Company was put into the development of new energy resources.


    As a result, Rong Zhao completely missed out on financing with Muyan Company.


    Looking back now, the old people find that investing in film and television companies can make quick money, but investing in new technology research and development is a waste of money and time.
But the money has already been spent, and they have no room for turning back.
They brought up the matter again today, wouldn’t they make Rong Zhao angry to death?


Rong, this matter is over in the past.
The old man has been gone for almost a year.
You should make up the formalities quickly, otherwise, we old people don’t know whether we should listen to you.” 


    The other party was obviously threatening Rong Zhao.
Rong Zhao was furious: “The old man’s inheritance is not for the children, who else can I give it to? With or without formalities, I am the largest shareholder in the company!”


    “Yuzhen and Suzhen are both the daughters of the old chairman.
If you think about it this way, it’s not certain which of the two of you will get the most!”


    “The formalities have been completed quickly, and if you try to yell at us after more than a year, no one will listen to you.”


    Chu Han stopped listening when he heard this.
He had already achieved his goal.




    Lin Jun met Chu Han at the cafe opposite the Shaw Group after getting off work.


    “The board of directors can’t sit still anymore.
Rong Zhao has been acting as the chairman for almost a year, and they are getting more and more dissatisfied.
But forcing Rong Zhao too much, he may jump over the wall.”


    “All I want is for him to jump over the wall in a hurry.”


    This is not enough.
The Rong family has not made enough mistakes.


    After Chu Han finished speaking, Lin Jun also understood.


    Before Chu Han left, he bought a snack to take back home.
It was late and he always had to coax the cutie at home.

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