It was past 7 o’clock when Chu Han returned home, Mu Xiaoke heard the sound of the door opening and immediately ran to the living room.
When Chu Han saw Mu Xiaoke frowning, he knew that the little adult was starting to worry about him.


    “Have you been waiting for me for a long time?” Chu Han smiled.


    Mu Xiaoke nodded and asked him: “Is there something you’re hiding from me?” 


  With so many busy days in a row, there must be something important.
Mu Xiaoke also didn’t believe that Chu Han was out to play.
Chu Han was not someone who would waste time.


    “…” Chu Han was speechless for a while.
He knew that Mu Xiaoke was very sensitive.
If he left so early and returned late, he would definitely arouse his suspicion, but he was not afraid of Mu Xiaoke’s suspicion.
Even if he didn’t explain, Mu Xiaoke still trust him unconditionally.


    “Can’t you tell me?” Mu Xiaoke frowned.


    “Not yet, I will tell you when you grow up.” Chu Han promised very seriously that this was not an empty word to coax the child.
Chu Han never thought about hiding his plans from Mu Xiaoke, but it was not yet the time to tell Mu Xiaoke.


    However, Mu Xiaoke has his own understanding of what it means to grow up.
He is already an adult, even older than Chu Han! “I’ve grown up a long time ago!”


    Chu Han couldn’t help laughing, Mu Xiaoke’s adult appearance was really too cute.


    “Okay, okay, I know that Xiao Ke has grown up and is 16 years old.
Come, eat snacks, I bought them, especially for you to make amends.
You have to eat them.
If you don’t eat them, you won’t forgive me.”


    Mu Xiaoke glared at him.
Didn’t he still not take his words seriously, or coax him as a child?!


    “I’ve really grown up, so I don’t eat snacks!” 


    Seeing this, Chu Han sighed heavily, “Hey, when I grow up, I don’t eat snacks anymore, and I don’t listen to my brother.”


Chu Han’s words opened Mu Xiaoke’s eyes.
Can he still turn the black and white like this? He is willing to bow down!


    Mu Xiaoke’s expression made Chu Han laugh out loud, “Okay, you’ve grown up.
I’m going to work today.
There’s something wrong with my friend’s company.
I’ll help.”


    Mu Xiaoke immediately thought of the Rong family, “Could it be that Rongzhao and the others are here to trouble you again, do you want me to help?”


    “You are a child… okay, okay, you are an adult, but you haven’t graduated, and you haven’t worked, so you can’t help yet.
You just need to study hard in class, okay?”


    Mu Xiaoke was not very reconciled, but what Chu Han said was right.
Although he had already had experience in his previous life, he had not left the campus in his previous life and had zero work experience.


    “If you can use me in the future, you must tell me.
I want to help you too.”


    Chu Han looked at him, “Okay.”




Rong Zhao’s board meeting today was extremely cumbersome.
When he got home, he almost smashed the antique vase at home.
If Shao Yuzhen hadn’t discovered it in time, the family would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


    “Those old people have been long-time friends of the old man for many years.
You also know that they always rely on the old to sell the old.
When the old man was still alive, he couldn’t handle them well.
How long have you wanted them to bow to you? Are you dreaming?” Shao Yuzhen didn’t care about her husband’s face at all and spoke straightforwardly, but fortunately, only the husband and wife were there now.


    “Then what do you want me to do? You refused to listen to me at that time.
Otherwise, you would not be dictated by those old things to this day!”


    Shao Yuzhen became angry when she heard this, “Are you not afraid of stealing chickens only to end up losing the rice used to lure it? That’s against the law!”


(TN: to try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it (idiom) means to try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off)


    “There’s no evidence to prove it.
What kind of law is it? Your eldest sister has long said that she doesn’t want the things in the company.
Does the Fu family dare to use the Shao family’s stitches now? Not to mention that scoundrel whose parents died long ago, if he dares to come again, I will let him go out sideways!” 


    The couple would quarrel when they mentioned this, and Shao Yuzhen felt a splitting headache, “Stop talking.
I don’t want to hear it anymore.
Leave me alone.”


    Rong Zhao snorted.
Seeing his wife like this, he also knew that she had succumbed, “I will ask a lawyer to notarize it tomorrow.”


    Shao Yuzhen glared at him, turned her head, and left.


    Rongzhao’s speed was very fast.
A will that was unknown but signed by the old man was placed on the meeting table of the Shaw Group.
The lawyer invited by Rongzhao recognized the will and helped them complete the equity transfer contract on the spot.


    Shao Yuzhen took away 90% of her father’s shares by herself, leaving only 10% for her eldest sister Shao Suzhen.


    So far, Rong Zhao and Shao Yuzhen, his wife have more than 37% of the total shares of the Shaw Group, and they are undoubtedly the largest shareholders of the entire Shaw Group.


    Rong Zhao, the acting chairman, officially became the real chairman, in charge of all life and death powers of the Shao Group.


    Lin Jun informed Chu Han of this matter immediately.


    Chu Han was very satisfied with this.
After all, Rong Zhao used the worst method of forging a will to solve the problem that was questioned.


    “Have you recorded all the evidence?” Chu Han asked Lin Jun.


    Lin Jun naturally arranged everything properly.
Whether it was the video of the meeting at that time or the original photocopies of relevant materials, he kept copies one by one.
This file was properly stored in the company’s most confidential safe.


    The good times are always short, spring break is coming to an end, and Chu Han has to fly back to school to finish his studies.


    Mu Xiaoke went to the airport to see him off as usual.
On the eve of their parting, Mu Xiaoke finally took out an alloy bracelet and gave it to Chu Han.


    This is an open men’s bracelet.
The bright silver bracelet has simple and tough lines.
The only “eye” is a lake-blue Paraiba tourmaline inlaid in the center.
This tourmaline makes the color of the entire bracelet come alive, and the light is rich in layers and dazzling.


    Mu Xiaoke held Chu Han’s hand, put the bracelet on Chu Han’s wrist directly, and then demanded domineeringly, “You have to wear it every day.”


    Chu Han could tell at a glance that this tourmaline was given by him because this tourmaline was the only one out of so many that he personally selected, and the sales manager was responsible for matching the other tourmalines.


    “This is the gem I gave you.
Why do you give it back to me?”


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t care, he just wanted Chu Han to wear it.
He heard that tourmaline had the meaning of warding off evil spirits and eliminating disasters in ancient times.
Talking about the company’s problems that day, Mu Xiaoke was even more worried about whether the Rong family would be really crazy to the point where even Chu Han, a young man with no background and no financial resources, would kill him.


    So he rushed to finish the bracelet, hoping that Chu Han would be protected by the bracelet and avoid the lunatics of the Rong family.


    Chu Han looked at him and found that he was hopelessly stubborn, so instead of reasoning with him, he took off the bracelet and put it on his wrist.
There is one advantage of an open bracelet, as it can be made without measuring the size of the owner.
Just close the hole, and Mu Xiaoke can put it on steadily.


    “I gave you the gem, and I just want it to appear by your side.
If you gave it to me, do you think I would be happy?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head, but he still hoped that Chu Han would be fine.


    “You’re fine, I’ll be fine.” After Chu Han finished speaking, he gently hugged Mu Xiaoke, “Be good.”


    Mu Xiaoke had no choice but to agree and stood at the security checkpoint to watch Chu Han leave.


    In a blink of an eye, 3 months have passed.


    Mu Kai’s college entrance examination is over, but his grades are unacceptable.
Mu Kai failed the exam, not to mention the top ten prestigious schools, even ordinary universities.


    Mu Xiangyang had a big fight with Mu Kai because of this, and Mu Xiaoke escaped unharmed because he didn’t go home.


    After that, Mu Xiaoke heard the news that Mu Kai was going to participate in a showbiz talent show.


    Mu Xiangyang called to complain to Mu Xiaoke, “He really wants to give up his studies and become a trainee!”


    “Does he thinks he can be domineering in the entertainment industry with just his face!”


    “He won’t even go to college, so how can he manage Mu Yan in the future, and how can he inherit the Mu family!”


    Mu Xiaoke looked coldly at his father’s breakdown.
He didn’t know what to be sorry about.
If Mu Kai didn’t plan to study, Mu Yan will find a professional manager to manage him, and if he goes into the entertainment industry, he will take Mu Yan’s resources to Mu Kai.


    “Xiao Ke, when will you be able to speak? Tell Dad, are you lying to us by not speaking on purpose?”


    Mu Xiangyang suddenly said this, and Mu Xiaoke was completely disappointed.
It turned out that in the eyes of his father, he was just a backup.
Mu Kai was overwhelmed with the heavy responsibility, so he came to him.
Mu Kai was useless, and his father put his hope in him without the slightest hesitation.


    “I really can’t tell, I’m sorry Dad, I can’t help you.
I still have a class to attend, goodbye.”


    “Xiao Ke…”


    Mu Xiaoke hung up the phone directly, and Mu Xiangyang’s image immediately disappeared from the screen.


    Mu Xiaoke sneered, but fortunately, he hadn’t really let go of his guard against his father since the day he came back, otherwise, he would be sad for a while now.


    After half a month, Mu Kai came to the door.     


   “Mu Xiaoke! Open the door!”


    “Why don’t you dare to open the door? Is it because your brother’s light is too bright and will blind you?”


“I’m a star now, Xiao Ke, can’t you think of it? Although dad said he didn’t want to, he gave me a leading role.
As soon as I debuted, I would be a top star.
Xiao Ke, do you want to try this kind of feeling that thousands of stars are surrounding you?”


    Mu Xiaoke stood at the entrance.
Hearing his nonsense, he just feels that he is very pitiful.
The same is true for Mu Xiangyang, who brazenly praises his son.
Who knows how many years Mu Yan can continue to prosper?





    “So you are worried that there will be problems in the company in the future?”


    Mu Xiaoke and Chu Han talked about Mu Kai’s matter in the video, and Chu Han pointed out his concerns.


    However, what Mu Xiaoke is really afraid of is not that the bankruptcy of the Mu family will cause him to lose his favorable environment, but that after Mu Yan goes wrong, history will repeat itself, and his family will force him to marry Rong Yanzhe again in order to win the Rong family in order to get that little investment from them.


    “You don’t have to worry about this, Xiaoke.”


    Chu Han said it firmly and confidently, so confident that even Mu Xiaoke believed this promise inexplicably.
Even though Mu Xiaoke didn’t know exactly where Chu Han’s confidence came from.


    On the third day after contacting Chu Han, Mu Kai came to trouble Mu Xiaoke in a rage, “Did you sabotage me?! Did you say something to Dad? Why didn’t he let me play the leading role? Even I will not be allowed to participate in Mu Yan’s projects in the future!”

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