When Mu Xiaoke was indulging in the joy of gaining fans and being accompanied by Chu Han, Li Fengming called him.

“Xiao Ke, the crew is about to start the production.
Come to the studio tomorrow to help, is that okay?”

Mu Xiaoke was so excited that he immediately stood up.
Of course! It is his dream to work at Fengyan Studio! Chu Han watched from the side, showing doting eyes subconsciously, how could Mu Xiaoke be so cute, and be so happy about little things?

The day after Li Fengming called, Chu Han drove Mu Xiaoke to work.

When they arrived downstairs at Fengyan Studio, Mu Xiaoke took a deep breath to try to relieve his nervousness.
Chu Han grasped his slightly cold hands, “Listen more and watch more, don’t be impatient, you already have the ability to be on your own, don’t panic.”

Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, his heart beat a little faster and then slowly returned to calm.
He nodded vigorously, then took Chu Han’s big hand in turn, squeezed it tightly, and then got out of the car.

I can do it!

Mu Xiaoke stood under the building, and the big characters of Fengyan Studio were dazzling in the sun.
He gripped the strap of his schoolbag tightly and strode forward.

Fengyan Studio took over an office building, and Mu Xiaoke was led to the 16th floor by the receptionist.
The elevator opened, and Mu Xiaoke drove to a huge open room.
There were four long tables, all of which were manual workbenches, and Li Fengming was working in it right now!

The front desk took him over, Li Fengming took off her glasses and looked at him, “You have arrived?”

The Chinese language has gender-neutral pronouns.
It’s so hard to distinguish just by their name.
By I will stick with “her” for now.)

Mu Xiao Ke nodded, Li Feng Ming called someone towards the right front, “Xiao Lu, take someone.”

The man called Xiaolu is also older than Mu Xiaoke, looking at 30 years old, Xiaolu ran over and greets Mu Xiaoke with a smile on his face, “My heavenly warrior is finally here! Xiao Ke! I am Lu Yu Ming, just follow me during this time!”

Seeing the senior’s smile, Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help but smile very sweetly, and immediately followed him to another workbench.

“The drama I’m in charge of this time is a small-budget online drama, led by Muyan Company.
In the past two years, the online dramas produced by Muyan Company have been very profitable, and they have always cooperated with us, but the construction period is too short.
I don’t have my own team yet, so I’m really grateful for your help!”

“Then what can I do?” Mu Xiaoke said in a voice.

Lu Youming hurriedly said in surprise: “There is so much you can do.
I watched your video and watched all your work carefully last night.
You can help me with everything I have to do!”

“That’s really great!” Mu Xiaoke was really excited, and he was so happy to be recognized by professionals.

“I have basically completed the design drawings, but they will get a full set of accessories next month, and the heroine’s stylist is still communicating with me to make some adjustments, so I have to ask you to help me get the hair accessories for the main female lead.
Tidy it up, it would be even better if you can help me make it!”

Mu Xiaoke immediately put down the bag, rolled up his sleeves, and started working.

Downstairs, Chu Han saw that Mu Xiaoke had entered the door but hadn’t left.
After waiting for more than ten minutes, a call came.

“You brought Xiao Ke here?” The voice on the phone was Li Fengming’s.

Chu Han raised his eyebrows, “Ms.
Li has sharp eyes and ears, and this junior admires you.”

Li Fengming was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window at this time, her eyes locked on the conspicuous bright-colored sports car downstairs.

“Hurry up and go, don’t let Xiao Ke see you and get distracted.”

Chu Han shook his head helplessly, “You don’t know Xiao Ke very well.
He works hard, even if I am in front of him, he won’t raise his eyes.”

Li Fengming frowned, “Then you make yourself at home.”

Chu Han looked up, but the distance was too far to see anything.

Li Fengming watched Chu Han’s car drive away, thinking about their previous encounter.

More than a year ago, Chu Han brought Mu Xiaoke to the show.
Li Fengming noticed the two of them at that time.

As for Chu Han next to Mu Xiaoke, it seemed that the city was extremely deep.
Li Fengming felt that they did not meet by chance when they met several times.
Thinking about it, she knows it’s unreasonable.
How can there be such a big coincidence in this world that two parties who have a relationship and lost contact for many years happened to go to a show, and they happen to be located next to each other?

Chu Han deliberately took Mu Xiaoke to sit there, the purpose was to attract her attention, and during the conversation, it was revealed that Mu Xiaoke was making hairpins.

However, Chu Han is a person whose identity is a mystery.
It took Li Fengming a year to find out if he had a relationship with Mu Xiaoke.
It was because they did not have that kind of relationship that Li Fengming was particularly worried about Chu Han’s true intentions.
Why did he spend so much effort to guide Mu Xiaoke on this path?

How could an ordinary foreign student have such great energy to find out so much hidden information and bring Mu Xiaoke to her?

After Chu Han left Fengyan Studio, he went to a petty bourgeoisie cafe near Shao Group to drink coffee and took out his laptop to start his work.

The investment direction of Shao Group has always been in his plan, Lin Jun is an excellent executor, this executor can always perfectly complete the plan he arranged.

In the past two years, there has been a lot of turmoil in Shao Group.
A year ago, Rong Zhao took out a will and successfully became the helm of Shao Group.
No matter how much evidence is produced, in the eyes of those old people, they are outsiders of Shao Group.
No one will be convinced when a married son-in-law directly takes away the entire company after the father-in-law’s death.
What made them even angrier was that after failing to invest in Muyan Film and Television at the beginning of last year, Rong Zhao tried to enter the film and television industry again.
As a result, the company he invested in closed down within a year, and the investment was completely lost.

The first decision made after taking office encountered waterloo, and Rong Zhao has been passive.
The position of chairman is not only not secure, but also more and more precarious.

Chu Han opened the stock market.
Unsurprisingly, he saw that the state-owned enterprise they had invested in that researched new energy development had its daily limit.

Lin Jun called, “Rong Zhao is being forced by those veterans now.”

Chu Han is not very interested in this kind of expected thing, but now is not the time to clean up Rong Zhao, “Don’t let those old people really come to power, Assistant Lin, it’s time to show your loyalty to the president.”

Lin Junyi was stunned, but soon understood the meaning of Chu Han’s words.
Chu Han wanted him to help Rong Zhao secure the top spot.
The leader of Shao Group is not Rong Zhao, nor can it be the old people who have already lost their eyesight.

“It’s time for the elderly to retire.
Let them retire, and go back to take care of themselves.” Chu Han said and hung up the phone.

Mu Xiaoke worked with his seniors in the studio and felt the high-intensity work on the first day.
Even a craftsman, in order to adapt to the modern work rhythm, has to be as busy as a social animal.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Mu Xiaoke ran downstairs and rushed into Chu Han’s car, and as soon as he got in, he lay down.
Chu Han felt distressed and wanted to laugh, so he leaned over to help him fasten his seat belt, “What’s wrong, Can’t bear it after only being a social animal for a day?”

Mu Xiaoke put on a crying expression, “My hands are almost swollen!” After making gestures, Mu Xiaoke stretched out his hand in front of Chu Han.
Chu Han grabbed it, observing those little hands carefully under the lamp.

Mu Xiaoke was stunned by Chu Han’s seriousness.
The way Chu Han inspected his hands was like they were inspecting the finished product for flaws.

“It’s really swollen.” Chu Han raised his head to look at Mu Xiaoke, with disapproval written in his eyes, and asked unhappily, “How much work did you do today?” Chu Han said and took out an ointment from the compartment in the middle of the seat and carefully applied swelling medicine to Mu Xiaoke’s slightly red and swollen index fingers.

The fingers felt cool and itchy due to the ointment, and this feeling spread from the fingertips to the heart.
Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han’s serious side face, and everything in front of him made him both heartbroken and moved.

There is no one else in this world who cherishes him so much, except this person in front of him.

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