Mu Xiangyang remembered who this man was.
He saw this man in Shihua after the college entrance examination.
This man kept saying that he was Mu Xiaoke’s friend a few months ago.
How honest he was at that time! The more Mu Xiangyang thought about it, the angrier he became, but looking at Mu Xiaoke’s stubborn eyes, he also knew that he couldn’t lose his temper casually.
He had already experienced Mu Xiaoke’s temper, but whatever Mu Xiaoke insisted on, the more he opposed it.
The more he would lose his temper, the more rebellious Mu Xiaoke would become! Mu Xiangyang said angrily: “Go inside!”


    The two juniors looked at each other and sniggered.
Chu Han could also see that Mu Xiaoke’s insistence over the past few years made Mu Xiangyang very clear about what he should do to bring back this young son.


    Back home, the nanny aunt greeted Mu Xiaoke enthusiastically.
Although she was a little puzzled about Chu Han’s identity, she thought that Mu Xiaoke rarely had a friend who was willing to come and play, so the auntie had no problems.


    “Why has Xiao Ke lost so much weight? Eat more later.
You go to the living room and sit down.
There is flower tea in the teapot.
Drink more, the weather is dry recently.” 


    Mu Xiaoke nodded and pulled Chu Han to the living room together, but his father was already waiting for them in the living room.


    The two sat on the side.
Mu Xiangyang couldn’t bare to see it, so he patted his side, “Come and sit.”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, Chu Han nodded, and Mu Xiaoke went over.


    “What’s the matter with you recently, are you sick or something, why have you lost so much weight?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head, “It’s not that I am sick, it’s just that there are many things that I haven’t figured out.”


    Mu Xiangyang suddenly felt something was wrong, “What’s the matter?”


    Mu Xiaoke stared into Mu Xiangyang’s eyes, “I don’t understand why Wu Yi and Mu Kai look almost exactly the same.”


    “Who are you talking about?”


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t procrastinate and directly took out the photo, Mu Xiangyang’s eyes immediately flickered, and Chu Han could see clearly from the side, “This junior will take the liberty to interject, what Xiaoke wants to ask is, what is the relationship between this new movie queen and Mu Kai.”


    Mu Xiangyang’s face changed suddenly.
Just before entering the door, he wanted to accuse Mu Xiaoke of having a relationship indiscriminately, but Mu Xiaoke put out this photo, and he knew that Mu Xiaoke’s temperament had not changed at all. 


    “These things are our adults’ business.
You, a child, should not care about it!”


    “I can’t ignore it!”


    Mu Xiaoke uttered a voice, and Mu Xiangyang immediately glared, “What’s with this attitude!”


    “I will have the attitude you have! It was because of her that you brought Mu Kai home back then, and it was because of her that you wanted to abandon me and my mother! It was because of her that my mother died tragically in that dilapidated warehouse!”


    Mu Xiaoke stood up angrily.
Mu Xiangyang’s current attitude made him completely hopeless.
Maybe he was involved in what happened back then! His father was also the one who killed his mother!


    Chu Han quickly hugged Mu Xiaoke and comforted him, “Don’t be so anxious, the matter hasn’t been clarified yet.”


    Mu Xiangyang was stunned, why did Mu Xiaoke start talking about the past again, “Xiao Ke, you promised Dad …”


    Mu Xiaoke waved his hand violently, stopping Mu Xiangyang’s words, “I promised you not to bring up the old story again, but it was because I didn’t know about this woman’s existence, and now I have to mention it! I just want to know, who is it? Who kidnapped my mother and me, how much do you know, and how much have you participated in!” 


    “What nonsense are you talking about? Was it my wish to see your mother and son be kidnapped? Do I want my family to be ruined!”


    Mu Xiaoke: “The moment you recognized your illegitimate son, Mu Kai in full view of the public, your family was already ruined!”


    Mu Xiangyang never thought that he would hear such harsh words from Mu Xiaoke.
In the past, Mu Xiaoke was always silent and docile.
He never said these outrageous things when he was naughty! Why did Mu Xiaoke become like this? Why is this home the way it is?


    “I used to never understand why you were so partial to Mu Kai, but now I know that the woman in your heart is not my mother, but that Wu Yi, that other woman who has been entangled with you!” 


    Mu Xiaoke was no longer calm, the more he thought about it, the sadder he became, the angrier he became, “If you refuse to tell me what happened back then, and who instigated the kidnapper, it means that you are also an accomplice! You’re helping the mistress who interfered with other people’s families to kill your own wife! She even wanted to kill me, so that your illegitimate son would become the only heir of the Mu family!” 


Mu Xiangyang suddenly raised his arm to hit Mu Xiaoke, but Chu Han stopped him directly.


Mu, are you going to hit your own child?” Chu Han’s eyes were cold, and he was obviously angry.
He even changed the name of the uncle just now.


    Mu Xiangyang was furious, “Is this what a child should say to his parents?! Is this what he can say?! Mu Xiaoke, what do you want to do? Why did you become what you are today? Is it because of this man, did this man teach you to contradict your elders like this!”


    “You don’t have to transfer the conflict to him.
I just want to ask what happened back then.
Do I have no right to know the cause of my mother’s death? Do I have no right to know if the woman who destroyed my family was the murderer of my mother? I don’t have the right to question why the cheating father favored the illegitimate child!” 


    “I didn’t cheat!” Mu Xiangyang interrupted Mu Xiaoke’s aggressive voice, he didn’t want to repeat the past because he felt extremely ashamed.
When he was young, he felt that it was an extremely glorious thing to admit his affairs in front of his wife, but now that he was old, he knew how stupid it was and he was ashamed to say it at all.
Not to mention that now facing the child’s questioning, questioning him about cheating and betraying his family, he doesn’t want to face it at all!


    “Do you believe this when you say it? How can you contact your mistress and bring back your illegitimate child without cheating? If there is no cheating, why should the illegitimate child be made public? Isn’t it that you want to divorce your wife? Isn’t it that you want to marry your mistress and go home?


    “I really didn’t feel sorry for your mother, I just brought Mu Kai back, I didn’t…” 


    “You didn’t feel sorry for my mother? How did you treat me these past ten years, how did you treat my mother, how many times did you sweep her grave over the years!”


    Mu Xiangyang staggered a few steps, “You came back to ask me these words? You really don’t want me as a father, do you?” 


“Yes!” Mu Xiaoke nodded vigorously, “I dare not! If I still recognize you as my father, I am afraid that my mother will not have peace on the other side!”


    “Mu Xiaoke!”


    “Maybe I should change my surname too, you are not worthy of my mother to have children for you, a person like you is not worthy!”


    After Mu Xiaoke finished making gestures, he pulled Chu Han and turned away.
He didn’t want to ask any more questions.
Mu Xiangyang’s current attitude already explained everything.
Mu Xiangyang didn’t dare let him pursue the past, because he didn’t dare face it, because he was also an accomplice!


    “Mu Xiaoke! Stop!”


    “Why do you have to ask the matter so clearly!”


    “That’s my mother! The dead one is my mother! I’m not you.
If one wife dies, you can marry another one.
If the son is gone, you can give birth to another! I want revenge, and I will not let the murderer go unpunished!”


    Mu Xiangyang was about to collapse, he had never felt like this before, and he could only argue: “I am not a murderer, nor am I an accomplice!”


    “Then what are you trying to hide?!”




    Mu Xiaoke smiled wryly, “I understand, my mother’s life is really not important to you, and you will not pursue that mistress for an insignificant person.”


    Mu Xiaoke really never looked back this time.

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