Mu, what about Xiao Ke and his friend, why are they leaving?” The nanny was stunned when she came out, and only Mu Xiangyang was left in the empty hall.
In just a few minutes, Mu Xiangyang seemed to have gone to a fight.
The whole person is tired and embarrassed.
The nanny didn’t dare to ask any more questions.


    “Put it all away, I won’t eat.” Mu Xiangyang walked upstairs step by step, his footsteps echoed in the room.
The room was so empty that it echoed.
Mu Xiangyang turned his head and looked around, and suddenly found that the family had broken up long ago.


    If Mu Xiaoke said that he wanted to avenge his mother, he would definitely do it as soon as he said it.
This is Mu Xiaoke’s temperament.


    Then Mu Kai and Wu Yi, mother, and son…


    Mu Xiangyang had a splitting headache.


    Chu Han took Mu Xiaoke home, holding Mu Xiaoke’s hand tightly all the way until they entered the house.


    Mu Xiaoke sat on the sofa silently.
Chu Han could see that he was thinking about something, so he left him alone and cooked a meal for the two of them.


    While Chu Han was cooking, Mu Xiaoke suddenly ran over and hugged him tightly.


    Chu Han could only put down the things in his hands, turned around, and looked at him, “What’s wrong?”


    “I’ve thought about what to do, but it’s despicable to do that.” Mu Xiaoke made sign language, and he thought about ways to get revenge.
But no matter what he did, he had to use methods he despised.
He didn’t know if it was right to do so.


    “Then we’ll think about it after we eat, and I’ll help you think about it.”


    Mu Xiaoke pursed his lips and nodded.


    Mu Xiaoke can’t be hungry, this point Chu Han has always had a deep understanding of.
Even in such stressful study situations in high school, when it’s time to eat, there are no big things that can’t stop Mu Xiaoke from going to eat.
Today, they were running back and forth during mealtime.
Although Chao Yueming and Fenglinyuan were not far apart, the evening rush hour still took a lot of time.
So Chu Han didn’t let him think about any revenge plans, and eat first.


    After eating, Mu Xiaoke hugged his laptop and began to type out his plans.


    Chu Han watched patiently from the side.


    “The first step is to find out the current movements of Wu Yi and Mu Kai.
I can use the work of Fengyan Studio to approach Wu Yi, and then find out the relationship between Wu Yi and those kidnappers.” 


   After reading this first step, Chu Han helped him add a sentence: “Let everyone know the relationship between Wu Yi and Mu Kai, and destroy Wu Yi’s image.” 


Mu Xiaoke was frightened by this method.
Exposing the relationship between Mu Kai and Wu Yi undoubtedly destroys Wu Yi’s current family, as well as her newly established virtuous wife and mother image.
This approach is the same as Rong Yanzhe’s approach to Mu Yan Film and Television.


    Chu Han hugged Mu Xiaoke’s shoulders, “I don’t want you to get close to Wu Yi.
Your muteness is your most suspicious feature, she may know your identity in just one night, how vicious their mother and child are, I don’t want you to be in danger.”


    “Exposing the relationship between their mother and child is the least expensive and safest way.” 




    “Xiao Ke, if you really want revenge, then you will face more cruelty in the future than you do now.
If you are not ruthless, you might as well not do it.”


    Chu Han looked at Mu Xiaoke, and the two looked at each other.
Chu Han didn’t want to force Mu Xiaoke to do something but just hoped that he would think clearly.
If he is not willing to bear the pain of hurting Mu Kai and the others, then he cannot be allowed to start.
Chu Han can do this kind of thing for revenge.


    Mu Xiaoke frowned.
He understood what Chu Han meant.
If he wanted revenge, he had to bear the pain during the revenge process, just like Chu Han is now.
He can only endure it.
Mu Xiaoke gritted his teeth, “I can do it!”


    For the sake of his dead mother and his own future, he can’t back down! Only by sending the mother and son to prison can he get peace for the rest of his life.
He has to do this, and he has to do it himself!


    “My baby is indeed the bravest.” Chu Han smiled softly, ruffling Mu Xiaoke’s hair as before, sending his encouragement and comfort.


    “Things in the entertainment industry, to put it bluntly, are about money.
After Mu Kai and Wu Yi were in the same frame, there was no disturbance, and to put it bluntly, money was well spent.” 

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