s eyes were wide open, the central air conditioner was always on, and the whole room suddenly became hot and dry.
Chu Han took off the sweater on his body, revealing his strong muscles, and Mu Xiaoke swallowed droolingly.


    Mu Xiaoke’s naked gaze made Chu Han find his weakness, raised his eyebrows and smiled, grabbed his hand and put it on his strong chest, and teased Mu Xiaoke’s ear with a deep and charming voice: “Do you like it?”


    Mu Xiaoke couldn’t control his heartbeat, and Chu Han’s voice almost hooked his heart out! His hands moved over Chu Han’s chest uncontrollably.
With such beautiful muscles, such a perfect figure, and those masculine six-pack abs, how could Chu Han be so perfect?


    “After looking at it and touching it, shouldn’t there be a sign?”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han in a daze, unable to resist Chu Han’s voice.
What did it mean? No matter what, let’s talk about it after kissing.


    Mu Xiaoke climbed onto Chu Han’s shoulders with both hands, kissed his sweetheart with his lips actively, let his sweetheart kiss him, and opened his mouth to blend with his lips and teeth.
Chu Han kissed passionately, and Mu Xiao could reciprocate with the same enthusiasm.


    Mu Xiaoke panted and looked at Chu Han with almost innocent eyes.
This is the person he likes, and he likes to look at him.


    Chu Han hugged him tightly, let him sit in his arms, lowered his head, and gently tried to kiss his slender neck, “Xiao Ke, can I?”


    Mu Xiaoke raised his head, closed his eyes, and shuddered slightly.
He wanted to get close to Chu Han, and he wanted to be united with the man who had borne the suffering with him.
This person is not Rong Yanzhe, Rong Yanzhe will only insult him and force him.
The one who respects and cherishes him and shares weal and woe with him is Chu Han.


    No matter how much he was afraid of the bed because of what happened in his previous life, he had to overcome it for Chu Han.


   Mu Xiaoke took the initiative to take off his sweater and curled up in Chu Han’s arms.……


    Mu Xiaoke woke up, still being hugged by Chu Han.
It’s just that they didn’t make it to the last step last night.
Mu Xiaoke looked at the man beside him and felt deeply guilty.
He really wronged him last night.


    Chu Han grabbed Mu Xiaoke’s hand stroking his cheek, and put it to his lips for a kiss, “Woke up so soon?”


    Mu Xiaoke hugged him, rubbed his face with him, and then typed to him on his mobile phone, “Next time, I will definitely not be afraid.”


    Mu Xiaoke looked serious as if making an oath to take first place in the next exam.     


Chu Han was so excited that his heart trembled wildly.
He hugged him and kissed his face and rubbed his head,  “Then I have to write it down, so I won’t be wronged next time!”  

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