The verdict from thirteen years ago was found by Chu Han on the public website, and Mu Xiaoke was very pleasantly surprised.
This case involved casualties, and this document was full of words that clearly stated the specific details of the case back then.


    Mu Xiaoke looked at those things back then, and tears fell uncontrollably.
His mother died so tragically, why did he never think about asking what happened back then? He died in a muddle in his last life, and he didn’t avenge his mother until he died.
How can he be so heartless?


    Chu Han hugged him and comforted him silently.


    The document mentioned that the three people who carried out the kidnapping were all social idlers and even two were orphans, so it can be said that they were all desperadoes.
They admitted that they kidnapped Mu Xiaoke’s mother and son at the instigation of a man named Lu Jianmin.
And this Lu Jianmin was the boss of a well-known film and television company at that time, and he was competing with Mu Xiangyang’s company for a project.
Lu Jianmin also admitted that he had evil intentions for commercial purposes, but he just wanted to use Mu Xiangyang’s wife and child to threaten Mu Xiangyang to give up the competition.
He never thought of killing people.
The kidnappers did it on their own initiative.


    The three kidnappers were sentenced to shooting, and Lu Jianmin was also sentenced to ten years in prison.


    “It’s Lu Jianmin who is behind the scenes, maybe it really has nothing to do with Wu Yi.” Mu Xiaoke became discouraged after reading it, maybe he really thought too much.


    However, Chu Han felt that there were still some questions worth investigating, so he said: “It seems that he has also been released after serving his sentence.
Let’s ask him if there is any other inside story.”


    Mu Xiaoke’s eyes widened, so many years have passed, can they still find this person?


    “Leave it to me, I’ll ask a friend for help.”


    With Chu Han as a “cheat”, Mu Xiaoke really felt that nothing could trouble them.


    “Xiao Ke.”


    Chu Han suddenly called Mu Xiaoke.
Mu Xiaoke looked up at him, not knowing what he was going to say.


    “I’m going to go to work, will you be bored at home alone?”


    Mu Xiaoke thought he was going to talk about something big, so he couldn’t help laughing, but the apology and worry in Chu Han’s eyes moved him very much.
These things are small things, but Chu Han cares about his feelings very much, and Chu Han wants to protect him.
Mu XiaoKe can feel Chu Han’s heart.


    Mu Xiaoke stood up and kissed Chu Han’s forehead, “I won’t be bored.
You are working hard, I am also working hard, I will work hard to become stronger, and I will not be easily defeated.
I accept your worries but I hope you don’t worry about me so much.”


    Mu Xiaoke’s eyes met Chu Han’s, he also loved Chu Han.
He also felt sorry for Chu Han, but he didn’t want to be Chu Han’s weakness but to be Chu Han’s most powerful boost.


    Chu Han held his hand and kissed him again and again.
“Okay, I see.”


    The next morning, Chu Han woke up very early, Mu Xiaoke could hear him, but couldn’t open his eyes.
When he woke up again, the clock on the wall showed 7:30, and Chu Han was coming out of the bathroom, and it had been an hour since Chu Han woke up.
Mu Xiaoke couldn’t help admiring Chu Han’s perseverance.
From the beginning of knowing Chu Han, he discovered that Chu Han had the habit of waking up early to exercise.
This habit has persisted until now, even on weekdays.
He is really a big devil.


    Mu Xiaoke lay down and watched Chu Han’s undressing and dressing show.
Seeing Chu Han’s beautiful muscles, he felt that persistence was extremely wonderful.
Every inch of muscle was as beautiful as the golden ratio drawn by a magic brush.
His boyfriend is so attractive and he is really happy.


    Chu Han came over wearing a tie, with a smirk on his face, leaned over and hugged Mu Xiaoke into his arms and kissed him forcefully, “Little pervert, did you enjoy watching?”


    Mu Xiaoke pursed his lips and smiled, secretly recalling this domineering president’s kiss, it was so beautiful.
He touched Chu Han’s lips again in response, then lowered his head to help Chu Han with the tie, and then signed with sign language, “So handsome!”


    Chu Han’s heart was about to melt, and he hugged him tightly and rubbed his head, “Baby, I really want to take you away in my pocket.”


    Mu Xiaoke covered his mouth and smiled, covering his face in the process, then lowered his head and signed in sign language, “I will miss you all the time.” Just like when we were separated in the past, my eyes are only on you, my mind and heart are on you, only you.
But he was too ashamed to look at Chu Han.
It was really embarrassing to say such shameless words on his first day at work!


    Chu Han took a deep breath, hugged Mu Xiaoke hard, and left a kiss on the top of his head.


    After that, Chu Han had a simple breakfast, and Mu Xiaoke sent him all the way to the elevator.
Chu Han kissed his forehead, “Go back and get dressed, see you in the evening.”


    Mu Xiaoke waved him goodbye.


    The place where Chu Han works is not in the Shao Group, nor the small printing room that he owns, but the Muyan Film and Television Company, and his position is the manager of the marketing department.


    Of course, this is just a fancy name.
The marketing department has a boss who makes the decision, and several teams under him.
The team leaders are all managers.


    It is also the case why Chu Han’s application process did not go through Mu Xiangyang.
But when he takes office today, he needs to meet the big boss Mu Xiangyang.


    After a brief training, Chu Han and a dozen newcomers went to the conference room to meet several senior executives of the company.


    Mu Xiangyang and several high-level executives had just finished their regular meeting.
When they saw the newcomers who pushed the door, especially the tall Chu Han who stood out from the crowd, he stood up immediately.




    Chu Han responded with a humble and decent smile.


    Mu Xiangyang realized that he had lost his composure, so he simply started talking, saying welcome newcomers and encouraging them to work hard in the future.


    Then the personnel will introduce the leaders to a few newcomers.
Once they know each other, they will admonish them, and the ceremony will be over.


    But when everyone was about to leave, Mu Xiangyang said, “Chu Han, stay here.”


    Several newcomers looked at each other and then looked at Chu Han.
In fact, they felt heavy pressure when Chu Han appeared.
He is still an elite student jointly cultivated by the top 2 universities in China and the Ivy League, and he will definitely become the leader of their generation.


    Now he is still directly retained by the chairman, he definitely has a bright future!


    Only Mu Xiangyang and Chu Han were left in the conference room.


    “What on earth do you want to do? Did you come to work here to help Xiaoke take away the company?” Mu Xiangyang had just read Chu Han’s information.
This person has been a standard top student elite since he was a child.
Instead of going with so many financial giants and Internet New Capital, why did he come to a film and television company as a small manager?


    “I don’t quite understand Mr.
Mu’s words.
As your own son, why would Xiao Ke take away the company?”


    Mu Xiangyang was annoyed, “You don’t have to play dumb with me.
You took him back to question me about the past that day.
Don’t you just want to kick Xiao Kai out of the house!”


    Chu Han was very disappointed, and couldn’t help shaking his head, “Xiao Ke will not return to this company in the future, even if you beg him to come back, I will not let him come back.
A father like you really doesn’t deserve Xiaoke’s affection As for Mu Kai, it’s only a matter of time before he loses his reputation.
He’s your son, you should know it in your heart.” 


“What nonsense are you talking about? You really came for Xiao Kai! I will not let such a scheming outsider destroys the peace of the Mu family! Get the hell out of Muyan Film and Television!” 


    This may not be possible, after all, the contract has already been signed.”


    Mu Xiangyang stared, “You are still on probation period, I can get rid of you at any time!”


    Chu Han smiled when he heard the words, “You may not be qualified to fire a major shareholder.” 


    “What did you say?”


    Chu Han was not polite to Mu Xiangyang, and sat down on his chair, “Shao Minghan, that’s my real name.”

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